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The Aztec Soccer Ball Review: Exclusive Discount

Some people like to blend in the crowd while others prefer to stand out. If you are the latter, then the Aztec soccer ball would suit you perfectly.

Why play with an ordinary soccer ball when you can instead play with a uniquely crafted ball featuring an original design?

This is the kind of ball that’s sure to be a conversation starter on any soccer pitch or in any home. As a result, soccer enthusiasts and collectors could choose to buy the original ball simply to display it in a glass casing in their home.

Well, in this article here, I am going to talk about the aztec soccer ball features, pros and cons and most importantly, if it is worth buying or not.

So, here is my full aztec soccer ball review.

The Aztec Ball: A Ball That Stands Out

the aztec soccer ball review

The Aztec Ball is 100% hand-stitched and has proven amazing performance on the field. It comes as well with a 2 year shape and size warranty. FYI, regular soccer balls do not offer this kind of warranties.

This is not your regular soccer ball. This is something special that only true soccer fans will appreciate. Use link below to unlock the exclusive discount.

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How Was the Aztec Soccer Ball Built?

The Aztec soccer ball is covered in unique art that’s incredibly eye-catching. It’s hard not to notice it.

This size 5 soccer ball is built following FIFA specification, and it features unrivaled craftsmanship, using high-quality materials.

The soccer ball has 32 hexagonal and pentagonal panels. These PU panels are entirely hand-stitched using 6-ply polyester thread.

Hand sewing is often used in very high-quality soccer balls, and the Aztec ball is no exception.

This is because hand-stitched seams are often tighter and stronger than machine stitched seams on soccer balls. The 32 panels of the Aztec Soccer ball are held together by over 690 stitches!

The result is a ball that is not only eye-catching and hard-wearing but a soccer ball that has impressive footwork responsiveness as well. This ball not only looks great but as any soccer player can attest, it also plays magnificently well.

The ball comes with a bladder made from Butyl rubber. This synthetic rubber bladder is tough and provides a very airtight seal such that the soccer ball has very low levels of air leakage.

Besides excellent air retention, this bladder also offers great contact quality.

This soccer ball can be used in both outdoor natural grass soccer fields and well as on indoor or outdoor artificial turf. You never have to worry about it losing shape, neither do you have to worry about pumping the ball every half time.

This ball is built to withstand the wear and tear of artificial playing fields, which often have a rough playing surface.

At the same time, this ball has just enough rebound to accommodate the rougher playing surface.

The Aztec soccer ball additionally comes with four polyester linings located between the butyl bladder and the outer cover. These linings enhance the strength of the ball as well as improve its structure so that it doesn’t lose shape easily.

Additionally, the polyester linings help to enhance the bounce of the ball.

On the other hand, the PU outer cover of this soccer ball is responsible for its water resistance, meaning the ball can be used even on wet ground. PU is synthetic leather, which gives soccer balls a fantastic feel, which is why PU balls are often used at a professional level.

Better yet, the PU protects the ball from scuffs and scratches.

No matter how competitive a game gets, you never have to worry about the rough play damaging the beautiful graphics on this Aztec ball.

At the same time, the 1.5mm thick PU cover is micro-textured and dimpled. This unique, custom dimpled surface is meant to improve the aerodynamic properties of the ball, thereby reducing drag.

This way, the ball is firmer, and it also plays faster without losing its stability while in the air.

This extra coating on the ball also helps to preserve the dramatic graphics on the Aztec ball. Without protection, the graphics would quickly fade or get scratched off, especially during an intense game.

Now you wouldn’t wish such a thing on your attractive ball, would you?

This factor favors both the players and goalkeepers. While it helps the keepers predict the trajectory of the ball, it also allows players to read a true strike.

A ball with a true flight is always preferred to a ball with an unpredictable flight because the former has controllability.

Do you remember what happened with the 2010 FIFA World CUP Adidas Jabulani?

Aztec Soccer Ball Design: What Inspired It?

The Aztec soccer ball might as well be the most visually stunning soccer ball in the market. This ball is designed by the Chaos Soccer gear, and the ball is just that: chaotic.

The Aztec Empire inspired the design of this soccer ball. For those who might not be aware, the Aztec Empire flourished circa 1345 and 1521 CE.

Among its significant accomplishments, the Aztec Empire was widely known for being highly accomplished in Agriculture and Trade.

Besides that, the Aztecs also made considerable strides in Art and Architecture. To date, their works still stand as some of the finest ever produced in the world.

In respect to this great civilization, the Aztec soccer ball features symbols representing the Aztecs’ religious practices, warfare, and daily life.

One of the prominent Aztec Mythology symbols incorporated within the Aztec soccer ball is the Aztec Sun Stone, which is perhaps one of the most well-known Aztec sculptures.

Other symbols of Aztec civilization are also conspicuously displayed on the pentagonal and hexagonal panels of the soccer ball.

While the Aztec soccer ball has nothing to do with the centuries-old civilization, it does draw a lot of inspiration from it. Besides the graphics, the ball is also handstitched with impeccable craftsmanship. Similar to how the Aztecs were skilled in Art and Agriculture.

