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Best Pop Up Soccer Goals For Training: Complete Guide

Pop up goals are a great way for training especially for youth players. They’re easy to set up, easy to carry and can be used at any surface.

This guide is here to help you navigate through the confusing amount of pop up soccer goals in today’s market. My primary goal here is to show you the best pop up soccer goals in 2018 and explain to you why I think they deserve to be considered the best.

Without further ado, let’s jump right it.

This table below summarize for you the pop up goals which I think deserve to be in the top five list.

If you don’t have enough time, you can just see this table below.

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Best Soccer Pop Up Small Goals In 2018: Detailed Reviews

PUGG 6 Foot: Best Pop Up Soccer Goal Ever. Period

PUGG have an advantage over other companies dealing with popup soccer goals because they were actually the company that designed the world’s first pop-up goal. As such, they can always be relied on for high-quality products and this 6ft. PUGG portable goal does not disappoint.

Featuring a spring steel frame tucked away in a sleeve made of premium denier nylon, this goal is not only very strong and sturdy, but it is also incredibly lightweight weighing just 6.6 pounds. In addition to the high-quality frame, the ultra-strong knitted poly net also contributes to the durability of this popup goal.

Sturdiness is further enhanced by the included anchoring pegs, which guarantees that players can comfortably use this goal on sand, grass and turf fields. Better yet, there is a spare parts kit included with the goal just in case anything gets lost or broken.

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This goal might be a bit pricey compared to other popup goals in the market, but with PUGG you are assured of a very high-end product. The one downside is perhaps the fact that this goal might not hold up well when it’s very windy but all the same, this goal is well worth the investment. Bottom line, the PUGG 6 is my first go-to option when it comes to premium pop up soccer goals.

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Here’s a video about the history of pop soccer goals that started as a recreational equipment to evolve into a serious training soccer equipment.

GOLME Pro Pop Up Soccer Goal: Excellent 2nd Choice

GOLME is probably the one company that has mastered the art of popup soccer goals in that players can be match-ready at absolutely any time and any place. This pop-up goal is very easy to set up – just twist it open and the goal is ready for any match.

Packing up the goal is just as easy because it’s as simple as twisting it again and it packs completely flat ready to be carried around in the convenient carry bag provided.

The indestructible plastic frame is durable and guarantees years of play, while the ultra-reflective vibrant orange net assures enhanced visibility allowing players to use the net when it’s dark or foggy. Also, this popup goal also comes with three multi-grip anchoring stakes: one behind and two in the corners.

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One thing that might be a bit disappointing with this net is the plastic frame which will not hold up as well as a steel frame. Also, because of the plastic frame, this goal cannot withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

All, in all though, this is a great goal, with an affordable price tag, and there is the added advantage of choosing from 3 sizes: 2.5 ft. 4ft. and 6 ft. GOLME is an excellent option that’s definitely worth considering.

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GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal

These goals weight a mere 3 pounds, which makes then very lightweight and the ultimate buy if players intend to carry the popup goals around often. Also, the compact goals can be folded down twice, thus saving on space and allowing for convenience when traveling.

In addition to the two goals, this popup goal set also comes with six training cones. The cones would come in handy when it comes to marking the field: the four corners and the field half. The goal set also includes anchoring stakes and a carrying case.

Also, this goal set comes in 3 sizes to choose from: 2.5 ft. 4 ft. and 6 ft. and there are also two shapes to choose from: square and rounded. The net of this goal is made of highly reflective premium nylon which enhances visibility at night allowing players to use this popup goal anywhere and at any time, both indoors and outdoors.

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The ultimate proof of quality is the fact that these goals come with a lifetime warranty, giving buyers the assurance and peace of mind that they are investing in a worthwhile product. On the downside though, this goal might be too lightweight to withstand strong winds.

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Robo 4 Footer: The Best Cheap Pop Up Goal

This 4 feet soccer goal is perfect for young players to use for games and soccer training, and it also comes in a cheerful selection of 4 colors: yellow, red, black and blue.

Weighing just 2.8 pounds, this goals is easy to carry, and it is also very easy to set up in a matter of seconds by simply twisting the goal. Packing this collapsible goal is also just as easy. Because of the compact size and the lightweight, this goal can easily be carried even by a 5-year-old!

There are three anchoring pegs included with this goal set, thus guaranteeing that the goal can be used even in windy weather without having to chase your goal halfway across the field. However, keep in mind that this goal might not be able to withstand very windy weather, and it might also not be able to handle hard shots.

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This is a great looking goal at a pleasantly low price tag, so do not expect it to hold up as well as more expensive higher end popup soccer goals. For a lower end product, however, this goal set is well worth the purchase. In short, this is the best cheap pop up soccer in the market in 2018.

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Forza Flash Pop Up Soccer Goal

This cheerful looking goal is made from an indestructible fiberglass frame and a durable frame to guarantee that the goal will last for several years. The fluorescent yellow hard-wearing mesh netting is not reflective, but the goal has a reflective strip on the inside of the frame which aids in visibility when playing in poorly lit conditions.

Also, the goal has reinforced corners which enhance its sturdiness, allowing it to withstand powerful shots. This way, the goal can be used by both younger and senior players for games or training sessions. Setting up the goal simply involves twisting it, and the goal is ready for instant play. To pack it away, just twist the goal flat and insert it into the provided carrying bag for easy transportation or storage.



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This goal can be used on all surfaces both indoors and outdoors, but when playing indoors, it is recommended to weight the goal down using sandbags. Overall, this is a durable quality goal set, that can be used anywhere for an instant soccer game, and it can also handle hard shots.

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Conclusion: Need Any Help Finding A Good Pop Up Soccer Goal?

In case that you’re still struggling with making a final decision about which popup goal that you ought to buy, then let me know below in the comments. I’ll make sure to dedicate some time to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Also, if you have any general questions about anything related to this guide, please let me know.

And if you’re new to this blog, please make sure that you check out our various soccer equipment guides that we have in the blog.

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