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Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders In 2020

Midfielders in soccer play an important role in connecting the lines of defense with offense to keep the team moving effortlessly on the field.

They are the hardest players when it comes to ball passing, tackling, possessing, and overall handling tasks.

So, you need to get yourself a pair of soccer cleats that were made especially for midfielders.

Without further ado, here are my top picks for the best soccer cleats for midfielders in 2020.

Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders in 2020

1. Adidas Men's Predator 19.1 FG Soccer Cleat

Adidas Predator 19.1 comes with a strong design and construction for the studs and outsole combination.

It gives extra grip and traction to the feet while running and handling the ball. You can turn around at awkward angles without twisting and injuring your ankle.

The molded outsole frame gives strength and stability to the entire foot from the ankle to the toes.

The design of Toe-Box can give you better control over the ball while controlling and kicking. The upper design gives you high ball-sensitiveness and protection from the elements.

Forefoot design gives a better grip over the ball while tackling at high speed.

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It gives you better ball control and a guiding angle for ball passing to the other players.

It can also give your foot complete control over the ball while kicking across the length and breadth of the field.

  • Comfortable fitment
  • Strong studs
  • Angled soleplate for acceleration
  • Crisscross lace for accurate ball control
  • Extended collar for ankle protection
  • Designed for the defensive midfielder
  • Limited options for colors

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2. Adidas Men's Nemeziz 18.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

Adidas Nemeziz 18.3 is designed for a tight grip over natural and artificial grass soccer fields.

It has a V-shaped collar that allows free air circulation from one side of the cleat into your foot. The inner cushion protects the entire foot from shocks and vibrations.

The molded soleplate with large size studs provides a high level of traction and speed to the foot for ensuring speed and agility.

Stitched heel counter ensures locking of the ankle, heel, foot-arch, and the in-step. The firmness in this section prevents your foot from twisting and injuries while running and turning.

Low top construction allows your ankle to move freely without restrictions. That means you can control the ball-handling speed, accuracy, and angle to precision.

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Stud design allows you to change the direction of your moment, while the upper design gives a high level of ball-feeling to control kicks and tackling.

  • Narrow outsole for better ball control
  • Stud design for higher traction at the heel counter and midsole
  • Strong stitching for firm heel counter (prevents twisting and injury)
  • Zigzag lace with the inbuilt tongue for accurate ball control
  • Designed for offensive midfielder
  • Tongue length is limited

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3. Nike Men's Phantom VSN Academy DF MG

Nike Phantom VSN is essentially an offensive/defensive midfield player cleat that comes in multiple models with and without studs.

The models with studs are made for grass fields while the others serve for hard-surface fields.

Synthetic material in the upper and front-foot can ensure maximum ball-feeling while tackling, passing, and dribbling with the foot.

Large tongue size with thin lace ensures higher ball control and the feel to control the kick direction.

So, it is recommended for both protecting the midfield from opponent offense and penetrating the opponent’s defenses.

The extended collar at rear-end covers your ankle on both ends to offer protection from twisting and angular slip.

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Now, you can rotate your foot freely while turning and leaping across to snatch the ball from the opponents.

Complete inner cushioning from collar to the toes protects your entire foot from external impact and internal stress. Your foot stays comfortable while playing in tough conditions.

  • Designed for comfortable fitment
  • Synthetic soleplate for a firm grip
  • Angular front-foot for higher agility
  • Synthetic upper for better ball-feeling
  • Not all the models have studs

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4. Nike Kids' Mercurial Vapor XI CR7 FG Soccer Cleats

The Nike Vapor XI CR7 is specially engineered for the offensive midfield players. It has a sleek front-foot design and an all-covering construction for the heel-counter.

The combination with large studs at the heel and front allows you to control and power the ball while shooting across midfield into the opponent’s goal area.

The midsole section has a large free space with an angular soleplate that balances your body weight along the center of gravity.

So, you can move faster with higher agility and turn abruptly without slipping. Collar design can cover your foot-arch, heel, and in-step from twisting and injuries.

The inner layer is made of soft cushion with optimum material density.

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It absorbs shocks and vibrations from the field as well as the soccer ball.

The comfortable fitment for different sizes ensures maximum ball-feeling at every section of the cleat.

  • The overall design for complete foot comfort
  • Synthetic upper for sensitive ball-feel
  • Accurate fitment for every foot size
  • Narrow front-foot for maximum ball control
  • No visible cons

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5. Adidas Unisex Copa Mundial Firm Ground Soccer CleatsFG Soccer Cleats

Adidas Copa Mundial is made of authentic leather upper with strong synthetic sole material. The combination ensures maximum foot comfort and accurate traction on grass fields.

Narrow front-foot, spacious midsole, and protective heel counter ensure complete protection, bodyweight balance, and accurate ball control.

Even the distribution of studs at the heel and front-foot enables perfect body balance around the center of gravity.

They give higher traction and free movement with maximum acceleration. Extended tongue with zigzag lace enables sensitive ball-feel and foot controlled dribbling.

Stitched contour design from the heel counter to the midsole is firm enough to hold your foot from the ankle to the in-step sections.

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Now, you can turn vertically around and leap horizontally across the ground without the risk of causing injuries to your foot and ankle.

  • Snug fitment with angled collar and long tongue
  • Synthetic soleplate for firm stud fitment
  • Large toe-box for prolonged ball control
  • Completely stitched upper for sensitive ball-feel
  • Designed for offensive/defensive midfield players
  • No visible cons

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6. Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Fit FG Cleats

Nike Phantom III is designed for professional-grade soccer for the offensive midfield players.

