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Best Soccer Cleats Under 100$ To Buy In 2020

It’s really hard these days to buy sports equipment since it’s not that easy to spot the differences between a good quality and low quality products. And that’s the case with soccer cleats as well.

This article here is gonna help you find cheap but reliable soccer cleats that are actually worth your money.

I did a lot of research to find you these jams here. It wasn’t easy. I tell you that.

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So, here below are my detailed reviews of best soccer cleats under 100 dollars that you can buy in today’s market.

Note: you will find that some of the size options of these soccer cleats below may have prices higher than 100$.

Adidas Performance Men's X 16.3: Best Soccer Shoe Under 100$
With this Adidas soccer cleats, players do not have to wait for a couple of weeks while slowly breaking in the shoes. These cleats feature Techfit compression technology used on the upper of the shoe and this technology allows the shoe to mold and conform to your foot the minute you put it on.

This way, players can be game-ready in an instant even in the new shoes, without worrying about an uncomfortable fit and know that they have superior ball control and feel.

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Another handy feature is the synthetic sole that is made from TPU for improved stability, and it has a stud layout designed for firm ground pitches (dry natural grass) and meant to deliver optimum performance, traction, and acceleration.

Ideally, this is the shoe to go for if players are looking for unstoppable speeds and a perfect snug fit with zero wear-in time. The cleats are also perfect for players who live in areas that hardly ever rain since they are designed to be used on the firm ground.

All in all, this is by far the most decent cheap soccer cleat you’re gonna find in today’s market.

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NIKE Men's Mercurial Victory VI: Another Amazing Soccer Cleats
Also featuring a synthetic upper, this shoe is incredibly lightweight, and this allows players to have good footwork and ball control in the field. Likewise, they can move with speed and accuracy since they are not being weighed down by heavy soccer shoes.

Besides enhancing players’ performance though, these cleats are also very warm and comfortable. This is owing to the lightweight inner layer made from Therma-FIT Fabric which keeps the player’s feet warm but without weighing them down yet again.

This way, these soccer cleats would be perfect for players in very cold places because, despite the weather, training sessions and matches will always have to go on.

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Besides being conveniently warm, another feature contributing to the player’s comfort while wearing these cleats is the Nike Dri-FIT fabric whose main purpose is to wick moisture away thus keeping the feet dry and comfortable. Also for comfort, these shoes have body-contoured seams that lie flat.

Besides comfort, this seam design also minimizes chaffing hence contributing towards the durability of the cleats. Lastly, the lace-up closure provides an amazing fit hence guarding against blisters and sore feet after a long day on the field.

These soccer cleats have been designed specifically for warmth and comfort, and they have also been designed for a feminine fit in mind so players need to keep in mind that these shoes will give a narrow fit and might not be ideal for players with wide feet.

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PUMA Men's Evopower 3 H2H FG Soccer Shoe
First off, these soccer cleats come as an orange left cleat and a blue right cleat so do not get too surprised when unboxing your purchase. The cleats feature a synthetic upper, and this makes the shoes easy to clean and care for, unlike natural materials such as kangaroo leather.

The synthetic upper also makes the shoes soft and lightweight, but not so soft that players will feel the pressure on their feet when taking high-impact shots.

To enhance the players’ performance in the field, the shoes use PUMA’s powerCELL design which allows for more accurate ball control.

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PowerCELL technology allows the shoe to bend in a manner mimicking barefoot kicking motion thus maximizing power and precision during kicks.

Also, the upper of these soccer shoes have been treated with GripTex print which also aids in ball control in both wet and dry conditions.

Having a rubber sole with a combination of both bladed and conical studs, these cleats are particularly ideal for use on firm natural surfaces and the asymmetrical lace closure guarantee a snug fit, for comfort and efficiency.

The embossed panels on the uppers are also included for comfort, and the soft heel insert is included so that there is less pressure placed on the Achilles heel while playing in these soccer cleats.

