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Best Soccer Cleats for Kids (Youth Players) In 2020

Choosing a soccer cleat for your kid can be a difficult task especially if you are not familiar with soccer cleats that much.

Picking the right youth soccer cleat for your child is actually different than choosing a pair of cleat for yourself or another adult for that matter.

This guide here has it all covered.

We are going to start by reviewing the best soccer cleats for kids that you can buy in 2020.

After that, we will talk in a lot of details about how to choose the right pair of soccer cleat for your kid.

Best Soccer Cleats For Kids In 2020 Reviewed

1. Adidas Kids' Nemeziz Messi 18.3 FG J Soccer Cleats

Nemeziz Messi comes with a soft and large tongue for grip and protection from the elements.

The low top design makes it comfortable to move faster on the field. The heel counter fits into the ankle and heel with the optimum flexibility.

The insole synthetic material provides stability and support for the foot and the entire body. Your kids are safe from knee and back pain since the sole absorbs vibrations and shocks.

The studs have optimum dimensions and numbers to provide maximum support and balance. Playing on indoor and artificial grass is now safe and secure.

A combination of synthetic rubber constructions makes the cleats lightweight, resulting in comfortable running at higher speeds.

  • Firm ankle grip
  • Personalized foot fitments
  • Designed to protect from accidental foot and ankle twists
  • Attractive colors and designs
  • Protective cushioning
  • Synthetic material for water resistance
  • Synthetic interiors may not absorb sweat

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2. Adidas Kids Predator 18.3 - Youth Black Soccer Cleats

Extra protection for the ankles with synthetic and cushion is the key feature of Predator 18.3 cleats.

The Achilles tendon is a highly sensitive part that can be prone to twists while turning and bending the foot, especially while kicking the ball and scoring goals.

The predator’s design of heel-counter and the upper parts gives maximum protection and stability to the top section of the foot from impacts.

The vamp contour fits accurately into the front-foot and the toes.

Custom sizes from 1 to 13.5 can fit into every growing kid’s foot for all the ages until adolescence and the teens.

  • Strong and Stable studs for traction
  • Multiple colors and designs
  • Free air circulation
  • Molded synthetic heel for grip
  • Sensitive vamp for soccer ball feel
  • Toe-box could feel a bit stiff for the sensitive foot

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3. Nike Youth Hypervenom Phantom III DF FG Cleats

Soleplate and studs are the strongest features of Phantom III cleats. Material construction beneath the heel counter forms a strong base to the entire foot and leg.

The studs at the front provide a firm grip to the foot on the ground, wet or dry.

The “space” between the front and rear studs is designed to provide body weight and center of gravity balancing.

It protects you from falling over and losing your control over your body while moving at high speeds.

Optimum stiffness at the heel counter gives protection from accidental twisting of muscles and tissues while turning around and jumping.

A combination of textile and synthetic materials keep the ankle and anterior tendon covered.

Free air circulation from the ankles to the extensor tendon (nearer to the toes) prevents sweating and keeps the cleats interiors cool.

  • Strong and durable construction
  • Firm grip on indoor floors and outdoor slippery soil and grass
  • Narrow outsole for stronger shots
  • Firm soleplate for strength and speed
  • No visible cons

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4. Adidas Boys' X 17.3 FG J Soccer Shoe

The extended heel counter to the collar bends back to a height just above the ankle to protect it from shocks and vibrations.

The mid-counter curves out to cover the clumsy-lump and the dextral band from stress and external impact.

The tongue pads are molded firmly with the collar and extend to the insole and midsole section of the interiors.

The soft rubber sole absorbs shocks and vibrations from a fast movement and hard impact onto the ground beneath.

The studs are molded at an angle turning towards the core of soleplate. They eliminate the ground resistance to your foot movement when you run and tackle the soccer ball, thus increasing your speed.

The variation in the stud-thickness from the rear end to the front section of the cleats ensure complete body balance.

  • Solid exterior construction
  • Soft and comfortable sole
  • Shock-resistant studs
  • Thick lace for fall protection
  • Complete coverage from ankle to toes
  • No visible cons

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5. Nike Jr. Hypervenom Phelon III Dynamic Fit Youth Soccer Cleats

The Nike Phelon III comes with completely cushioned protection for the ankle and flexor parts of your feet from the external elements.

It covers the collar, heel-counter, upper, and the interior insole and midsole parts.

