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Best Soccer Gifts In 2020: The Ultimate Guide

The holidays are coming up, and you have been scratching your head like crazy, wondering what to get that die-hard soccer fan in your life.


Well, they are still pissed by how the last World Cup in Brazil turned out, so what do you even get such a person?


If you always find yourself fretting when it comes to deciding what to get a soccer fan, then you’re at the right place.


You have suffered through countless games without a clue about what’s going on in the pitch.


Well, you shouldn’t suffer through getting the perfect gift.


This list has got you covered.


Whether you are looking for gift ideas for your boyfriend who plays soccer or your nephew who is only 8 years old, this guide will inspire you to get the right gift that will blow their minds.

<h2><strong><span style=”color: #000080;”>How to Choose the Best Soccer Gift for Your Loved Ones</span></strong></h2>

In order to find the right gift for the person you love you need to keep in mind a few things.


The worst thing that can happen is you buying the wrong size soccer cleat or a jersey of the wrong soccer team.


That is why I prepared some scenarios in advance to help you avoid making a disastrous gift idea.

<h3>Gifts for Soccer Players Vs. Gifts for Soccer Fans Who Do Not Play</h3>

Before shopping for the perfect gift for a soccer fan, you have to do some research first. What kind of soccer fan are you dealing with?


Does the person play football, do they coach or do they just enjoy watching the game from the comfort of their armchair or favorite barstool?


Knowing what kind of a football fanatic you are dealing with will help narrow down your gift choices.


After all, you do want to give the perfect present and not just a run-of-the-mill soccer-branded gift you grabbed from the store.


While field player gloves would be an excellent gift for a soccer player, a coach would be better off with a wrist playbook while a soccer fan who doesn’t play might much prefer a customized soccer-inspired bean bag.


The idea here is to get something practical for the particular soccer fan you are dealing with.


A practical gift is one that the gift recipient will use regularly and one that they might even get to show off to their friends.

<h3>Know Which Team They Support</h3>

I know you never concentrate during those bring games you’ve been made to sit in on.


I also know that you might not have a clue what those darn team name abbreviations on the television screen stand for.


You are the ultimate football noob, and you just don’t get what people see in the game.


I get it. Not everyone lives and breathes football.


However, as disinterested as you are in the game, at least make an effort to know the team which your loved one supports. The worst mistake you can do is gift a Manchester United fan with an Arsenal branded water bottle.

<h3>Be Careful When Buying a Jersey</h3>

Any soccer fan would be elated to own their team’s jersey. So much so that I know a couple of fans who hardly ever take their jerseys off, and you can bet they will be wearing the jersey on every match day.


However, there are a couple of things you might want to know before going out and buying the first jersey you find.


Licensed soccer jerseys may either be authentic or replicas. While authentic jerseys are designed for professional players, replicas are meant for the supporters. These two jerseys tend to differ in fit, fabric, and the application of bells and whistles such as the team logo, crest, etc.


Your choice between a replica jersey or an authentic one will depend on two things: how much of an impression you would like to make, and how much of a fan the person is.

<h3>Buying Soccer Cleats is Quite Tricky</h3>

Buying soccer cleats can be tricky because you have to know exactly what to look out for. First off, cleats are designed for specific player positions. Additionally, different brands will have different fits regardless of the size of the shoe.


My advice to you would be this: if you want to get soccer cleats, then consider getting the same exact shoe the person uses. Alternatively, you might also choose to go shopping with the person whereby they can fit the cleat and see if it suits their gameplay.


Unless you know what to look for in terms of the collar, the upper, the shoe’s insole, the midsole, the heel counter, the outsole, and the studs, then perhaps just stay away from buying soccer cleats as a gift.

<h2><span style=”color: #000080;”><strong>Best Soccer Gifts for Kids (Boys and Girls)</strong></span></h2>

1. Little Sport Star Play Gym: Gift For Toddlers




Any soccer fans would love for their little ones to be just as enthusiastic about the sport. However, what kind of soccer gift do you get a toddler? A soccer-themed playmat, of course!


