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Best Portable Soccer Goals For Backyard In 2020

Buying a portable soccer goal isn’t something that you just can do out of the blue.

That’s a purchase that needs a lot of research and time in order to be sure that you made the right decision.

For that reason, I made this detailed guide that’s going to help you, in a matter of minutes, to find the best portable soccer goal for your own backyard.

The first section of this guide covers the things that you need to understand about portable soccer goals before making your purchase.

The second section is dedicated to the detailed reviews of each of the soccer goals that I recommend.

However, if that doesn’t interest you and want only to see a summary of the soccer goals that I recommend, just check out this table below.

Best Portable Soccer Goals For Backyard In 2020

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How To Find The Best Portable Soccer Goal For You

The first question you need to ask yourself before even starting your research is the following: How and where I’ll be using this soccer goal?

The answer to this question is primordial.

You need to understand your needs and identify the key uses of your future soccer goal.

This way the process of selecting the best portable soccer goal for your purposes isn’t going to be that difficult.

However, I know by experience that isn’t easy to choose a soccer equipment especially when hundreds of dollars are in stake.

That’s why I wrote this section to help you with 1) understanding what you need to know about these so called soccer goals and 2) to decide what’s the best option that will satisfy your needs and keep you happy even months after your purchase.

Therefore, here below are the main things that you need to consider before taking your final decision.

What Goal Size Is Right For You?

The first thing you need to look at when choosing a soccer goal is its size.

That makes sense, right?

We’ll start first by talking about the regulation sizes:

  • Size 24×8 feet: This is the standard size of official collegiate and professional soccer games. This is the size you should buy if you’re looking for a goal that can be used in professional adult tournaments.
  • Size 18.5×6.5 feet: It’s the official US size for youth competitions.

These are the sizes used in official matches. They’re also refereed to as full-size goals.

However, you can find a lot of other sizes in the market. I’ll refer to the latter by backyard goals since they can be set up almost anywhere.

The most common sizes are:

  • 12x6ft for training purposes or friendly games
  • 9.8×6.5ft for Futsal games
  • 6x4ft or 8x5ft are used for youth players under the age of 8.

In this guide, we’ll only focus on backyard goals that can be used mostly for training, youth games and adult friendly Futsal games as well.

Understanding Materials Used In Building Goal

As always, before buying any type of equipment you should ALWAYS check the quality of the material that is made from.

Most of the time, it’s the material’s quality that is responsible for price differences between different brands of soccer goals.

Most of the goals you’ll find in the market are made from one of these three materials (or sometimes a combination of two or three of those materials):

  • Plastic (mostly PVC): Most portable goals that are designed especially for kids and youth players are made using some type of plastic. The reason behind that can be to make the goal lightweight and cheap.
  • Steel: That’s obviously more expensive than metal. It’s used in more expensive and sturdier soccer goals.
  • Aluminium: This metal comes with the advantages of both steel and plastic: lightweight and sturdiness. That’s why you’ll find it’s used generally in premium soccer goals.

Types of Soccer Goals

For me, there are two types of soccer goals.

  • Full-size soccer goals: This refers to the goals that comes in regulation size and that can be used in official soccer games.
  • Backyard soccer goals: These are goals that can be placed anywhere and can be used for any purpose that you have in mind. For example, these goals are used for training especially of youth players. They’re perfect also for Futsal games and friendly sided games among adults.

Portability, Storage and Assembly. What Do You Need To Know?

With the evolution of technology, nowadays almost all soccer goals are portable and easy to assemble as well as to store.

Of course there are still some models that can’t be easily transported or assembled but you get the idea.

A portable soccer goal has so many benefits that makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a new soccer goal. It can be easily transported to virtually anywhere you want.

You can set it up in your backyard, in the garden in your neighbor or in your living room (although I don’t recommend it =D).

The point here is that with a portable soccer goal, you can continue your training at your own place without having to go to the club.

One important feature that I love about these new innovative goals is the ease of assembly. Today, you can easily pack your goal in a bag in a matter of minutes.

Some goals even come as a one piece which make them super-easy to assemble.

Some goals have a flat storage option like the QuickPlay Pro (read review below) which can be an amazing thing if you don’t like dismantling and setting up again your goal every time.

Best Portable Soccer Goals In 2020 Reviewed

QuickPlay PRO: A Premium Portable Soccer Goal

I wanted to start this guide with this the QuickPlay Pro soccer goal because it’s simply one of the best portable soccer goals in the market today. This is a top-notch equipment that was made to last for years.

One thing you’ll notice right away about this goal is that it looks pretty similar to the goals we see in official soccer tournaments.

The crossbar and posts of this soccer goal are made from all-weather aluminum and uPVC that is 3-inches in diameter.

This is thicker than most other cheaper PVC goals, but conveniently, it is even lighter in weight than goal frames made of steel.

Both the net and posts of this goal are very durable, and the durability of the heavy duty net is further enhanced by the shock absorbing bungee attachment system.

Also, the patented Super Straight Crossbar Technology used guarantees that there won’t be any dipping or sagging even after the goal frame has experienced several hard hits.

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The fast folding frame technology is another handy feature whereby the user does not have to dismantle the goal whenever they are done using it.

They can simply fold it flat and unfold it the next time they are using it.

When folded, it just takes 30 seconds to unfold and set up the goal but setting it up from scratch takes about 5 minutes. So far, this is the only portable goal that can be folded flat for storage.

