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Best Soccer Ball Pumps In 2020: Which One To Buy?

A soccer ball pump is a must-have equipment that every soccer player should have. It doesn’t matter if soccer is just a hobby to you.

You play soccer, right? then you should have a pump at home.

The ugly truth that some may try to hide from is that soccer balls get deflated.

No matter how premium your ball is, there will be times when you will find that your ball has lost some air. And that’s totally fine as long as you have a ball pump in your possession.

But, what are the best soccer ball pumps out there?

You won’t have to spend hours searching the internet and reading all those badly written reviews.

I’ve done all the work for you and came up with this buying guide to save you some time.

I’ve created a summary table to help you choose quickly the right ball pump for you without having to read all of the reviews. Check the table out below.

But if you wanna read the reviews and skip all this: CLICK HERE

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Different Parts of a Soccer Ball Pump

Soccer ball pumps come in different types, sizes and differing modes of operation. What is true however is that despite all of their differences, there are certain parts which are common in most of the pumps.

These include the hose, barrel, needle and pressure gauge. They perform the following actions.

  • Barrel: This is where the air getting inside the ball first accumulates and is compressed before being forced outwards.
  • Extension hose: Refers to the hose that connects the barrel to the ball. It helps in enhancing pump flexibility as well as preventing the breakage of needles while pumping.
  • Pressure gauge: Refers to a special kind of meter found on a pump and used to tell the pressure level as the ball is inflated. It helps in tracking pressure and maintaining the ball at the right pressure levels.
  • Needle: This refers to a metallic needle-like component of the pump that is hollow and tubular in shape. The sole purpose of the needle is piercing and penetrating the ball during inflation.

What To Look For In A Soccer Ball Pump?

Choosing the best soccer ball pump is not an easy task due to the large array of different pumps that have flooded the market today. There are however standard features to look out for in order to ensure you get the greatest value for your money. These include:

  • Portability: A good pump should be easy to carry from one place to another. The pump should, therefore, be lightweight and able to fit in the same place in which you carry your other soccer equipment.
  • Efficiency: To make sure that you pump balls faster and with as little effort as possible, it is important to ensure that you get a pump that is nearly 100% efficient. Dual action pumps are known to be the most efficient pumps compared to the other types. Although, some single action pumps have proved to be nearly as efficient as dual-action pumps.
  • Durability: Everyone would love having a pump that can last forever without having to replace it. This is however impossible to achieve as most pumps are made of non-durable materials. Meaning that it’s crucial to check out what materials have been used to manufacture the pump in question. Usually, I’d recommend going with material that is both lightweight and durable for the body such as ABS and high strength material such as Aluminum for the base.
  • Ease of usage: Soccer is a game for all ages and the pump you’re buying may be some day used by your kid. Therefore, it’s imperative that the pump you’re purchasing is easy and straightforward in its usage and operation.
  • Affordability: You don’t want a pump whose price would really dent your pocket. Going for a pump that balances both quality and cost is always a great choice.

Best Soccer Ball Pumps In 2020: Detailed Reviews

This is the section you came for.

Below are 5 soccer ball pumps that I think are the top-notch soccer ball pumps to buy in 2020.

Let’s get to it then.

1. Under Armour Dual Action Ball Pump: The One and Only
This is by far the best soccer ball pump in the planet. Moreover, it’s not just in soccer. The Under Armour pump is very popular in other sports too. Wanna take my word for it? you don’t even need to see other reviews. Just go with this one. It simply doesn’t get better than this.

This highly efficient pump features a double-action modus operandi as well as a pressure release valve. There’s a well-designed pressure gauge that measures the pressure and allow you to adjust it to suitable levels depending on which type of ball you have in hands.

This pump ensures that the task of inflating is both fast and easy in order to help you eliminate downtime. You can also use the Under Armour pump on other types of balls other than a soccer ball such as basketballs, rugby balls, and volleyballs.

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Main Features: 

  • It comes with 2 back up needles.
  • A multi-faceted pressure gauge
  • Dual action technology
  • Pressure release valve
  • An extension hose.

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2. Valiant Ball Pump: My Second Favorite

My second favorite ball pump is the Valiant pump that comes in an attractive cherry red and black color that contrasts nicely and can easily be spotted from afar. This pump has excellent features that makes it better than most pumps in the market today.

Plus, it comes with an ergonomic and lightweight design that’s hard to hate which makes this ball pump deserve the second position in this guide. This pump is really easy to use thanks to the textured handle that enables a good and comfortable grip while inflating your ball.