The Little Sport Star Play Gym would be a perfect way to introduce a toddler to the exciting world of soccer. The play gym has a football hanging at the center.


When the baby kicks or hits this football, a cheering sound is produced, thereby stimulating the little one.


This is both a great way to keep the baby busy and also help them develop their motor skills. Besides the ‘cheering’ football, this play unit also comes with a musical mobile and other fun hanging toys, including a crinkle, rattle, and squeaker.


These developmental toys all feature different textures, sounds, materials, and colors, thereby keeping the toddler entertained all day long. Better yet, the mat is conveniently machine washable.






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2. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone: Next In Line




Babies outgrow their playmats pretty fast, so what gift do you get them next? If the toddler is below the age of 4 years old, then the Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone Baby Toy would be a great gift to get the future sportsman or sportswoman.


This foldable toy center comes with three sports: soccer, basketball, and bowling, complete with the respective balls for each game.


Besides introducing the young fan to soccer at a tender age, this soccer gift also helps build their coordination and motor skills. On the other hand, bowling introduces the toddler to shapes.


The basketball hoop height is adjustable, so this toy will grow with the baby.


Additionally, the backboard comes with three teaching modes: learn, move, and games. ‘Learn’ mode teaches colors, shapes, and numbers, ‘Move’ mode encourages movement using lights and sounds, and ‘Games’ mode trains a child to follow directions.






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3. Betheaces Hover Soccer Ball Set: Take Things To Next Level




A kid aged between 4-9 years old has already mastered the primary motor and coordination skills, so at this point, you can get then a gift purely meant for entertainment. Better yet, at this age, the kids already have a firm grasp of soccer so you couldn’t go wrong with a hover soccer set.


With hover soccer, kids can play just like real soccer, but without all the risks that comes with kicking a soccer ball indoors. Yes, that’s right. This hover soccer ball set is ideal for indoor use.


The durable hover soccer disk is made from safe, non-toxic ABS plastic. The disc has foam bumper all around it, meaning rebounds automatically when it hits an obstacle without marking up walls or furniture. This foam bumper also ensures that the disk doesn’t injure kids’ feet.


Better yet, this soccer disk has changeable LED lights, so playing at night will always feel like a party. The air power soccer comes with two portable goals.


The goals can be set up pretty quickly and on any floor surface i.e., polished concrete, wood, linoleum, ceramic tiles, and even low-pile carpet.






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4. Personalized Soccer Ball Patch Headband: Perfect For Girls




What if you are dealing with a soccer player who’s a girl? What’s the ideal gift to get such a person? Well, you can always go with a unisex gift such as a branded water bottle. If you really want to impress; however, how about getting something girly yet soccer-inspired at the same time?


This personalized monogrammed soccer-inspired headband would be an excellent gift for the female soccer player in your life. The headband would not only show the player’s team allegiance, but it would also come in handy in keeping the hair off their face while they are on the soccer pitch.


With this gift, you get to choose both the headband color and the thread color, as well as the message that shall be monogrammed on it. So, you can go with their name, their team’s name, their position number, etc. the possibilities are endless.


Isn’t it refreshing to be able to quickly tell your niece apart from other little girls running around on the soccer field?






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5. Elstey Soccer 3D LED Night Lamp: You Can't Go Wrong With This




Most kids are afraid of sleeping in a room that is totally dark. If you are dealing with such a child, then have you considered getting a night light for the kid’s room? Better yet, instead of going for an ordinary night light, why not get a soccer-inspired one?


This 3D LED optical illusion lamp would double as both a night light and a fun room decoration. As a result, it can be used by kids of all ages, boys and girls alike.


With this artistic lamp, one has the option of seven colors: red, blue, yellow, green, purple cyan, and white. You could either set the touch control to a single color, or you could have the seven colors transition gradually.


The base of the lamp is made from sturdy ABS plastic while the football graphics are on an acrylic plate. The lamp additionally comes with an 80cm long USB cable.






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6. PUGG 6 Foot Portable Soccer Goal: Go The Extra Mile




If you need a gift for a kid who enjoys kicking the soccer ball around, then why not get them a <a href=””><strong>portable soccer goal</strong></a> set?


