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Best Soccer Balls on A String For Training

There are many ways to improve your soccer skills.

One great way that has helped a lot of youth players imp[rove their skills drastically are the soccer balls on a string.

This guide covers everything there is to know about soccer balls with strings.

You will find our reviews on the best picks to buy as well as explanations of the benefits of this equipment in soccer training especially for youth players.

Best Soccer Balls On A String To Buy

1. SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer

This SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer comes with a size 1 soccer ball. A size 1 ball has a circumference of between 18 to 20 inches, so the ball is quite small.

This small size makes the ball suitable for use by younger players aged 8 and under because it’s easier to control.

However, a size 1 ball could also be used by older players who need to improve their footwork or simply play for fun.

For these reasons, a size 1 ball would be great for solo practice if a player needs something easy to control for optimal hand-eye coordination.

The ball cord comes with an adjustable handle meaning the length of the ball can be adjusted accordingly making it ideal for use by players of various heights and ages.

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The cord can stretch to a maximum of 5ft and the handle attached to it is ergonomically designed. This way, a player can withstand hours of solo training without straining their hands or wrists.

One handy feature is that this ball with a string comes with a 360┬░swivel and spin feature. This allows it to deliver game-like action with each kick.

A good soccer training session should give you experience very similar to what one would find in an actual match, and this training gear guarantees just that.

It is very easy to reduce the length of the cord in case one needs to shorten the cord during use or if you are storing the ball away.

The compact handle has a provision on which you can wind the excess cord, so there are no tangles or hassles.

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2. PodiuMax Handle Solo Soccer Kick Trainer

While the cord in the SKLZ Star-Kick Solo Soccer Trainer comes attached to the ball itself, that is not the case with this PodiuMax Handle Solo Soccer Kick Trainer.

In this instance, the cord is attached to a net enclosing the ball.

This ball locked net design has a couple of advantages. Firstly, the design prevents the ball from slipping out of the net.

Secondly, the design allows the cord to be used with other balls and not just the particular one the rope comes with.

For this reason, this solo soccer trainer can be used on soccer balls of sizes 3,4 and 5. So, essentially, any soccer ball with a diameter of between 23 to 28 inches can be used with this net and cord.

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The advantage of this feature is that players of various ages and skill levels can use it because it is easy to switch or upgrade from one ball to another.

Also, the net is pretty thick, so no need to worry about it getting worn out even after continuous use.

The cord length is adjustable, and its length can range between 31 to 47 inches.

An adjustable elastic belt attached to the cord allows one to adjust it to a length of their choice so that ‘sit’s as long or as short as you need it to be during your practice sessions.

The fabric handle is soft and comfortable to hold. Overall, this is an efficient solo soccer trainer, and players will definitely get their money’s worth.

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3. Sportout Hands-Free Solo Soccer Trainer

This kick trainer tethers to the waistband so players can enjoy a hands-free training experience.

Better yet, the waistband has been ergonomically designed to ensure one remains comfortable even after hours of practice.

First off, the waistband comes with a back-waist cushion. This protects the waist better since one tends to lean back a bit too much when training with this soccer ball cord.

Additionally, the waistband comes with a layer of breathable mesh which keeps the player cool all throughout the practice session.

Besides having cushioning and breathable mesh, the adjustable waistband is also designed with extra-wide side waists.

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The two-way belt length adjustments can be made by 10cm to the right and left, which makes this waistband adaptable to users of all ages.

Regardless of whether you are a scrawny 10-year-old or a 40-year-old with a bit of a beer belly, this waistband will fit all players like a glove.

The elastic cord attached to the ball is adjustable 90cm up to a maximum length of 170cm.

The Sportout Solo Soccer Trainer is an excellent option for anyone looking for a hands-free solo kick trainer.

On one hand, it is ideal for field players who wish to work on their dribbling or passing accuracy.

On the other hand, it is also suitable for goalkeepers who want to work on their reflexes or on their punting.

Better yet, this soccer kick trainer can fit balls of sizes 3, 4 and 5 so whether playing indoors, on a turf field or on grass, any player can benefit from investing in this solo soccer trainer.

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4. Surpop Soccer Solo Practice Training Aid

Similar to the Sportout Hands-Free Solo Soccer Trainer, this Surpop Soccer Solo Practice Training Aid also tethers at the player’s waist, therefore, providing hands-free soccer practice.

This kick trainer is suitable for a wide variety of ball sizes. One may choose to use it with a size 3 ball, a size 4 ball or a size 5 ball. Different ball sizes are suited to players of different ages.

For instance, a size 3 ball is for players aged 8 and under while a size 4 ball is for players aged between 8-11.

This is because the higher the ball size number, the larger the ball’s circumference and likewise, the more air pressure within the ball.

A player who plays with the wrong sized ball could end up hurting their tendons and ligaments.

