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Best Soccer Ankle Braces Support In 2020 Reviewed

Most players tend to assume that ankle braces are for the players who are prone to ankle injuries but that not the case.

Even if you haven’t encountered an ankle injury before it is best to wear a preventative ankle brace.

Here are out best picks for the best soccer ankle braces in 2020.

Best Soccer Ankle Braces In 2020 Reviewed

1. POWERLIX Ankle Compression Brace

This POWERLIX ankle brace is a 4-way compression support sleeve.

It has been designed to offer full protection all around the ankle, while still allowing for a full range of motion.

Better yet, this ankle brace features a unique fabric blend which feels very comfortable against the skin.

This way, the brace can be worn all day and night, thereby proving to be suitable for soccer players recovering from sprains and muscle fatigue.

Additionally, this brace offers significant relief for players who may have ailments such as arthritis and plantar fasciitis.

Besides giving a tight, form-fitting fit, this brace also offers breathability.

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It has superior sweat absorption, thereby keeping the feet dry and odor-free even after hours of continuous use.

This high-performance fabric helps maintain the optimal temperature of the joints for maximum blood circulation and pain relief.

Thanks to the unique knitted technical design, this brace is sized to fit different joints.

Whether your ankles are meaty or slender, you are bound to find a POWERLIX ankle compression brace that fits perfectly.

While offering superior support, this soccer sleeve is still pretty thin, and the material is giving.

As a result, a player can wear this compression brace even in a snug-fitting soccer cleat without experiencing any discomfort.

A pack comes with two sleeves. So, you have the choice of wearing them at a go on either foot or interchangeably on the affected foot.

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2. LOKEP Ankle Brace

The LOKEP ankle brace is a compression wrap which comes in the form of a single strap.

This single strap design can easily be adjusted to fit the player as snug or as loosely as they desire.

This strap is made from a blend of materials comprising polyester, nylon and spandex.

The result is, therefore, an ankle brace that’s soft and comfortable against the skin.

Additionally, this material blend offers breathability.

This way, the player stays comfortably dry throughout the duration of the game.

The intelligent brace design has excellent strength.

So, this strap can be worn through several soccer seasons.

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A durable ankle brace is always preferred because it offers excellent value for money as opposed to a flimsy brace which will have to be replaced more often.

Another perk is the soft wavy silicone design along the entire length of the strap. This feature gives this brace non-slip properties.

Therefore, even during a high-intensity game, the player will not have to keep re-wrapping the ankle brace. Once worn, the brace stays put.

Besides providing ankle support and protection, this brace also regulates joint temperature, keeping it at an optimum level.

The warmth, in turn, enhances blood circulation, which then enhances faster healing of any injuries.

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3. gonicc Professional Foot Sleeve

The gonicc professional foot sleeve is a hybrid ankle brace featuring both a sleeve brace and a single strap brace.

This hybrid design competitively offers pain relief, combined with ankle support and protection.

This brace is made from premium nylon which is has a nice velvet-like soft feel that is comfortable against the skin.

For this reason, the brace feels very comfortable against the skin. It can be worn all day and night for maximum relief from conditions such as Achilles tendon, or edema.

Better yet, this soccer brace is also lightweight.

It, therefore, provides a nice snug fit without any bulk, and a player can wear the brace inside a tight soccer cleat without experiencing any issues or discomfort.

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The gonicc professional foot sleeve applies even pressure all around the ankle using advanced compression technology.

This stimulates blood circulation for reduced swelling and faster muscle recovery.

The 3D weaving technology used in manufacturing the fabric allows for breathability. While wearing this ankle guard, rest assured your feet will be free from any moisture of odors.

A player may choose to wear only the sock sleeve portion for mild support, or they could also tie the elastic band for enhanced support.

Depending on the amount of support a player needs, the elastic strap could be made to be as tight or as loose as desired.

The strong Velcro fasteners on the band hold up pretty well, so you do not have to worry about the band coming undone during an intense soccer match.

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4. Mueller XLP Ankle Brace

The Mueller XLP is a lace-up ankle brace designed to be worn over socks.

This brace has been designed for players with weak or injured ankles.

The brace features rigid plastic stays, an elastic rear panel and a single layer of fabric over bone.

The rigid plastic stays on either side of the lace-up brace provide support for either side of the ankles while the elastic rear panel allows for unrestricted motion.

In addition to that, the single layer of polyester over the ankle bone provides optimum comfort.

This extra low-profile ankle brace comes with a high-cut front to provide as little interference with the player’s performance.

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The design ensures that the player’s touch isn’t affected when wearing the brace, so the player can still play flexibly and with speed.