This PUGG goal it compact and lightweight so the kid can take it everywhere, including a sleepover, the park, the beach, camping, etc. The soccer fun doesn’t have to stop just because the young soccer player won’t be home during the weekend.


This set comes with two goals, a spare parts kit, pegs and a carrying bag. When not in use, the goals collapse into a 1”-thick flat oval and fit into the 32” x 40” carrying bag for convenient storage and transportation.


This pop-up goal is of the highest quality and can be set up on sand, grass, or turf fields. This gift will last for years to come.






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7. Diadora Squadra Backpack: Something Practical




What’s the one thing an ardent soccer player will most likely be carrying around? A soccer ball, of course? And what better gift is there other than a backpack with a special soccer ball compartment?


The Diadora Squadra Backpack comes with a vented ball pocket at the front, so if you are tired of your kid always losing their soccer ball, this might be the best gift to get them. The mesh area can hold a size 5 ball, and since it is see-through, the young player can quickly tell if they have their ball or if they left it on the field.


Besides the soccer ball, this backpack additionally has a dedicated compartment for cleats. The bag is also roomy enough to fit shin guards, a water bottle, snacks, gloves, towels, soccer kits, etc.






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<h2><span style=”color: #000080;”><strong>Best Soccer Gifts for Adults (aka. your boyfriend or big brother)</strong></span></h2>

1. FIFA 20 Standard Edition: Perfect For Gamers




Regardless of whether one prefers playing the Xbox or the PlayStation, everyone loves playing FIFA, and this is true for soccer fans and non-soccer fans alike. The best part is that with FIFA, you can buy the upgraded game every year, and each new release does not disappoint.


FIFA 20, in particular, brings two sides of soccer to life. Players get to enjoy the prestige of the professional stage as well as an all-new street soccer experience brought by EA SPORTS VOLTA.


With FIFA, the attention to detail is always staggering. One gets to choose from thousands of teams, players, and stadiums, and EA SPORTS VOLTA just takes things to a whole other level. Build your character and express your style while playing free-flowing soccer in different environments across the world.


All the cool kids play FIFA, so there is no way this gift is going to disappoint the soccer fan in your life.






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2. Nike Youth United States Away Soccer Jersey




You might not afford to take your boyfriend on every live match, but getting him a soccer jersey will be just as thoughtful.


Most fans express thro loyalty buy wearing their team’s soccer jersey and especially on match days. Therefore, this is the kind of gift that will not be forgotten easily.


This 2016 U.S. Away soccer jersey is a replica, but it feels just as real as an authentic one. The team crest has been woven on just like in authentic jerseys, and the jersey also contains other signature details.


The material is light and breathable, so your boyfriend can proudly wear this even on a hot summer afternoon, and the rib collar gives a snug comfortable fit. This jersey fits true to size, so if you wouldn’t want a tight fit, then consider getting it in a larger size.






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3. TRUSOX Mid-Calf Crew Cushion Soccer Socks




These soccer socks are a perfect gift for the male soccer player in your life, be it your father, brother, or boyfriend.


The socks come with anti-slip INEXtech pads that secure one’s foot in the cleat. This allows for fast changes in direction and prevents the foot from slipping around in the cleat. This, in turn, minimizes the chances of getting blisters.


Care has to be taken when washing these socks; however, because improper washing may lead to the loss of some grip pads located on the sole of the sock.


A cold wash is preferred, and this can either be machine wash or hand wash.


A soccer player can never have too many pairs of soccer socks. Besides, old socks are continuously wearing out. So, anyone could do with a new pair every once in a while. Better yet, if your loved one has been complaining of blisters of later after a game, then these TRUSOX soccer socks will be just the gift they need.






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4. C CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker: Ultimate Gift




Every soccer player knows that training hard is important. Of equal importance, however, is keeping track of your training, and nothing does this better than the C CATAPULT PLAYR Smart Soccer Tracker.


