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Best Soccer Backpacks with Ball Pocket: Ultimate Guide

I’m a soccer player myself and I know very well that challenge of trying to fit your ball into your small backpack before going to practice sessions.

Fortunately, we have a better alternative today.

You don’t have to go through that embarrassing moment anymore.

Today, there are many soccer backpacks that have ball pockets and all the accessories that you may need for your soccer equipment.

This article here reviews the best soccer backpacks with ball pocket that you can buy today.

Soccer Backpack Buying Guide: What To Look For?

In this soccer backpack buying guide, I want to give you a brief overview of the things to consider while
choosing the best backpack for you. Material, design, construction, compartments and pockets, air
circulation, and voluminous space are the main factors.

Resistance to water, heat, humidity, and elements is another vital criteria. Customized color, logo
printing, and finishing texture are the aesthetic features. If a backpack satisfies all of these things, that’s probably a good sign that this is the soccer backpack you’re looking for.


Polyester and nylon are the most used materials and they are good. Interweaving/blending with jacquard fabric, cotton, synthetic rubber, or wool can enhance the flexibility and softness factors. You may also choose backpack bags with the assorted blending of the recommended materials.

Construction and Volume

The minimum volume of the bag should be sufficient to carry a soccer ball, two large water bottles, soccer gears, a towel, toiletries, and a few of the essential accessories.

Secure locking zippers, meshed pockets, strong adjustable shoulder straps, and a string base are the other construction essentials. Intelligent construction makes accessibility simple and fast.

Backpack Design

Compact design that fits onto your back from the lower neck to the lower hip and between the two shoulders is the best choice. One main zipped compartment, one front ball pocket, two side pockets, and top zipper pockets for accessories are the primary design requirements.


The meshed pockets allow free air circulation for storing water bottles, socks, shoes, cleats, and towels.


Metal zippers with secure locking teeth, the strong slider with a lock-hole, and firm top and bottom stops can protect the compartments and packets from the elements. They can also keep the compartments and pockets from opening up when you over-stuff them with things.

Exterior design:

Exterior finishing should be rugged and firm, while the internal layer should be soft with meshed or laced surface.

Best Soccer Backpacks with Ball Pocket: Detailed Reviews

Diadora Squadra: My Go-to Top Soccer Backpack

Diadora Squandra is one of the best soccer backpacks out there. This one has a unique design with a larger back-pad and a rectangular base. The width of the base increases from the front face layer to the back-pad. Hence, the bag has extra-volume compared to the other models of the same dimension.

The zipped pocket over the front flap can hold socks, shoes, hand-towels, and toiletries safely. The zipper with two lockable sliders beneath the front pocket keeps the main compartment safely locked. It can accommodate the large volume of gadgets, accessories, gears, and uniform fabrics, etc.

Design of the zippered side pocket can accommodate extra numbers of cell phones, headphones, and small sized water bottles.

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The soccer ball zippered mesh pocket at the front can hold the standard sized ball in a deflated state. The lockable two front straps can accommodate hockey rackets and baseball bats comfortably and securely.

The bag has a flat and strong base on which it can rest freely without collapsing to the front or sides. The back straps are adjustable to match with your shoulder size perfectly.

There is also a flexible top handle for carrying the bag into the soccer field and while boarding the team vehicle.


  • Backpack designed for maximum volume
  • Strong and durable material and construction
  • Attractive colors
  • Dimension fit for youth and kids


  • No meshed side pockets for water bottle
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DashSport Soccer Backpack: A Great Choice

The blending of nylon with PVC back-support makes the DashSport backpack strong, flexible, firm, and
durable. It can carry the entire load without tearing, expanding, and deforming.

The front meshed zipper pocket can carry a standard size soccer ball in the deflated state. The two sliders of the zipper are lockable for safety.

The U-shaped flapped opening at the top is protected by a long zipper with two lockable sliders. Large and voluminous main compartment has sufficient space for all the game essentials with gears, wearable, and toiletries. There are two meshed side pockets for large-sized water and juice bottles.