The main downside that you’ll notice in Valiant (and all other pumps I’m reviewing next) is the lack of a pressure gauge and an extension hose. But, keep in mind that this pump costs only half the price of the Under Armour pump. So, you get what you pay for. Other than that, this thing of beauty possesses great features that include:

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Main Features: 

  • A dual-action mode of operation (pushing or pulling) that makes pumping easier and faster.
  • 4 back-up needles to cover for losses due to misplacement and breakages.
  • Made out of durable materials that can withstand the rigors of time.
  • A storage pouch with pockets for needles to help you store the pump easily and more convenientely.

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3. Nike Ball Pump: A Solid Choice

My third recommendation is going to be the Nike ball pump which is one of the most reputable ball pumps in the market today. Some say say that part of the reason lies in the company behind the pump and their vast experience in the field of sports.

However, I do believe that this Nike pump has a lot to offer and that’s mainly why I wanted to put it in this list. This pump has also a dual action technology for a more efficient pumping. It comes with a detachable extension hose that allows for easier storage as well as inflation of your ball.

As most of other pumps in this guide, the Nike pump can be used to inflate different kinds of sports balls without any issues. Moreover, this pump is pretty intuitive and anyone can use it with utmost ease no matter how old they are.

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Other Features: 

  • It comes with a single needle
  • Comes in a large array of attractive colors to choose from.
  • It is easy to use and does not feature a sophisticated mode of operation.
  • A compact pump that is only 8″ long.

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4. Miracol Dual Action Ball Pump

With a design similar to that of the Valliant pump but with a distinctly different colour set, a blue-black combination, the Miracol Dual Action Pump deserves to be on this list. It features a dual-action technology that allows you to inflate your ball either by pushing or pulling.

It’s easy to use without having to make an enormous effort nor spending too much time on pumping. It is a small and compact pump that will easily fit in your backpack or sports bag. It is made out of lightweight materials that enhance its portability.

Although the Miracol pump does not come featuring critical accessories such as a pressure gauge and an extension hose, it cannot be written off as a good ball pump. It comes packed with good features that make it a formidable pump.

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Main Features: 

  • Features 4 back up needles.
  • Is versatile in its application and can be used to inflate other kinds of balls apart from soccer balls.
  • Features an ergonomic design that allows it to be comfortable and easy to handle during use.

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5. Pifito Dual Action Ball Pump

The Pifito Ball Pump may not be as famous as its predecessors, but it comes with a host of features that will leave a lot of other pumps available on the market today in the dust. Featuring the same innovative designs of the Miracol and the Valiant ball pumps, the Pifito ball pump is a beauty to behold with its bright orange and black combination of colors.

This pump features an ergonomic design that is both exceptionally comfortable and easy to grip on during inflation. Besides, this pump comes with a set of back up needles protected by a rubber sleeve and a cap that screws over it. This minimizes needle movements, thereby reducing the risk of breakages during the process of inflation.

And just like the other pumps reviewed in this guide, the Pifito pump feature a dual-action mode of operation that inflates the ball during the entire pumping process effectively saving time and effort. The price is very competitive because it’s a bit under the price of other ball pumps featured in this guide.

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Other Features: 

  • A durable storage pouch for much more convenience and ease of storage.
  • 4 replacement needles
  • Easy to use by all ages

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Still Not Sure? Read THIS

If you still feel that you can’t decide which pump to get, then let me break it down for you.

The best option in front of you is with no doubt the Under Armour ball pump. It’s the best out there. You can also see that it costs more than other ball pumps in this guide and that’s because it’s the BEST. It has a pressure gauge that no other ball pump has.

Do you really need the gauge?

I wouldn’t go too far and say that it’s definitely a must-have feature. But, I do think a gauge is crucial for people that are serious about soccer and want to have their equipment in order. A gauge will help you set the right air pressure that and avoid any problems related to your ball’s shape.

Bottom line, Under Armour pump is an incredible pump which you won’t regret. The extra few dollars that you’re gonna pay to get it are totally worth it.

But if your budget is really tight and you want something that can be used probably only a few times, then any of the other ball pumps will be just fine. Although, I’d recommend going with the Valiant pump.

Looking For Extra Inflating Needles?

I have been there multiple times. It really sucks when your original needle gets broken or lost somewhere.

But, what can you do?

You need to move on and get yourself a new pair of inflating needles for your ball pump.

I have been buying these Spalding Inflating Needles for some years now and they work perfectly fine with most of ball pump brands.

So, I totally recommend them.

Need help on how to inflate a soccer ball? Check out this guide on Wikihow which is pretty easy to follow with pictures.

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