Fitment is secure and comfortable to the entire foot from the collar to the longest toes.

Thick interwoven laces ensure protection from trip and fall while playing and running hard.

The design and construction of studs provide a firm grip over the ground with higher traction.

Stud dimension and thickness are sized to provide accurate body weight balance.

The stud has two distinct sections.

The upper section bonds firmly with the soleplate to increase stability, while the lower section converts foot pressure into kinetic energy for speed and agility.

  • Synthetic construction for lightweight
  • Narrow toe-box for ball direction control
  • Ball sensitive exterior layers
  • Custom size for your foot
  • Complete foot and heel grip
  • Color range may be limited

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6. Nike Jr. Bravata II (FG) Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat

The Nike Jr. Bravata II has hundreds of micron-structures all over the upper that make the cleat uniquely sensitive to the soccer ball feel.

As the ball rolls around the upper, the cleat gets a firm control over its handling. Tackling, high-ball control, and juggling with your feet become simpler and speedier.

The design of the vamp and toe-box makes it easy to direct the ball in the direction you want. Playing long-distance shots, passing kicks, and ball control become more accurate.

Two-sectional studs with higher density and improved strength can balance your bodyweight with a slip-free grip onto the field.

They absorb vibrations from the ground impact and protect the foot from all probable injuries.

The soft interior layer with optimum cushioning keeps the foot comfortable. The synthetic material ensures firm grip and tightness while allowing free blood circulation within the foot veins.

  • Synthetic leather for softness and cushion
  • Resistance to stress and foot fatigue
  • Extended ball control area
  • Free airflow construction
  • Strong studs for bodyweight balance
  • Ankle protection may not be too high

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7. Nike Junior Neymar Mercurial Victory VI DF FG Cleats

The first visual appeal of the Nike Junior Neymar is its shape. It looks like a speedboat designed to float on the high-tide turbulent waters.

The body structure from the heel counter to the vamp and toe box through the insole and midsole ensures maximum stability and force.

Two-sectioned studs have a sharper lower section for firm grip over all types of soccer fields from the indoor to the natural and artificial grass.

The thickness of the soleplate and its strong bonding with the upper gives complete control over the soccer ball in all possible directions.

The lace may seem to be too long, but it is critical for controlling the interior fitment and tightness. The gap between the laces allows free air circulation.

  • Complete protection for ankle and foot
  • Soleplate construction for speed and body balance
  • Contoured construction for maximum ball control
  • Stud construction for higher traction
  • Designed for all playing surfaces
  • No significant cons

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8. Vizari Unisex-Kid's Stealth FG

The combination of high-quality synthetic and rubber materials in the Vizari soccer shoe construction gives complete safety, grip, and control while playing.

Body dimension fits into your foot and ankle comfortably with complete coverage.

Thicker soleplate with solid studs keeps your foot, leg, and body in perfect balance with each other.

Traction and speed are the two benefits you get while controlling and handling the soccer ball.

The space between the front studs and the rear studs gives maximum support to the insole and midsole.

The soft synthetic interior keeps your foot protected from shocks and vibrations apart from accidental impact with other players.

It ensures free circulation to keep your foot active and agile even when you increase the lace tightness.

  • Rubber sole for flexibility and grip
  • Collar and interior design for comfort
  • Body construction for safety and impact protection
  • Synthetic material for lightweight
  • May not be suitable for extreme conditions

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9. Adidas Kids' Copa 17.4 in J Skate Soccer Cleats

The Copa 17.4 looks more like a formal shoe than a soccer cleat.

Complete leather material construction ensures complete comfort, softness, and protection from the elements.

By keeping the upper part made of synthetic leather, the designers have ensured lightweight and high tensile strength.

Soleplate design gives maximum control over the ground with considerable traction.

It is resistant to slip and fall conditions, in spite of having no extended studs.

The shoes are made exclusively for the indoor soccer fields, though you may also wear them while playing on clay soccer fields.

The hind-sole, insole and midsole constructions give maximum comfort and grip from the heel to the toes.

Resistance to sweat and moisture ensures long-wearing during training sessions.

  • Leather for durability
  • Rubber sole for protection from shocks
  • Lightweight for speed and ball control
  • Stability and bodyweight balance
  • Made for hard fields
  • May not be suitable for natural and artificial grass

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10. Diadora Kids' Cattura MD Jr Soccer Shoe

Diadora Cattura comes with large and strong studs for ensuring the highest traction on any kind of soccer field under any climatic condition.