This ankle brace has undergone antimicrobial treatment which helps eliminate stains, odors, and any deterioration caused by the action of bacteria and other microorganisms.

At the same time, the polyester allows for excellent breathability, so the player doesn’t get sweaty or run hot while wearing the brace.

The lace-up brace isn’t bulky, and it can comfortably fit in soccer cleats.

The one disadvantage is that unlike other braces reviewed so far which come in pairs, the Mueller XLP only comes as a single unit.

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5. Crucial Compression Ankle Brace Sleeve

This ankle brace by Crucial Compression is an ankle Sleeve designed to offer sufficient support for the arch, heel and ankle.

The compression sock reduces swelling and provides relief from soreness and general discomfort caused by injuries.

This ankle brace is made from a blend of nylon, rubber and spandex.

The result is a lightweight brace that is easy to wear and take off, and one that’s provides a snug non-bulky fit.

Additionally, this brace is very breathable, therefore ensuring the player remains comfortable throughout the game or training session.

Despite the thick fabric of the sleeve, you do not have to worry about your feet getting hot and sweaty.

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The ergonomic fit of this sleeve is tight, but without cutting off blood circulation or restricting one’s mobility.

Despite the impressive support offered by this sock sleeve, the player would still be able to play flexibly with a full range of ankle motion.

This sock has been constructed durably, such that it is designed to last long and without losing compression over time.

Even when worn daily, throughout the day, the sleeve holds up as expected.

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6. Zensah Compression Ankle Support Brace

The Zensah compression ankle support brace features innovative technology to help improve a player’s ankle support for prevention of ankle-related injuries and enhancement of blood circulation.

To begin with, this sock sleeve features 3D geo Tech Ribbing.

This textured ribbing comes in handy in alleviating arch and heel pain while at the same time enhancing the compression properties of the sleeve.

This ankle brace is designed to offer targeted compression in the arch and heel using pin-point compression.

The graduated compression technology provides ample support for the ankles and also helps improve circulation, thereby reducing inflammation.

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This lightweight brace features seamless construction which offers better comfort owing to the flat cuff.

Besides minimizing the discomfort caused by bumps in the fabric, this seamless design additionally eliminates chafing.

The breathability of this sleeve is another desirable feature. It has superior moisture-wicking capabilities, thereby keeping the player dry and comfortable.

The sock also has anti-odor properties meaning you can wear it for prolonged periods, without worrying about unpleasant smells.

In any case, the sleeve is conveniently machine washable so you can choose to wash it after every soccer session.

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7. MEDIZED Ankle Stabilizer Brace

The MEDIZED ankle stabilizer brace would be an ideal choice for players who suffer chronic ankle instability or those who are recovering from an ankle injury.

This brace comes with straps which replicate wrapping the ankle with tape, and it even has non-stretch stabilizing straps which are similar to the stirrups also used in ankle taping.

The lace-up brace is worn first, then the figure 8 straps go on top of that and finally, then lastly, the u-shapes stirrups go on.

All these layers offer unrivalled support, ensuring that even soccer players who have fragile ankles can play without risking injury.

This ankle brace provides sufficient compression for a soft ankle, and it is also very comfortable to wear despite the several layers involved.

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Additionally, this brace is not too bulky. It can be worn inside a soccer cleat, provided the cleat doesn’t fit tightly.

The brace is also very breathable despite all the layers. Players wearing this brace do not have to worry about running hot or getting sweaty even when playing in scorching weather.

The brace superbly wicks away moisture for dry comfort.

The MEDIZED ankle stabilizer brace comes as a single unit, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

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Should I Wear a Soccer Ankle Brace?

Yes. If you are a soccer player, then you have to wear an ankle brace whenever you’re out on the field.

Of all soccer-related injuries, ankle sprains are among the most common, yet so many players opt out of wearing an ankle brace.

Well, true, wearing an ankle brace will restrict your range of movement to an extent.

However, look at it this way: is it better to have to your performance slightly hampered or would you instead rather end your ambitions by sustaining an injury which will leave you unable to play the sport ever again?

The former, of course.

Better yet, as you will come, you see, not all ankle braces are designed the same. While some braces are designed to restrict ankle movement, others are designed to enhance the player’s performance.

So, you can find a brace that best suits you, without sacrificing neither your performance nor the health of your ankles.

How Do You Wrap an Ankle for Soccer?

Playing soccer involves a lot of footwork. The player is continually running up and down the field, and often, they will have to make sudden changes in direction.

All this movement could leave the ankle vulnerable, which is why taking your ankles is essential.

Ankle taping is done as a preventative measure, and it is a fundamental aspect of the game. When you wrap your ankle, you enhance the support and stability of your joints and muscles.

As a result, therefore, you drastically reduce your chances of sustaining an ankle injury.