The extended heel counter covers more than the angle height and the inner cushion absorbs all sorts of shocks from external impact.

Top speed and dynamic traction are the two features induced by stud design and soleplate construction.

Pressure from the heel and uplift from the midsole combines with acceleration from the front-foot for accurate angular motion of the foot. Playing on grass is made simple and speedier.

Synthetic bubbles on the upper give you a closer feel of the ball over the in-step section. Now, it is easier to guide the ball and kick with maximum force while making offensive moves.

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The design of the toe-box is extremely narrow and the finishing is highly sensitive. Your foot can sense the ball accurately and guide the direction of passing and kicking.

Narrow lacing with soft cushion lets your foot to feel the ball at the upper while handling the ball for lofting and kicking.

  • Stud design for firm grip and higher traction
  • Large midsole space for bodyweight balance
  • Synthetic stud bottom for strength and force
  • Curved and extended heel counter for ankle protection
  • No visible cons

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7. Adidas Men's Nemeziz Messi 17.3 FG Soccer Shoe, Core Black/Solar Red/Tactile Gold, 7 M US

Adidas Messi 17.3 is an improved version of the previous flat front-foot models that comes with a narrow front-foot with optimum fitment for the toes.

Curved synthetic soleplate molded to solid studs gives maximum traction with cushioned support for the heel counter.

Curved midsole section with an optimum height from the ground and space between rear & front studs helps to balance the body weight and move forward with higher speed.

Reinforced studs at the rear-heels can push the foot forward at higher acceleration.

Long flat laces with extended tongue give higher ball-sensitivity to the upper section of the cleat. Now, you can control and glide the ball with accuracy while passing and kicking.

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The cleat is primarily designed for the offensive midfield players.

The stitched heel counter is firm enough in the exterior to hold your ankle and prevent awkward twists. Angled collar covers the ankle but allows free movement and rotation dynamically.

  • Distribution of studs ensures maximum traction and speed
  • Synthetic upper for higher ball sensitivity
  • Rubber soleplate for flexible heel and shock protection
  • No visible cons

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How to Choose Soccer Cleats for a Midfielder?

Foot Stability – Balancing Bodyweight and Center of Gravity

The vamp, midsole, and heel counter of the cleat should be firm and strong in construction.

The connecting parts of the forged-knit should protect the foot from slipping or twisting when the players run, jump, turn, and bend.

Bodyweight and center of gravity balancing across the midsole are possible when the shoe-tongue in the external cage provides adequate support.

Hence, the construction elements in these sections should be hard from the exterior and cushioned from the interiors to keep the foot comfortable.

Resistance Factors – Protection from the Elements

The upper section of the cleat should be made of soft and protective materials like genuine leather, synthetic leather, or other protectors in combination with rubber.

They can ensure resistance to heat, humidity, rain, and other elements. They also protect the foot from accidental injuries and muscle twists while playing hard.

Traction Quality – Firm Grip and Extra Force to Foot

Studs provide firm foot grip over the playing surface. It could be an indoor or outdoor field in which you play soccer. Studs for the indoor game should be slip-free, strong, and resistant to stress.

Outdoor studs are generally bigger and more flexible in construction.

Traction plays an important role in shaping the biomechanics of the foot to generate force from friction between the studs and the playing surface.

The precision design of the outsole and studs can improve the speed of movement and reduce friction.

Soccer Cleats for Defensive Midfielders: things to consider?

If you are a defensive midfielder, the soccer cleat should give you the ability to pass the ball to the forwards so they can increase the probability of scoring goals.

So, the cleat should be shaped for generating high force at the outsole, near the vamp and toe-box.

As a defender, you also have the task of tackling the ball away from the offensive opponents. So, the upper and midsole section of the cleat should hold the ball while running with it away from your goal.

So, the exterior should be rough for controlling and guiding the ball

Upper Wrap – Asymmetrical Lacing for Ball Feeling

The design and construction of the upper wrap should be sensitive enough to make your foot “feel the ball” while tacking and guiding.

Asymmetrical lacing gives a firm grip over the ball and space for striking.

Lightweight Construction – Improve Agility and Speed

The lightweight cleat can increase foot agility by reducing foot fatigue and increasing mobility.

There is no loss of energy created by the traction from the outsole and midsole sections of the cleat.

Hence, the speed can increase when you put extra pressure from the heel counter.

Soleplate Design – Strong at Heel and Agile at Toe-Box

The design of soleplate should be flat from the heel counter to the midsole and lift-up from there to the toe-box at an angle of 45-degrees.

The design makes the cleat ideal for speed-running with the ball in your control.

The height and thickness of the studs should be relatively high at the corners of the back-heel while they should be average at the midsole.

They should be relatively shorter at the front.

Soccer Cleats for Offensive Midfielder: What To Look For?

The soccer cleat for offensive midfielders should have all the qualities listed above, in addition to the characteristics like protective tongue, concentric patterns on the outsole, and Extra thick upper.

Tongue and Collar – Protection for Ankle

The tongue of the cleat should be thick and designed to fit it comfortably over the heel and midsole. It should preferably cover the dorsum of the foot.

The collar should cover the planum party of the foot.

Concentric Patterns – Better Bodyweight Support

The outsole of the cleat should preferably have concentric patterns on the rubber or synthetic leather soles.

They can provide extra grip to the foot while running, ball-controlling, and turning with the ball in control.

It will also allow you the extra freedom to run at high speeds by balancing the traction with the help of studs.

Extra Tick Upper – Protection from Impacts

The external impact can be from the fast-moving ball or the accidental contacts with the other player’s foot and leg.

An extra thick upper can absorb the shocks and protect your foot from injuries and twists.


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