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Also, younger players using a larger ball could have a tough time kicking and manipulating the ball, so they wouldn’t be getting suitable training.

The adjustable belt on this kick trainer can fit waist sizes 33″-39″ and adjustments are made using the Velcro fastening.

The neoprene waistband then clips to a cord. This kinetic cord is 6″ long, but it can extend up to a maximum of 18″ depending on the player’s age and height as well as the kind of training desired.

The other end of the cord attaches to the ball sleeve, which can also be adjusted by the use of Velcro straps.

Adjusting this ball sleeve enables it to snugly fit balls of different sizes so the ball won’t slip off.

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5. Ohle Kick Soccer Training Aid

When playing soccer, a good player has first to develop a feel of the ball. This translates into touch, and it is crucial for a player to feel comfortable touching the ball with all parts of their foot.

For this kind of practice, then an Ohle Kick Soccer Training Aid would come in handy.

Unlike other kick trainers mentioned on this list, the Ohle Kick Soccer Training Aid sits on the ground as opposed to being attached to a body part such as a wrist or waist.

This frees up the player enabling them to fully engaged and concentrate on the ball rather than focus on controlling the solo kick trainer.

This gadget comes with a solid base which sits firmly on the ground.

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There is rubber at the bottom of the base, and this helps prevent it from slipping and sliding. The base supports an arm which has the soccer ball attached to it.

So how does it work?

The arm on this gadget has the capability of rotating 360┬░, thereby allowing the players to work on their touches.

This solo training aid can be used either indoors or outdoors as long as there is sufficient room for the player to move about freely.

Keep in mind that this particular training aid is only suitable for players who wish to work on their first touch. It cannot be used for practicing juggling or power kicking.

If you are used to using your “good foot” for touches, then this device will help you work on our footwork, thereby giving you the confidence to use either foot for your first touches.

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What Is A Soccer Ball on A String?

A soccer ball on a string helps players master the various skills needed to play soccer.

Among others, these skills include dribbling, passing, shooting, trapping, shielding, tackling, and goalkeeping.

All players need to work on all the required skills, regardless of the position one is playing.

Ideally, these skills should be practiced among the players either together as a team or in pairs.

But what happens when one doesn’t have a partner or when a player chooses to train alone?

Well, this is when a soccer ball on a string comes in handy during solo practice sessions.

A soccer ball on a string is just that: a soccer ball which has a cord attached to it.

The ball used could be of different sizes depending on the intended players.

For instance, a size 3 ball is ideal for toddlers and younger children, a size 4 ball is for players aged between 9 and 11, and a size 5 ball is for players aged 5 and above.

The cord used is often long and of high quality. This way the player is assured of its durability and can train without any fears of the ball flying off the string attached to it.

At the other end of the cord, there is a wrist strap which the player can wear around their wrist.

Using the solo training ball is quite simple. You hold it in your hand and start kicking.

Once the ball is in the air and flying back towards you, you can then work on the area you need practice. You may choose to catch and throw it, kick it, dribble it, or pass it.

Benefits of Using A Soccer Ball on A String

The first major advantage of using a soccer ball on a string is that a player can trail solo without having to worry about running after the ball after it goes over a fence or onto the road.

This way, you can increase your skills on your own without relying purely on team practice sessions.

The other benefit is that skills training soccer balls help a player thoroughly polish up on any skills requiring contact with the ball.

These could be anything from throwing the ball with accuracy and power to dribbling and kicking in different directions and at different speeds.

If you play the goalie position on a team, then this training ball will be of benefit to you as well. A soccer ball on a cord would help you work on your catching and kicking skills.

This is because the ball can be manipulated in different ways to help you work on the area which needs practice.

With this training ball, a player can practice pretty much anywhere and at any time.

So, your skills will increase at a rapid rate. Similarly, your confidence will also increase, helping you play better and with greater precision.

A soccer ball on a string is a fantastic soccer coach not to mention a fun pastime for when one simply wants to kick the ball around.

With the right training ball, a player can also get to work on their balance and coordination on the field, not to mention their speed as well.

For a football player, speed doesn’t merely refer to quickness on the field. It also refers to quick footwork which can be perfected using a training ball with a cord attached to it.

This article shall highlight various soccer balls on strings, and as you will come to see, they vary in quite a number of aspects.

With the right ball on a string, you can get to work on controlling the ball with virtually all parts of your body i.e., hands, head, chest, thigh, and feet.

This not only drastically improves your coordination, but it enhances your flexibility as well.

When you cannot predict the direction from which the ball is coming, then you have to be prepared to handle it in all manner of ways. This is what makes a great footballer.

One thing to note, however, is to pay attention to the type of ball you are using in your solo training.

It is advisable to get a ball which has a similar feel and movement to the ball you use when playing on the field.

A different ball will have a different bounce and flight pattern, and these irregularities might make it difficult for you to work on your ball control accurately.

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