Bonding with the solid soleplate makes the soccer shoe completely protective and comfortable for your feet, heels, and ankles.

Foot tacking is not only required for the soccer ball but also for the feet of the opponent players.

The probability can be higher when you approach the opponent’s goal or the corners.

The synthetic upper ensures resistance to stress and external impacts.

Balancing the bodyweight, center of gravity, and having good control over the ball can be a daunting task.

The core body construction of the Cattura ensures all these elements are practical and persistent during the 90 minutes of play and into the extra-time also.

  • Scientifically designed studs layout for maximum traction and speed
  • Synthetic sole for comfort and protection from vibrations
  • Body construction for protection from external elements and climatic conditions
  • Resistant to sweat
  • Attractive design and striking color
  • Sizes for toddlers to big kids
  • No visible cons

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What are Soccer Cleats Made of?

Soccer cleats are made of natural leather, synthetic leather, rubber, and other processed synthetic materials.

Many of the modern cleats may use a combination of these materials from the soleplate to the insole, heel counter, upper, toe-box, vamp, and studs, etc.

Natural Leather – High Quality and Long Durability

Genuine leather is soft and stretchable according to your feet and heel movements. It provides better protection to your feet from heat, humidity, and other variable climatic conditions.

Moreover, it is resistant to physical impact from the soccer ball, accidental fall, and collisions with other players.

The construction of leather soleplate, upper, and the toe-box provides sufficient tensile strength for resisting accidental twist to the feel while playing.

Molding of leather can be done with external tough surface and internal soft layer. Your feet and heels stay comfortable and flexible.

Protection from sweat and moisture is the other important aspect of leather cleats. However, they could be prone to water absorption when the field is wet.

Synthetic Leather – Leather Quality with Water Resistance

Synthetic leather has all the properties of natural leather with the added feature of water resistance. It is also easy to clean and maintain the cleats.

Most of the synthetic leather is made from the combination of PVC, polyester, polyurethane, and wax as main compositional elements.

The material is flexible and firm in construction.

Aesthetic features of the material are also higher since it can retain the brightness, color, and design features for years without fading and damages.

Rubber Coatings – Flexibility and Protection

Rubber absorbs shocks and vibrations of external physical impacts.

It can also provide extra flexibility to the toes, ankle, and the SUBTALAR joint at the rear side of the feet and leg connecting point.

Other Synthetic Materials – Support and Stability

The other synthetic materials like spandex, Kevlar, and latex, can provide support at the critical foot and heal joints to enhance cleats stability.

What are the Elements of a Youth Soccer Cleat?

The most important elements of soccer cleats are the soleplate, Insole, midsole, studs,   lining, vamp, toe-box, upper, heel counter, tongue, and lacing.

Soleplate Design – Fitment and Flexibility

Fitment of the soleplate with the bottom and attachment to the Upper decides the comfort, strength, and flexibility of the feet.

Generally made of rubber and synthetic combination, the plate has studs attached to it.

Shock absorption and resistance to dynamic impact are the two essential features of the section.

It should also support your body weight (static while standing and dynamic while moving at a fast pace), the impact from the ball, collision with players, and the soccer field.

Soleplate also provides good traction and resistance to slip on the field through studs.

They should support your feet all sorts of surfaces from grass, to clay, sand, and various others.

Insole Construction – Grip and Protection

The insole gives a firm grip to your feet and heel over the soccer field. You can apply pressure on the SUBTALAR joint that runs along with the ankle and leg muscles and bones.

It is possible to jump, run, turn and twist your entire body while tackling the ball and the opponent players.

Insole protects the core of your feet and heels from friction impact. It is an equal and opposite force from the field onto your feet that could cause muscle and tissue damages.

Midsole Material – Balance and Strength

Your body’s center of gravity line could vary while running and turning at awkward angles, resulting in accidental falls.

Midsole balances your body weight around the center of gravity, regardless of your body posture.

You can kick the ball, pass it, and tackle it around the opponent players without colliding into them or falling over.

Heel Counter – Kinetic Forward Force

The rear side of the heel and foot can give the forward thrust to move forward with the maximum kinetic force.

They need support and comfort that the heel counter can provide. Applying pressure on the heel counter can result in added strength and stability also.