So how do you wrap an ankle for soccer?

Well, the first thing to consider is that you would rather have someone help you with this. This way, they can focus on wrapping while you focus on positioning your foot correctly.

Step 1: While seated on a table or bench, hang your foot off the edge.

Step 2: Angle your foot at 90° such that your toes are towards your nose. Maintain your foot in this position throughout the duration of the wrapping process.

Step 3: Place heel and lace pads on the front and back of the ankle. This helps protect against friction, causing blisters and chaffing. Ideally, the pads should go where the foot meets the soccer shoe.

Step 4: Fully wrap the ankle using Pre-Wrap. Make sure the Pre-Wrap covers the entire area where the tape is going to get in contact with the skin.

Start wrapping from your ankles, working your way down to the ball of the foot then back up again ending just below the calf muscles. Ensure that the layers overlap for maximum cover-up.

Step 5: Apply the athletic tape, paying attention to these major components:

  • Anchor strips placed at the top of the Pre-Wrap.
  • Anchor strip around the ankles.
  • U-shaped stirrups under the heel.
  • Horseshoes around the ankle.
  • Figure 8s for heel locks.

Step 6: Once the wrap is done, flex your ankles to test your range of movement. The tape should be firm, but it shouldn’t cut off circulation to your toes. If you feel pins or a tingling sensation in your feet, undo the tape and re-do it.

For a visual explanation of this ankle wrapping process, perhaps this video might help:

Types of Ankle Braces for Soccer

  • Lace-Up Ankle Braces

Lace-up ankle braces have been around since 1887. Just as the name suggests, these braces can be laced up around the ankle in a figure 8.

Lace-up guards often feel comfortable because they are made from fabric. On the downside, however, they tend to lose support quickly, and with time, the fabric can easily wear and tear.

Lace-up ankle braces best suit players on a budget and those who just need mild ankle support. Thereby, it is not advisable to wear a lace-up if you intend to engage in a high-intensity soccer session.

  • Hard Plastic / Rigid Ankle Braces

Rigid ankle braces have been in the market since 1985. These are made from hard plastics, and they come with a pivoting hinge which allows for full ankle movement in an up and down motion.

This hinge design allows for jumping and running without any restrictions. Also, because of the rigid design, this kind of brace offers longer-lasting support when compared to lace-up braces.

The downside is that this brace can feel bulky and uncomfortable, especially when worn for prolonged periods. Additionally, it can affect a player’s touch and control of the soccer ball.

A rigid ankle brace would best suit a player requiring moderate ankle support.

  • Soft-Shell Ankle Braces

Soft-shell ankle braces were introduced in the year 2000. These advanced braces use a soft-shell design which uses a player’s body heat to provide a custom fit innovatively.

These braces fit according to a player’s foot structure.

They are therefore very flexible, comfortable and provide optimum support. Better yet, these form-fitting braces can be worn in a low-profile design, thereby giving a comfortable fit even in a tight-fitting soccer cleat.

These braces are suitable for players needing mild or moderate ankle support. Additionally, the cuffs are very durable hence offering a cost-effective option for players.

  • Sleeve Braces

These look very similar to an ordinary sock. Unlike a regular sock, however, sleeve braces are often made from a stiff material which supports the joints using compression.

Sleeve braces are by far the most comfortable ankle brace, and they are also very easy to wash. The downside, however, is that they do not offer a high level of ankle stability.

  • Singe Strap Braces

A single strap brace comes in the form or a long band, and they work almost like wrapping your ankle with athletic tape. The strap wraps around the foot, so it can be made as loose or as tight as desired.

Because of their slim profile, these braces can comfortably be worn inside a tight-fitting soccer cleat. Similar to sleeve braces, single strap braces are also easy to clean. They also only offer mild to moderate ankle support.

How to Choose the Right Soccer Ankle Brace for You?

Fit & Comfort

Does the brace foot snug around your foot? Would you be able to wear your soccer cleats while wearing the brace? Can you wear the brace for prolonged periods without experiencing any discomfort?

The right brace should feel locked-in, without being too tight such that it restricts blood flow. If you feel some pain after wearing the brace for a while, then that’s not a proper fit.

Level of Protection & Flexibility

What’s your ankle’s range of movement while wearing the brace? Do you require mild, moderate or a high level of ankle protection?

A brace offering mild protection will give a flexible fit while one offering high levels of ankle protection will feel quite rigid.

Construction & User-friendliness

What material is the brace made from? Is it breathable? Does it offer heat insulation? Is the material sturdy and durable? How easy is it to put on and take off the ankle brace?

We all wish to get an ankle brace which blends with the rest of our sporting gear. However, prioritize performance over aesthetics.

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