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Best Nike Soccer Balls In 2020: Detailed Reviews

Nike is popular brand. I think we can easily class it among the top 10 most famous brands that you can practically find in every country in the world.

Nike manufactures a lot of stuff. What we’re most interested in today is Nike soccer balls. Nike releases dozens of new soccer balls every single year and people seem to love them.

They actually produce excellent soccer balls that are durable, reasonably priced and well designed.

This article will review five balls that I consider to be the best Nike soccer balls in today’s market.

Let’s get right into it.

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Reviews of The Top Five Nike Soccer Balls

Nike Strike Soccer Ball: My All-Time Favorite

This stylish ball is an ideal choice for junior players who are looking for something affordable but with premium performance benefits.

To begin with, this soccer ball features Nike’s Aerowtrac groove technology which enhances traction thus ensuring accurate flight of the ball once kicked.

The high-quality casing also bears a unique texture which enhances grip while dribbling and this guarantees that the young players master the skills with ease and precision.

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Another feature that comes in handy for the young players is the visual power graphics which allow the players to have a fast reaction to the ball and this way, even kids below 8 years of age can stay alert and active while on the field because they can easily keep track of the ball.

The restricted bladder used in this ball is very durable, and it also has impressive air retention so players would need to reflate the ball less often. This way more time is spent on the field rather than taking constant breaks for ball reflation.

By having good air retention, shape retention is also enhanced, and this allows the ball to have accurate flights always. This ball is ideal for matches, and it comes in three sizes catering to different player age groups: size 3, size 4 and size 5.

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Nike Premier Team NFHS Soccer Ball

Of course, this is an NFHS approved soccer ball for use in high school matches and training session, so you should expect nothing short of perfection. This 32-panel soccer ball gives the play amazing ball control while on the field, and this is an important factor considering Nike designed this ball particularly for competitive play.

The casing is made from polyurethane which makes this soccer ball more responsive than most other balls but besides that; the casing is also high quality, soft to the touch and very durable. Durability is further enhanced by the hand stitching used to hold the panels together, and this guarantees that the soccer ball will last through some matches without any wear and tear.

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This soccer ball utilized Geo Balanced technology which helps maintain the perfectly spherical shape of the ball. A ball with great shape retention will give true flights that are very accurate. Besides shape retention. The 6-wing latex bladder used inside the ball gives it superior air retention which further results in a solid bounce.

The asymmetrical and high contrast graphics on the ball help players to easily keep track of the ball for faster reaction. This soccer ball is available in sizes 4 and 5.

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Nike Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball

Cristiano Ronaldo is a soccer god amongst soccer enthusiasts and players alike, and who would not want to play with a ball fashioned after the legend? The Nike CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball features a hard wearing TPU casing, and this minimizes chances of the ball getting tears and abrasions.

Besides the TPU casing, this ball also has a foam back layer which takes on the force of intense kicks and rugged practice drills. The 26-panel casing is held together using machine stitches which maximize shape retention of the ball and its durability as well. The 26 panels give an amazing ball flight for consistent performance of players every time.

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Besides its durability, the hardwearing casing also has strategically designed texture which provides enhanced grip during dribbling. Inside the ball, there is a bladder made of reinforced butyl, and butyl bladders are generally known to have superior air retention compared to latex bladders. This way, players can spend more time practicing their skills and not reflating the ball every few hours.

The signature CR7 graphic on the surface of this soccer ball may seem aesthetic, but it actually comes in handy to enhance the visibility of the ball especially when playing in low-lit conditions.

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Nike FootballX Strike Soccer Ball

This ball just has 12 panels which are perfect for players who need a ball that can be easily curved in kicks.

The 12-panel design also ensures that the ball flight is true and accurate which is an important factor because this maximizes the chances of making great shots and passes.

The textured casing is soft but with a superior touch so that players can get an enhanced grip as well as enhanced ball control, and this is particularly useful when playing in wet conditions.

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The rubber bladder inside the ball is reinforced for durability, and it gives great air support which is necessary for shape retention. The perfect weighting on this ball gives it a low bounce and this way; players can enjoy using the ball even on hard surfaces without having to sacrifice ball control.

Whether using this ball for recreational play indoors or competitive matches outdoors, rest assured that your game will not be compromised. The Nike FootballX Strike soccer ball comes in sizes 4 and 5 and additionally, this ball comes in bold colors which help in tracking the ball while on the field.

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Nike Premier League Hi-Vis Pitch Soccer Ball

As the season progresses, weather conditions might not always be very conducive, and sometimes, the ball is not very visible, but that is not to mean that the match cannot go on either way. With this Nike Premier League Hi-Vis Pitch soccer ball, the game can comfortably go on despite the low-lit conditions because the ball features high contrast graphics on the cover and this enhances the visibility of the ball.

The 12-panel casing is made of synthetic leather, and this delivers increased control that cannot be found in most other balls. The panels are machine stitched together for long-lasting performance with minimal chances of tear and abrasions. The machine stitching also gives the ball superior shape retention which gives accurate ball flights.

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Underneath the casing is a nitrogen-expanded foam layer which has been cross-linked to give the ball a consistent feel for consistent performance when passing or shooting in all conditions. The Nike Aerowtrac grooves provide an even airflow around this ball, and this gives it stability while in the air which results in true flights and action on bending shots.

The reinforced butyl bladder contributes towards the ball having powerful and responsive touches and impressive air retention thus requiring less frequent reflation.

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