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Select Soccer Balls: Top 5 Balls In The Market


There are hundreds of Select soccer balls currently in the market. Some of them are worth it while others can’t deliver a good playing experience. This is where this short guide comes in hand.

Select Sport America has produced many outstanding soccer balls that helped us enjoy this beautiful game even more. Their balls are well known of their long durability and high resistance.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing five of the best select soccer balls that you can purchase online today. Those five balls were chosen carefully after hours of research and many communications with soccer coaches and experts.

So, let’s get down to business !


Select Soccer Balls: Best 5 Balls on Amazon



Full Reviews of Select Soccer Balls


1. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball…My Favorite Choice


This ball is the best seller of Select Sport America. Based on numbers, this is actually their best soccer ball ever. Besides, I have one of these balls and I can assure you that it’s a solid ball. I didn’t face any issues with it since I bought it two years ago.

Select Numero 10 can be used in both training and matches. It comes with an amazing PU cover that has zero wing latex bladder. You can purchase this ball in size 4 (for kids between 8 and 12) or size 5 (older than 12). Also, you get a 2-year guarantee with this ball.

Bottom line, Numero 10 can never be a bad choice for Select fans. On Amazon, it has over 100 reviews with an average of 4.5/5 rating. So, what are you waiting for ?



2. Select Numero 10 (NEW EDITION)…A Beautiful Design


At the beginning of 2016, Select Sport has released a new edition of the successful Numero 10 ball. It’s a new edition that comes with slightly different design than the previous edition.

There’s no difference in major specs. However, many reviews declared that this edition has a softer exterior cover than previous models. This can be a big deal for people who complain about the hardness of some soccer balls.

Until this moment of writing these words, this ball has 15 customer reviews on Amazon with an overall rating of 4/5. People seem to love this new edition. So, this ball can be a reliable choice.




3. Select Strike Soccer Ball…A Size 3 Is Available


One of the best Select soccer balls releases in the last years is the Strike model. It’s a hand-stitched ball that comes in all sizes (3,4 and 5) and many different colors (yellow, blue, pink, lime, orange and red).

This ball comes with a PU cover as most of Select soccer balls. It’s smaller than average ball with a light weight that makes it more suitable for kids and freestyle activities. It has a good durability and resistance to make this ball lasts for years.

It’s one of the top rated soccer balls on Amazon with over 79 reviews and an average rating of 4/5. Therefore, it can be a good choice especially that it has a size 3 that is rare in Select balls. It has only a 1-year warranty.




4. Select Royale Soccer Ball…A Premium Ball


The Royale is a premium Select soccer ball. It’s an IMS (International Match Standard) and NFHS/NCAA approved ball which makes it a recommended choice for people who are willing to participate in serious soccer competitions.

It has an accurate control and amazing feel that deliver an outstanding experience no matter the circumstances. It comes also with a 2-year warranty.

This ball comes with different colors but only in size 4 and 5. In short, it’s a high quality ball that can be used in pro matches. Therefore, it has a relatively higher price than previous balls. But, it’s a fair price that justifies the quality of this ball.




5. Select Brillant Super Soccer Ball…Prestigious Ball


If you’re looking for a really sophisticated ball, then the Brillant Super is what you’re looking for. It’s a FIFA approved ball that meets all requirements of a soccer balls that can be used in professional competitions.

It comes with a Special developed Teijin microfiber synthetic-leather that is combined with an optimized 3-layer underlining. This gives the ball a light weight and a softer touch that you’re not going to find elsewhere. The ball is hand-stitched for maximum precision and to ensure a good performance.

Brillant Super is only available in size 5 with three colors (orange, white and yellow). It comes with a 3-years guarantee to avoid any anxiety.





What’s The Best Ball For Me ?

Sometimes, choosing a soccer ball can be confusing. That’s why I made this guide in the first place to help you narrow your choices to five balls that I believe to be the best select balls in the market. But, if you still can’t figure out which ball to pick. Follow these guidelines below.


  • A regular ball for casual matches and training: It’s simple. Go with the Numero 10.
  • For kids between the age of 8 and 12: Choose size 4 of the Numero 10 or Strike.
  • A ball for a kid under 8 years old: Pick the size 3 of the Strike ball.
  • Looking to participate in some serious competitions: You should probably go with the Royale ball.
  • A ball that will last for years and endure excessive usage: Brillant Super is your way to go.


I hope that this guide has helped you decide which select soccer ball to purchase. If you’re looking for other brands, you can check out my list of the best soccer balls.

I’d like it very much if you decide to share this guide with your fellow soccer fans that may find it useful. You can use the buttons below this post.


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