Besides, this goal comes in different sizes that fit all ages. There’s 6x4ft and 8x5ft for youth players, 12x6ft for backyard games or training for adults, 18.5×6.5ft the official U.S youth size and even a soccer goal for Futsal that comes in a size of 9.8×6.5ft.

In conclusion, I can’t see any other option that is better than this QuickPlay Pro soccer goal anywhere in the market in 2020.

It’s durable, easy to set up, awesome look and comes in all possible sizes. What else you can ask for? This is the definitely the go-to portable soccer goal.

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FORZA Soccer Goal: Another Premium-quality equipment

The thick 2.7-inch diameter PVC frame of the FORZA soccer goal is among the thickest frames available in the market.

Also, the components are designed to fit together much tighter and easier securely, and the goal net is made from 2.5mm HDPE heavy-duty weatherproof material.

Besides making the goal very strong and capable of withstanding hard hits, these features are also the reason why the goal is extremely durable.

So durable that users can leave it set up all year round and not have to worry about the goal getting damaged when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The goal comes in 5 sizes: 3×2.5 ft, 6×4 ft, 8×4 ft, 8×6 ft and 12×6 ft., and this guarantees that players can suitably find a goal size matching their needs.

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Unlike most other portable soccer goals, this one can be used for tournaments and official matches, and can also withstand the rigor of year-round training.

Plus, there’s a size that will fit well in your backyard.

The downside of this portable soccer goal is that it’s pretty heavy compared to other soccer goals like the QuickPlay Pro we talked about earlier.

Also, Forza soccer goals may not be the easiest to set up, but they are undoubtedly the most durable portable goals you will find.

Other than that, this goal can be an excellent choice especially if portability isn’t that important to you.

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SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal: A great option for your backyard

Featuring a unique design and weighing just 18.25 pounds, this soccer goal is incredibly lightweight and conveniently easy to carry around.

However, the biggest selling point is perhaps how easy and fast it is to assemble the goal and have it ready to use.

Players could have this goal all set up in less than two minutes, meaning even when they are setting up two goals, time constraints never have to be an issue.

Despite being light in weight, this sturdy goal is built for durability by employing high-quality materials.

The 2-ply netting with a heavy-gauge tarpaulin facing holds up rather well, and the nylon tape posts can adequately stand hard shots without rebounding the ball.

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These SKLZ Quickster soccer goals are strong enough to be used by youth and elite players and featuring an official shape; players get the authentic gaming experience even when they are simply using the goal for training.

The one downside of this goal is perhaps the fact that the posts do not have sufficient grip and very hard shots could rock the posts causing them to slide back into the poles.

All in all, though, this is an ideal goal for those looking for the convenience of assembly and portability, with the liberty of choosing from 3 goal sizes: 6×4 ft., 8×5 ft. and 12×6 ft.

To sum things up, this goal can be an excellent choice for training purposes and youth friendly games that can be held in your backyard.

However, it’s not a professional soccer goal that can be used in official matches.

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PowerNet Soccer Goal: Portable Bow Style Net

While the SKLZ soccer goal might not be able to withstand very hard shots, this PowerNet goal can stand the hardest shot.

This is made possible by the fact that the frame of this soccer goal features a weighted steel base that is very firm.

The goal also comes with metallic ground stakes to anchor it down ensuring it remains upright even in the windiest weather.

Additionally, the goal’s strength is further reinforced by the vertical bow-style fiberglass poles and the solid net.

When it comes to ease of assembly, setting up this goal might not be as easy and as quick as setting up the SKLZ goal, but the setup is still relatively easy.

First-time users might, however, need to read the assembly directions first. Once assembled though, the collapsible nature of this goal makes it easy to dismantle and carry around.

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Unlike most other portable goals, this one can be used indoors as well as outdoors. This goal might not be the best to use during tournaments, but it would be perfect for other full-field games as well as for training and scrimmages.

To guarantee quality, the frames, metal, and composite parts are covered with a 1-year warranty.

The most notable downside about this soccer goal is that it comes only in one size which is 12x6ft. Also, this goal is much more of a training equipment than a goal that can be used in real tournaments.

That’s why I’d prefer to call it a backyard soccer goal rather than a real soccer goal.

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Franklin Sports Black Hawk: The Best Cheap Option In The Market

The most interesting bit about this Franklin soccer goal is that it looks weak and flimsy, but in contrast, it is actually somewhat strong and very durable.

The durable construction employs steel and fiberglass making this goal impressively lightweight and easy to carry around, weighing just 2.73 pounds.

Portability is further made possible by the carry bag that comes with the goal.

In addition to being lightweight, the black and yellow twin colored frame is attractive and easy to assemble, without needing any tools. Setup talks about 2-3 minutes and dismantling the goal is just as fast.

This way, even young players can easily set up and pack up the goal on their own, without necessarily needing assistance from an adult.

No products found.

This soccer goal has an all-weather net and can be used both indoors and outdoors, but when used for indoor fun, consider getting sandbags to anchor the frame to the floor.

This is because the ground peg hooks which work perfectly to anchor the goal outdoors, cannot be used on indoor flooring.

The one downside to this net is that the ground stakes are not as strong as one may expect them to be, but then again for the price, this is a small compromise.

With that being said, this goal can be a great option to use in small sided games especially among youth players.

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Conclusion: Do you have any questions?

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, my goal here is to help you find the right soccer goal that meets your needs and preferences.

So if you find yourself after finishing this guide still unable to pick a soccer goal, then I invite you to explain your situation to me in the comments.

I’m gonna make sure that I help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned or not mentioned in this guide, please don’t hesitate reaching out to me either by a comment below or by using our contact page.

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