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Best Portable Full Size Soccer Goals To Buy In 2020

Soccer goals are a necessary equipment for a soccer game. There’s no soccer if there are no goals. What’s the point anyway?

There are different types of soccer goals out there and you should be careful before making your final decision so that you make sure you’re buying the correct type of goal.

There are popup soccer goals that are just for practice especially for youth players and not actual soccer games. There’s other goals that are made either for practice or for youth competitions like these soccer goals here. These goals can be easily set up in your backyard.

And today we’ll talk about another type. It’s the real soccer goals that come with the official sizes and that we see on soccer games on TV (or your phone or whatever you guys are using these days).

Below are, in my opinion, the four best portable full size soccer goals that you can buy in 2020.

How To Choose The Best Full Sized Soccer Goal

The parameters you need to consider before buying a soccer goal are the material, construction, size,
netting type, goal depth, and box frame.

The best way is to compare three or four products for quality, durability, strength, and endurance before taking a decision.

Age group of players is another important factor you have o consider. It is because of the goal size variation.

The material’s weight of the frame is another important factor you have to consider. Too much of light weight may cause structural damage, while too heavy material can be difficult to dismantle and carry. Choose the medium weight for easy portability and heavy duty performance.

What Material is Best For Soccer Goals Frame?

Frame material is the most important aspect you have to consider. It should be strong, durable and resistant to environmental elements. If you plan to play soccer within the indoor closed environment, you don’t need to worry about resistance factor.

If it is an outdoor playground, you have to consider resistance to rusting, wet ground conditions, heat and humidity, UV, and other extreme climatic conditions. You have choices between metal, plastic, high-quality fiber, and other compatible material.

  • Aluminum

Most commonly used material for scorer goal frame is aluminum. It has high tensile strength. It is flexible. It has high resilience value. It can withstand the impact of the soccer ball. It is resistant to vibrations created by the ball when it rebounds off the frame.

It has high resistance to corrosion, deformation, warping, and rusting. It is easy to assemble when needed and dismantle when not required. It is relatively light in weight. You can carry it wherever you go. It can be forged into foldable form for easy transportation.

On the negative side, it is susceptible to damages when players ram frequently. Overall quality of fabrication and forging methods play important roles in enhancing endurance and durability factors of aluminum.

  • Steel

Steel is stronger than aluminum and it has the higher resilience to stress and fatigue. It can withstand the weather elements better than aluminum. The process of galvanization can transform steel into an unbreakable fortress. It has higher impact resistance to a soccer ball and players ramming onto it. It has higher resistance to wearing, rusting, corrosion, and other unfavorable climatic conditions.

Also, it has higher structural stability. You can use it for outdoor sports grounds where the soil may tend to absorb moisture. It remains strong and durable due to the depth to which you can install the goal frame. You can also use it efficiently for your home garden or backyard playground without any hassles.

Exterior finishing of steel gives a professional appearance to the material. So, it is recommended for adult soccer players.

  • Fiberglass

Fiberglass is the best material for indoor and home garden soccer goals.

It is highly light in weight and portable. The best material for youngsters and children practicing soccer. It is best suited for small size goals.

Best Material For Soccer Goal’s Net

The net material choice is between nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, or Teflon. Some of the modern-day nets are also made from the finely woven combination of any of these materials with fiberglass. The intention is to enhance the structural stability, ball impact endurance, and resistance to tear and wearing out.

Yarn ply, denier and density are the three parameters you have to consider while selecting the netting material. Weaving pattern could be twisted or braided. Twisted yarn increases the ply numbers and the denier. It also has the higher density. It can endure the highest force of soccer ball impact. But it may not be able to endure the impact of players ramming onto it for many years. Average life expectancy of twisted yarn may vary from 3 to 5 years, depending on the ground and environmental conditions and impact intensity.

The braided form of netting is most commonly used in professional sporting events. It has the best resistance to impact, pressure, heat and humidity, dust and dirt, and other climatic conditions. It lasts for years without risk of any type of structural damages. It could be relatively heavier in denier, yarn weight, and density. But it is really worth your investment.

Goal’s box material

Most of the amateur level soccer goals have no box structures. Box frame will be required if you want to train for the professional level of soccer at the club or college levels.

Net Dimension

Prefabricated frames and nets allow you to vary the net dimension of height, width, and depth. Even those which need assembly have standard dimensions for these parameters. You have to refer to the product manual for exact dimensions and match them with the available space in your playground.

8feet X 24feet is the standard size for adults. For youngsters and children below age 13, the size could vary from 6.5feet x 21feet to 6feet X 9 feet.