This is the type of gift that says, “I care about your soccer career,” “I want you to get better, and you deserve nothing but the best.” This is the kind of gift you get someone very dear to you, and rest assured the gift will leave a lasting impression.


This wearable GPS tracker has been authorized by FIFA. It is designed to analyze and improve a player’s soccer performance as well as give personalized advice.


The SmartVest comes with a SmartPod, which measures vital stats such as top speed, sprint, total distance, power plays, intensity, and load data and positioning via heatmaps.


This soccer tracker gives professional players a complete understanding of their game, allowing them to compare and see how they match up against fellow competitors.


If you want to show that you are a supportive partner, then this is just the gift to get.






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5. Hathaway Playoff 4’ Foosball Table: Something To Remember




The thing with soccer fans is that they live, breathe eat football. While this may be a good thing at times, it can also be a bad thing whereby they spend a considerable portion of their time seated on the couch playing FIFA on the PlayStation.


How do you get your son or boyfriend off the couch? Well, how about getting them a foosball table instead? They will still be playing soccer, but at least they won’t be glued to the screen this time around.


This Hathaway foosball table has a compact size so it can be tucked away in tight spaces provided there’s enough clearance all around the table. Designed for the ardent soccer enthusiast, this table comes complete with vibrant graphics depicting a thrilling stadium filled with fans.


Besides getting a soccer fanatic off the screen, this foosball table would also be a fun way to introduce soccer to a non-soccer fan. Such as an uninterested girlfriend, for instance.






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6.The Aztec Soccer Ball: Coolest Soccer Ball Ever




What gift do you get a history buff who also happens to be a huge soccer fan or a collector of soccer memorabilia? An Aztec soccer ball, of course!


This is perhaps the most stunning soccer ball ever made. It looks so fascinating that it looks like it should be stored in a rotating glass casing in the middle of the living room instead of getting kicked around in a football pitch.


Actually, this would be a great gift for a fan who collects soccer memorabilia. and besides being a beautiful ball, it is actually included in my top picks for the <strong>best soccer balls</strong> guide.


You can <a href=””>read it here</a>


The Aztec ball is entirely hand-stitched using a 6-ply thread, and the result is a ball featuring unrivaled craftsmanship combined with unmatched durability and strength. The extreme graphics on the surface of the ball depict the power of the formidable Aztec Empire.


It is not only well designed, but it is a durable soccer ball that you can use in matches and training. What not to love?




<a href=””><img class=”aligncenter wp-image-1209 size-full” src=”” alt=”the aztec soccer ball review” width=”350″ height=”372″ /></a>


<p style=”text-align: center;”> Buy The Aztec Ball</p>


7. Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag with Smart Max Fabric




Every soccer fan has a favorite spot from which they watch all their matches from which they play all their FIFA matches. Your boyfriend’s new favorite seating spot could be this Big Joe Soccer Bean Bag.


The bean bag looks like an oversized soccer ball, complete with the white hexagons and black pentagons. To finish off the look, the front of the bean bag is branded just as you would find with any soccer ball out there.


All the panels are cut and stitched together, not printed. So that gives it a neat, professional look that’s sure to spruce up any living room, game room, or man cave.


The tough fabric of this bean chair is stain-resistant, and it can easily be spot cleaned using a damp cloth. This is quite neat, seeing as you don’t have to worry about beer spills or ketchup dripping onto the bean bag.


Additionally, the beans used in this bag are smaller and denser than those used in other ben bag chairs. The result is a chair that takes longer to compress. When it finally does happen, though, you can easily refill the bean bag using UltimaX beans, which are sold separately.






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<h2>Next Step?</h2>

Shopping for the perfect gift for a soccer fan might seem nerve-wracking at first.


However, with a bit of imagination and research, you will realize that there are a ton of soccer-inspired gifts out there.


As long as you understand what kind of soccer fan you are dealing with, you can always find an appropriate gift that’s thoughtful and leaves a lasting impression.


I hope this guide inspires you to find that right soccer gift for your loved one.


In case you did not find what you are looking for in this list, please let me know in the comment what kind of gift you are looking for and I will do my best to help you with that.


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