Other Parts of Cleats – Comfort and Elegance

Other parts of cleats like the upper, exterior surface, lacing and others provide comfort and add the elements of aesthetics to the cleats.

Which Type of Soccer Cleat is Right for Your Kid?

Kid Foot Characteristics – Evolving in Strength

You have to consider the bones, joints, and muscles in the kids’ foot while choosing the soccer cleats. The sole is relatively flat compared to the adult.

Since the foot is growing, the shape of the forefoot, mid-foot, and hind-foot are also evolving.

The tendons and ligaments could be softer than the adults, hence they need support, protection, and cushioning while running and handling the soccer ball.

Stress and impact resistance of the foot and heel may not be as high as the adult foot.

Kid Soccer Cleats – Recommended Design and Construction

Studs provide stability and balance to the body and foot while running and handling the soccer ball.

Wider and thicker molded rubber studs can balance the body weight and align the center of gravity to prevent slipping and falling.

High-top cleats can cover the ankles and provide protection from accidental twisting while turning and tacking the ball.

It is a useful feature when your kid is playing indoors or on artificial grass. If your kid feels limited movement, you can recommend mid-top cleats.

Kid Cleat Material – Genuine Vs Synthetic Leather

Genuine leather material can provide the required strength, support, flexibility, and soft-comfort to your kids’ foot. It can also free air circulation within the foot and heel. Sweat absorption can keep the kids’ foot protected from common allergens and bacteria.

Synthetic leather can expand with the growing foot comfortably. It can be light in weight, at the same time it can also be firm and strong. Resistance to impact is also relatively high, especially from the soccer ball and the field.

Kid Cleat Size – Comfortable for Growing Foot

The front-size of the cleats should be relatively bigger than the mid and hind-size to allow the growing foot to stay comfortable.

The heel counter should be soft in the interiors and strong in the exteriors to provide strength and comfort.

Laced cleats are stated to be better as the kids can adjust the tightness according to the growing foot. If you opt for straps, the adhesive strength should be high enough to prevent accidental loose fittings while playing.

Does the Player Position Matter When Choosing a Soccer Cleat?

Forward and Striker– Cleats that Give Speed and Agility

Cleats with stronger and sharper toe-cap and wider heel-panels can increase the speed and agility of forward players.

It is the position from where you penetrate through the opponent defenses and score goals.

Choose a lightweight pair of cleats made of synthetic leather (preferably) that has smaller and sharper studs made of molded rubber.

They should be spread evenly across the entire length and width of the base.

Soccer Goalies – Cleats with High Traction

Cleats with larger studs can provide high traction and resistance to slip and fall. They can also allow your foot to move in random directions in real-time by eliminating ground friction.

The weight should be in the mid-range as you need to protect your foot from the impact of soccer ball flying and moving at high speeds.

Soccer Backs– Cleats with Stability and Flexibility

The Insole and heel counter of the backer player should have maximum comfort and stability.

The interior material can be genuine leather while the exterior can be a combination of rubber and synthetic leather.

They give maximum flexibility and stability to your movements around the goal positions.

Midfield Players – Cleats with Balance and Force

As a midfield player, you could be playing a defensive or offensive role. Cleats with wider insole can provide better balance to your foot, ankle, and the entire body.

The studs have to be medium in size and height.

Cushioning of the midsole and front interiors should be high enough to support your body weight while running and making awkward foot and body movements.

Your soccer coach can give you more detailed information about the exact type and size of cleats you need to choose based on your position.

Finding The Right Cleat Size For Your Kid? 

Comfort, grip, and strength are the primary criteria for choosing the right cleat size. The fitment should be tight enough to give the right feel of the soccer ball.

You can handle and tackle the ball in the right direction at the optimum speed and accuracy.

The insole and heel-counter should give you comfort and balance your foot and body, regardless of your posture.

Protection for your ankles, heel, and the toes is very important. Hence, you can choose a size that covers the outline and inline of your foot completely.

The length of cleats should cover the longest toe and allow a few millimeters of free space for free movement. The width should fit the toes-width, instep, and foot-arch.

The heel-counter should fit comfortably with the hind-side of your heel and hold it tight.

Make sure the circulation veins and muscles are comfortable while you are stationary and moving at high speeds.

Fitment should be firm, but not too tight to prevent circulation and cause numbness.

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