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There is also a zippered side pocket above the pockets for storing accessories. The DashSport backpack bag has two front straps with secure locking mechanism. You can use it for carrying things like the baseball bat, hockey racquet, etc.

The adjustable back-straps are made of the high-density material with the interwoven construction.
Stitching with the main section is strong and durable.

Meshed protective back layer keeps it soft and comfortable for your back while carrying. It also keeps cool air circulation for avoiding sweat and moisture accumulation.


  • The strong blending of nylon and PVC
  • Zipped and meshed pockets for extra volume
  • Extra-sized main compartment
  • High resistance to water and elements


  • No visible cons
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ProGear Soccer Backpack

The ProGear Soccer Backpack is made of a strong material called rip-stop-nylon. It has high tensile strength, dense weaving, water resistance, breathable pores, and a soft finishing. It has an optimum elasticity value for stretching.

The backpack has one main compartment, front ball pocket, top accessories pocket, and a compact bottom pocket. You can use the top zipped pocket for carrying cell phones, wallets, and headphones.

The main compartment can hold all your soccer gears, towels, toiletries, and even changing clothes. Adjustable back straps are woven with the main section at the top.

No products found.

A secure buckle and lock system allows you to adjust the length according to your height and comfort level.

The ProGear soccer backpack has a top handle with a large cushioned pad. It allows you to carry the bag while boarding and de-boarding the soccer team vehicle.

It is strong enough to endure the filled backpack bag weight. Lockable zippers for the main compartment and the two pockets make the bag safe to store valuable


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Voluminous main compartment
  • Locking zippers for added safety
  • Durable and load bearing material


  • No separate pocket for water and juice bottles
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Vizari Sport Solano: A Good Cheap Soccer Backpack

The blending of polyester and jacquard fabric makes a strong and flexible material. It is also firm, soft,
and resistant to water and the elements. It can stretch to an optimum level without tearing and warping.

The front mesh pocket for the soccer ball has a safe locking mechanism. It may seem to be small due to its compact length and width.

The depth of the pocket can accommodate 5-sized soccer ball in deflated state. The two meshed and zipped side pockets have the soft insulating bottom layer. They can accommodate the small to medium-sized water bottle, juice bottle, or an insulated flask.

No products found.

You can also store cell phones, wallets, pens and pencils, and other small accessories. The main compartment of the Vizari has high volume for carrying soccer team uniforms, towels, shoes and socks, accessories, and gadgets.

The adjustable back-straps are dense and strong at the top layers which come into contact with your shoulders. The soft jacquard fabric almost feels like a cushioned layer. Hence, you can carry the fully loaded bag without any stress.

The bag is perfectly shaped from the base to the top for perfect vertical alignment with your back.
Hence, you don’t feel any pulling force while you carry the bag and walk. It also helps you balance your body while climbing up the terrain.


  • Blending of strong polyester and cushioning Jacquard fabric
  • Shaped to match with vertical alignment of the back
  • Large main compartment
  • zipped and lockable pockets for accessories and water bottles


  • External pockets limited to three in numbers
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Athletico National Soccer Bag

The Athletico National Soccer Bag has three main compartments, front compartment for the soccer ball
and the back compartment for uniforms and gears.

The front bottom pocket is zipped and designed to carry your favorite soccer shoes and cleats with secure locking. The middle compartment has seven pockets for holding all your diaries, accessories, cell phones, and other gadgets.

The design of the backpack ensures maximum container capacity within the compact dimensions. The front compartment can carry the soccer ball in the fully blown soccer ball.

No products found.

The backpack also has sufficient space for carrying handheld ball-pump. Two large side pockets can carry water bottles and juice bottles comfortably and securely.

The back-straps can balance the entire weight of the bag within their construction area. The durability and load carrying capacity of the bag are due to the highly engineered design and construction.

The exterior layer of the nylon + polyester blended fabric is tough and resistant to the elements. The interior layer is soft and flexible. The combination makes the Athletico a good soccer backpack for the youngsters and professionals.


  • Three compartments for maximum storage volume
  • Separate pocket for shoes
  • Seven pockets in the middle compartments
  • The strong and durable blend of nylon and polyester


  • No visible cons
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