Best Portable Full Size Soccer Goals To Buy In 2020

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal - Full Size

GOLME is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It is light in weight but it has higher tensile strength. It is also known for higher resilience to ball impact and accidental ramming of players onto it.

It is resistant to rusting and corrosion. It can endure harsh climatic conditions for years without any deformation of warping. You can use it in indoor, backyard, or even outdoor stadiums.

It has the capacity to maintain its structural stability when installing on grass, soil and artificial turf surfaces where the ground condition is moderate. Plus it can endure the soil moisture, heat and other damaging factors for many years.

No products found.

The netting material is highly flexible, tear proof and resistant to elements. It is easy to install, remove roll up and transport. The most important factor is its anti-sagging structure.

Even with minimum support at the rear end, it can stand upright without collapsing. You can easily use this soccer goal set for the backyard, garden, and outdoor stadium.

The overall structure of GOLME is portable and moderate in weight. It comes in different sizes for 12 years and above, 11 years and under, and all age groups. Dimensions of the soccer goal vary from 6.5’X8’ to 8’X 24’.

 Professional grade aircraft aluminum
 Highly durable net
 Compact and light

 Depth is too low for professional level training

No products found.

Pass Premier 24x8 FT. Official Regulation Size Soccer Goal

Pass premier is made from 2” of galvanized high strength steel. It has higher tensile strength, resilience to stress and fatigue.

It can endure the high-speed impact of the soccer ball and the accidental ramming on b players. It is also resistant to environmental elements like heat, humidity, UV, tough soil conditions, etc. You can easily install it on hard soil, grass and artificial turf.

Net is made from twisted PE material. It is highly resistant to climatic conditions and soccer ball impact. It is highly resistant to tear and stress.

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You can easily install it on any type of soccer goal frame within a few minutes. It is structurally strong. It doesn’t sag so easily when installed over soccer frame. It has high durability and can last for years.

Connectors are the key elements that make the soccer goal net stable. The Pass premier net is connected to the frame with the help of W-locking Banana clip connectors. It also makes it easy to dismantle and fold up.

Pass premier is an official grade soccer net that is approved by soccer governing authorities in the USA. It measures 24’WX 8’HX 5’D. You can complete the entire setup within a few minutes on any type of playing surface with ease.

 Made from professional grade galvanized steel
 Sturdy and durable construction
 Twisted PE net material

 May not be suitable for juniors

No products found.

Vallerta 24 x 8 Ft.Regulation Size Soccer Goal

Vallerta is made from powder coated engineering grade steel of 50mm diameter. It has higher tensile strength and endurance. It can withstand the impacts from soccer balls and accidental crashing of players onto the frame. It is resistant to corrosion, brittleness, and extreme climatic conditions.

You can install it on highly wet soil conditions. It can maintain its original structural integrity even when exposed to UV, heat, humidity and dry weather conditions. Stability on the ground is one of the most critical factors that determine the durability of the soccer goal frame.

No products found.

Vallerta has the highest stability as it can endure stress and strain during the gameplay. Net is made of High-Density Polyethylene. It is generally used for plastic injection molding of engineering components.

It is highly resistant to tear, warping, and collapse. Once you install it onto the frame, it maintains its structural integrity without collapsing.

Its lifespan is generally for 5 to10 years under extreme weather and ground conditions. Vallerta measures 24’WX8’HX3’D. It challenges you to score faster goals with its wider structure and professional design. If you are a goalkeeper, it gives you maximum training options to play at the professional level soccer game.

 Made from 560mm Galvanized industrial grade stainless steel
 knotted and triple twisted HDPE net
 Professional level dimension

 May not be easy to transport

No products found.

Pass Official Size 24 X 8 X 5 Ft. Steel Soccer Goal
Pass official is made from 2” diameter galvanized steel frame. It works efficiently with triple twisted PE material. It is highly resistant to heat, humidity, soccer ball impact and climatic conditions. The best thing about the Pass official is its professional design and construction.

By practicing in the type of soccer goal, you can get exposed to the real-time playing experience. Initially, you may find it tough to get used to the huge width and height if you are an amateur or hobby player.

No products found.

With practice and persistence, you will be able to master the game within a few weeks. Net weight of the Pass official is relatively higher than the standard stainless steel. But it is worth having it in your playground due to its stability and strength factors.

Clip connectors used in the installation of the net onto the soccer goal frame makes it easy to set up and remove the net within a few minutes. Twisted structure of the net is highly flexible in nature.

When you kick the ball with maximum force and intensity, the net simply flexes and makes room for the ball to stay within the soccer frame. Apart from being flexible, the net is firm and strong in structure.

 The frame is made from industrial grade galvanized steel
 high resistance to the ball and player collision impact
 Flexible and firm net

 It is not highly portable

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