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Adidas Men's Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Cleats Soccer Shoe
These particular soccer shoes are very comfortable, and for its price point, it is actually a shoe of very impressive quality. To start with, the cleats give a very snug and comfortable fit owing largely to the Dual Lock Collar which locks the foot in and provides ankle stability.

This Dual Lock Collar technology is so efficient that the Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 fits perfectly well even when the player is wearing the shoe without the laces on.

Besides the foot locking technology, these soccer cleats also have a synthetic upper which gives them a pleasant lightweight feel ideal for optimum ball control and acceleration. Also to give a snug fit, these shoes feature one-piece construction.

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Also enhancing the player’s acceleration is the rubber sole that also has agility stud configuration which allows for direction change and gives the players the freedom to be agile yet remaining steady and having good ball control.

The textured Agility Mesh upper on these shoes is also another feature that results in responsive touch while still optimizing ball control. These soccer shoes are designed to be highly effective on firm natural surfaces such as natural grass.

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NIKE Superfly 6 Academy MG Mens Soccer Cleats
These multi-ground cleats have a sole comprising a hybrid of bladed and conical studs and can be used on multiple outdoor surfaces ranging from short grass to artificial surfaces.

To guarantee their durability, the shoes have an upper made from both synthetic and textile. This combination results in a slightly thicker upper than those shoes which are purely composed of synthetic uppers.

Though a thicker upper guarantees better foot protection from sores and blisters, it is also slightly disadvantageous in that the upper can feel slightly bulky and the player might not experience optimum ball control and touch response.

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However, what this shoe lacks in flexibility, it more than makes up for regarding fit and comfort. The Dynamic Fit Collar ensures that the foot is secured in place and the shoe will not fly off when the players take a shot. The collar hugs the ankle snugly thus providing a pleasantly seamless transition from ankle to foot.

Also, this dynamic Fit Collar provides much-needed comfort such that players can wear the foot all day without suffering from any blisters or other related injuries. In addition to the collar, the plush sock liner provides low profile cushioning that protects the Achilles heel.

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Nike Men's Mercurial Victory VI Dynamic Fit FG Soccer Cleats
The first noticeable feature on this shoe is that it features a tongue-less upper and this, in turn, results in a snug fit by allowing the cleat to wrap the foot and lock it down.

Another feature that contributes towards the snug fit is the Dynamic Fit Collar which seamlessly and comfortably unifies the foot, ankle and lower leg.

The contoured perforated sock liner, on the other hand, provides low-profile padding thus reducing the cleat pressure and resulting in an overall comfortable fit.

When the soccer cleats fit comfortably and snug, the players get to have better ball control hence improved performance when on the pitch.

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The embossed horizontal ridges on the synthetic upper of this shoe and the low profile toe box further improve the player’s ball feel and touch.

The low profile toe box, in particular, allows the player to get under the ball hence imitating an almost barefoot feel while playing.

The soles of these cleats are made of full-length TPU plate that has a stud configuration molded by computer technology. The TPU plate is very durable and enhances traction on firm ground, while the studs offer unmatched balance, torque, speed and traction on the pitch.

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Adidas Performance Men's X 15.3 Cleat Soccer Shoe
The BRAVO synthetic upper of this soccer shoe results in lightweight cleats with a very comfortable fit. Synthetic materials may not offer as great ball control as natural materials such as leather and rubber, but synthetics offer the one advantage of providing very little stretch.

This way, players do not necessarily have to break the shoe in because there won’t be a huge change in shape or fit, from the first time they put on the shoe.

Likewise, players do not have to get a slightly smaller size in anticipation of the stretching once they break the shoe in. To further ensure a close fit, this Adidas X 15.3 comes with a mesh upper that is soft and very comfortable.

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For traction, the outsole features triangular studs, and these are designed such that they can perform on hard ground, firm ground, soft ground, artificial turf and indoors.

The triangular studs are arranged in an x-claw configuration which takes into consideration unpredictable movements while at the same time allowing for impressive acceleration while playing on firm or artificial grounds.

The rubber sole of this cleat guarantees durability and flexibility of the shoe, and the reinforced midfoot cage comes in handy for stabilizing the players while playing.

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