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Soccer Balls Guide is a blog that I created to help soccer lovers and fans find the best deals on soccer balls available in the market.  Whether you are searching for soccer balls for your kid or for yourself, this is exactly the right place to be. Besides, you’ll get to discover more information about soccer balls history, what material are they made of and other interesting stuff that I hope you’ll like.

There’s no soccer without a ball. That’s why I believe it is important to be well informed about the options you have when it comes to soccer balls. I try to review a large variety of soccer balls to cover the different needs that people may have such as soccer balls for indoor, futsal balls etc…

This blog is run by me, Patrick Richardson. I love soccer more than anything else and I watch all major soccer leagues all the time. In addition, I’m  a BIG FAN of both soccer games: Fifa and Pro Evolution Soccer. I play on my Xbox and Pc all the time actually.

Take a look around on the posts that I’ve published so far. And if you need any kind of help or if you have a suggestion about anything regarding this blog, feel free to contact me using this contact form or directly using this email: patrick at soccerballsguide.com


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