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Best Soccer Goalie Pants For Youth And Adult Players

Best goalkeepers invest in their attires.

Players and spectators love them for their goalkeeping expertise.

People respect how they treat their profession and support their aspirations.

As an experienced or aspiring goalkeeper, the first thing to keep in mind is what you need to put on for practices and real-time matches.

Suitable pants are made of breathable materials, and for you to skyrocket your goalkeeping career, you need the best soccer goalie pants there is.

Best Soccer Goalie Pants In 2020

1. Reusch Alex Breezer Knicker goalie pants

It is a popular product many goalkeepers swear by.

The Reusch Alex Knicker pants are made of poly knit materials that give you excellent comfort and last longer.

It is designed to offer great padding for your knees and hips, which protects you throughout the game.

These pants are 100% polyester made for guaranteed longevity.

You can buy these pants in a variety of sizes such as the YS, YM, YL, AL, AXL, AS and AM.

They are usually imported and are slightly longer compared to others with open and loose bottoms.

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The best options and common ones are the black pants with a white logo mark of the Reusch brand.

Blacks are suitable for those interested in aesthetically pleasing.

Their padding is an excellent option for protecting goalkeepers when they hit the ground.

Be assured these will help you avoid injuries while protecting balls.

  • Protects against injury
  • Last longer
  • Available for kids and adults
  • Comfortable & flexible
  • Baggy
  • Too hot in summer

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2. KELME Goalie Pants for Men & Kids Ultimate Protection

Other great pants are the KELME pants that are also popular among soccer lovers.

They are available in the market for both adults and kids.

They come to you in a combination of color options: green, orange, and black options.

They have padding design on the knees to help you prevent hurting from falling impact when catching steady shots.

There’s also padding on the upper thighs to support your hips from less impact when hitting the ground.

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Their padding is also made for resisting wear because of the goalie and ground frictions you experience during games.

They come in various sizes to pick from a customized size chart.

The only downside with the KELME pants is their baggy size.

As reviewed by previous users if you’re buying them; consider checking proper size for you.

  • Protecting the knee from ground impact
  • Excellent performance
  • Quality fabric for preventing friction
  • Suitable for adults & kids
  • Large shipping size
  • Doesn’t stretch

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3. CATERTO Men's Football Goalkeeper Foam Padded pants

Padding pants are excellent when it comes to reducing the falling impact.

If you’re just getting started and you’re afraid of friction and injuries, these are a good combo for you.

They are the best sellers from the football jersey brand and are made of breathable fabric materials.

They are entirely liked by many because they have latex sponge, durable, and are magnificently comfortable.

Made of combed polyester, these pants are are skin-friendly, soft, and sweat absorbing.

No products found.

If you’re looking to master goalkeeping with no stress, these is just the professional kit you need.

The combination of the pants and the shirt is a good goalie armor that comes with quality 3D cutting and deformation that’s comfortable to wear.

Even better, the shirt is firm and has pull-resistance.

They offer protection in all body corners: Thickened sponges on front chest, arms, and elbows, spleens, and knees.

  • Protective against injury
  • Combination of shorts &n shirt
  • Skin-friendly with no odor allergies
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Oversized padding
  • Wears easily

No products found.

4. Adidas Men's Tiro 13 Goalie Pants

If you like buying pants that sweeps sweat away and keeps your skin dry during games; these are going to be the best for you.

They are made with an elastic fabric around the waist and come with padded foam for the hips and knees for protection against injury and falling impact.

These pants are made with one hundred percent polyester.

The manufacture even gives you additional care information for their longevity: avoid using washing softeners and make sure to iron inside out.

The pants are black and are fitted with a tight-while t-shirt.

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Three things that are guaranteed by the marker are: Elasticity, durability, and protection.

These come from the 100% polyester material used to make them.

Aesthetically, these pants are great. They are fitting and stretch easily.

  • Climacool fabric for dry keeping
  • Drawstring padding for protection
  • Fit well on waist & knees
  • Durable
  • Pads tend to move when playing
  • Wears out quick

No products found.

5. Shinestone Men's Sports Soccer goalie pants

Your final pants in this review are the Shinestone men’s sport goalie pants.

They are black and come in x-large size mostly.

These pants are an excellent choice for those who like: nice padding, less expensive, and magnificently fitting pants.

Aesthetically, they have a great spider-man look that matches with any t-shirt of any color.

They are also elastic.

They are designed with knee padding and hip side padding, which prevents injuries from the falling impact.

No products found.

Their stretching helps the goalie to stay comfortable and absorbs sweat to keep him fresh, which most people enjoy.

  • Quality designed for protection
  • Highly elastic
  • Matches with any t-shirt
  • Support thighs & hips perfectly
  • May arrive small without padding
  • Have pockets that add weight

No products found.

Why Use A Goalie Pant?

The reasons for buying goalie pants can be uncountable.

Still, the most important ones are: help you feel comfortable in the game, match your professional attire, and add courage, get protected from falling impact, and staying dry.

To be honest, not all goalie pants are made equal.

When you need protection, keeping dry, and have your entire body comfortable, there are things you will need to look for to buy the best pants.

The goalkeeper position isn’t an easy one in the game. If you’re a beginner, overcoming fear can be hard for you.

As a goalie, your work is being the ultimate defender who makes sure no goals are scored.

This means you’ll be leaping, diving, lunging, and saving balls from entering the net.

Because of the constant motions at all corners and the entire time of the game, you undoubtedly require confidence, courage, and focus on blocking balls.

To help you stay focused and guard your team against losing, you need a pair of pants that excellently allow you to stay in the right lane.

How To Choose The Best Soccer Goalie Pants For You

The market is flooded with different goalie pants today. Finding the one that suits you might be difficult.

Like many other purchases, you need to know what to look for when buying soccer goalie pants.

This makes it easy for you to narrow down your search and purchase the ones that fulfill your needs.

Here’s what to look for when buying your pants.

  • Fitting

Loose or baggy pants won’t allow you to enjoy the game or protect you. For the pads to work effectively and keep you dry and protected, you need pants that are properly fitting.

Although most people buy standard sizes, it does vary with the brand. Be sure to check the size before you pay for it.

Goalies have the most challenging work when finding what is best for them, but now you’ve got an eye on what you should look for to fit you.

  • Material

The best pants should be breathable, absorbs moisture, and keeps you dry and fresh during the game. This is something you get from the material used.

Don’t buy pants that heat up during hot summer or absorb cold in winter.

Polyester is the recommended material to look for if you’re looking for padding and protection.

  • Performance & Longevity

Fabric in pants offers the movement capability for your knees. Usually, the good ones are elastic, which allows flexibility without constriction. Look for adjustable pants.

Longevity is also a factor to consider; you don’t want to buy pants that wear out the next day.

Try to find a brand that others swear by for staying longer. The idea is to purchase pants and focus on your games without worrying about clothes every time.


Goalie pants come in different sizes, colors, and quality, and getting the best can be difficult.

When you’ve made your mind to buy yours, you need a guide to know the best in the market. This guide is here to help.

When you’re buying adult or kids pants, there are things you should know: What to look for and such like sizes matter.

Use this guide to find what is best for you.

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