Similarly, the powerful, eye-catching graphics on this ball are symbolic of the extreme power the Aztec Empire possessed at the prime of its time. Additionally, the ball not only looks great, but it also plays quite well.

The Aztecs were well accomplished in warfare, having been known to dominate territories far and wide. Similarly, this Aztec soccer ball delivers nothing short of toughness and durability. This is the kind of soccer ball that will last through endless games.

Better yet, remember that the ball can be used in any weather conditions seeing as it isn’t affected by moisture or wetness.

Aztec tribal graphics have always looked amazing as tattoos, and they look just as impressive on a soccer ball.

Performance of The Aztec Soccer Ball: How Good Is It?

Buying a soccer ball is always such a demanding task because there are many different balls in the market, varying widely in materials, construction, and price.

Typically, the higher the quality of a soccer ball, the higher the price tag.

Every once in a while, however, you get to come across a very affordably priced ball having premium features. The Aztec soccer ball is one such example. This soccer ball is everything you’d want in a match soccer ball but at a very pocket-friendly price.

The ball is constructed for premium PU which forms the outer cover of this soccer ball. As a result, the Aztec soccer ball not only extremely durable, but it is also easier to control and has a great feel as well.

Not to mention that the Aztec soccer ball is very responsive and eye-catching as well. This makes it easy for the players and spectators to keep track of the ball while on the field, allowing for easy visibility even in bad weather.

This synthetic leather soccer ball has a soft touch, which results in the feel of a natural grip. The feel of the ball is further enhanced by the dimpled surface, which improves the aerodynamic properties of the soccer ball. Better yet, the dimpled surface gives this ball an excellent touch when shooting, passing, and receiving.

Because of this dimpled surface, the Aztec soccer ball flies with minimal drag, allowing for a truer flight path for better predictability. A ball that is easier to control always results in a better play.

With the Aztec soccer ball, rest assured that the ball will have the best flight regardless of whether you intend for it to dip, bend, or rise through the air.

The bounce of the ball isn’t too bad either, seeing as there are four layers of polyester lining lying underneath the PU outer cover. These polyester layers also help retain the shape of the soccer ball better as well as enhancing its durability.

Playing with this ball is pure joy. Not just because of the controllability and bounce, but also because it retains air impressively well.


the aztec soccer ball review

The Aztec Ball is 100% hand-stitched and has proven amazing performance on the field. It comes as well with a 2 year shape and size warranty. FYI, regular soccer balls do not offer this kind of warranties.

This is not a normal ball, so price will not be normal as well. However, I reached out to the creators of this ball and I got you an exclusive discount.

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The Aztec soccer ball comes with a Butyl rubber bladder, which has superior air retention when compared to soccer balls having latex bladders. As a result, therefore, you would need to refill the ball much less frequently, thereby allowing for a longer period of play in between pumps.

Still, on playability, the soccer ball weighs between 14 and 16 ounces. This is neither too light nor too heavy, and so the result is a nice overall balance for optimum performance.

This artistically designed ball is both high performance and long-lasting, which is often a rare combination when it comes to soccer match balls.

What Do People Say About This Ball?

aztec soccer ball client feedback aztec soccer ball review 2 aztec soccer ball review


What Do You Get with This Ball?

When you buy the Aztec soccer ball, it comes with a 2-year warranty on the size and shape. Now, that is an offer you do not see every day, and it is definitely an offer you don’t get with regular soccer balls.

If the ball happens to fail in shape or size within the two years, then you can return it, and a brand-new ball will be shipped back to you entirely free of charge. How cool is that?

This 2-year warranty just goes to show that the premium soccer ball has been designed with a lot of care and attention to detail. However, we wouldn’t expect any less from a ball that’s been crafted by experts certified by BSCI and FAIRTRADE. THE Aztec soccer ball is simply nothing short of perfection.

Better yet, the ball additionally comes with a black silk drawstring bag so you can always carry your classic soccer ball in style. The classy bag comes stylized with the manufacturer’s logo.

Keep in mind that the soccer ball comes already pumped up. However, you might want to add a few pumps just to make sure the air pressure is to your liking.

My Verdict: Is it Worth it?

If there’s a soccer ball deserving of a special spot on your mantle, then the Aztec soccer ball is it. Some balls are simply too beautiful to play with.

At the same time, despite its premium features and unique design, this soccer ball is still very affordable. So, if you are looking for a high-quality match ball that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, well, then look no further.

With many high-end soccer match balls, the player often has to sacrifice durability for high performance, but that’s not the case in this instance. The Aztec soccer ball is very durable, thereby proving to be a worthy purchase for players who are tired of replacing their ball every couple of months.


the aztec soccer ball review

The Aztec Ball is 100% hand-stitched and has proven amazing performance on the field. It comes as well with a 2 year shape and size warranty. FYI, regular soccer balls do not offer this kind of warranties.

This is not a normal ball, so price will not be normal as well. However, I reached out to the creators of this ball and I got you an exclusive discount.

Use this link to get 10$ OFF DISCOUNT


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