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Best Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves in 2020: With Finger Protection

For a goalkeeper, the gloves are his most important equipment that can make all the difference.

Most amateur players don’t know it yet. But the quality of the gloves can have a significant impact on the performance of the goalie in a soccer game.

Since goalie gloves are that important, I decided to make an entire guide about them to help both adult and youth soccer players (aka kids) find the right pair of gloves in which they feel comfortable and fearless of the opponent’s powerful shots. Confidence is the key to a goalkeeper success.

So, you’re probably wondering: what are the best soccer goalkeeper gloves that you can buy in 2020?

Here below are the top seven soccer gloves (they all provide finger protection) that I think deserve your consideration when purchasing your next pair of gloves.

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Reviews of The Best Goalie Gloves In 2020

Renegade GK Vulcan: Best Soccer Gloves On Earth

Good goalie gloves have to have an amazing grip, and these Renegade GK Vulcan Goalie gloves do not disappoint. Thanks to the German NB Hyper grip 3.5+3MM latex palm, players will appreciate the impressive grip and ball control offered by these gloves. This grip and ball control are further enhanced by the 180 thumb wrap, the PU thumb V-notch, and the pre-arched palm.

Besides aiding with grip though, these features also offer added protection from impact and finger hyper-extension hence goalies never have to shy away from high impact shots and punches.

In addition to being high-performance gloves, they are also very durable having a composite 3D Airmesh body, a latex palm and backhand, a neoprene bandage and Endo Pro-Tek removable finger-saves.

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With the neon green and silver accents set against a black background, these gloves not only feel great but they also have a sleek and professional look. These breathable gloves are designed with both the young and adult players in mind, and they can be relied on to provide sufficient protection all the while enhancing the goalkeeper’s performance.

The one area that probably needs improvement is the wrist area which could perhaps be designed to provide more mobility. Bottom line, the Renegade GK Vulcan are the real deal. They’re built with high-end materials, they’re comfortable and actually pretty affordable. They’re certainly my first recommendation to every soccer goalie no matter his age.

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Ignis Goalkeeper Gloves by Kronis: Feel The Leather

If comfort is your top priority as a goalkeeper, then there’s nothing better than the Ignis gloves. These gloves provide an incredible feel and excellent grip thanks to the high-quality leather alongside with the meticulous finish that can be noticed at first sight.

These durable, high-end gloves feature a Rolled Finger Cut 4mm latex which essentially provides a larger contact surface area between the latex and the gloves. Besides that, the palm also features Kronis Supreme Aqua latex that is designed to provide a strong grip.

This way, the goalie can be assured of the best ball handling on any surface and in whichever conditions even in the pouring rain.These gloves are not only efficient, but they are also easy to use starting with the Kronis latex pull loop wrist which has stretch strap material that guarantees easy putting on and removing the gloves.

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The stretchable strap is also convenient for protection of the wrist, and the V-notch at the thumb also aids flexibility. Overall, these mesh-lined gloves with an embossed full latex backhand are efficient, comfortable, and offer sufficient protection for the goalies while playing.

These Ignis gloves come in size 5 to size eight making them ideal for a wide age group of soccer players and they offer a perfect fit thus guaranteeing value for money. The one downside is perhaps that these gloves are not very breathable compared to higher-end products in the market.

All in all, these soccer gloves are premium and they’re excellent for the money you’re paying. You may notice that their price is a little bit higher than other gloves, but that’s because of the top-notch materials used in manufacturing. However, If you want to provide your fingers top security, then the Ignis pair is the way to go.

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Sportout Goalie Gloves: Excellent Option

If players are interested in getting optimum wrist and finger protection, then these are the best gloves to go for. Featuring unique finger and palm protection, as well as 9mm thickly padded latex foam, these soccer gloves offer ample cushioning guaranteed to protect the player’s palms from strong shots.

Besides this, other features employed for wrist and finger protection include the BACKBONE fingersave technology and the double layer wristband which reduces the risk of suffering from a sprained wrist.

Having been constructed from high-quality EVA and latex, these gloves and super strong and extremely durable, while still allowing for flexibility while playing. Durability is further enhanced by the unique sewing techniques used at the joints between the fingers guaranteeing the gloves cannot get torn even in the toughest competitions or training routines.

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These gloves also incorporate anti-slip and wear-resistant properties to ensure good grip and strong ball control even when handling the ball in wet conditions.

These super breathable, lightweight gloves are very comfortable and durable, and players can be assured of getting a quality, high-performance product at a very reasonable price. The only disadvantage is that the finger sizes might be a little longer than advertised and so the gloves might not be entirely true to size.

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Brine King Match 3X Goalkeeper Gloves

The biggest selling point of these gloves is the finger protection owing to the finger-save protection spines incorporated within the glove. This Backbone finger-save system ensures that players do not suffer from hyper-extended finger injuries which are quite common during competitions and intense training sessions.

In addition to that, the 3mm German latex foam palm along with the 2mm back foam ensures goalkeepers do not feel a sting when saving hard shots.

When playing for prolonged periods of time, players have to be comfortable, and these breathable gloves provide comfort by reducing sweating of the goalkeeper’s palms. This is made possible by the mesh body of the glove as well as the finger gussets.

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Still, on comfort, the elasticized wrist cuff and the EVA wristband give amazing wrist support. The wrapped thumb ensures efficiency by optimizing the area that’s in contact with the ball, and the laterally wrapped backhand is vital for improved glove shape and comfort.

These breathable Brine soccer gloves are ideal for a wide range of players ranging from junior high schoolers to professional adults. The foam palms might not be of the best quality though, as users might notice the foam coming off after several uses.

However, for a budget pair of gloves, they cannot be expected to match up entirely to the standards of higher end gloves. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can consider this pair even though I wouldn’t recommend it if you can afford better ones.

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KixGK Club Unisex Goalkeeper Gloves

These are professional level gloves which come at a great affordable amateur level price tag, and that’s what makes them among the best soccer training gloves in the market. The low price tag should not be confused for cheapness though; these are value gloves with tons of handy features that enhance their efficiency.

To begin with, these are roll finger gloves, and this makes them ideal for goalies with slender fingers who are looking for tight fitting soccer gloves.

To begin with, the gloves have advance shock absorption to guard the amateur goalie against high impact shots and punches. The wrapped V-notch thumb is also included for flexibility and comfort, allowing goalies to control their ball catches easily.

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Still, on comfort, these gloves also have a 360degree 2 point padded Velcro strap to ensure that the wrists are protected, but that they can still turn flexibly.

The best thing about these lightweight, unisex gloves is that they are ideal for use in warm climates whereby you get breathability without compromising on the grip provided by the gloves. However, players might find that the sizing runs small and so choose wisely when buying. All in all though, these comfortable, breathable, reasonably priced gloves will be well worth your while.

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Adidas Performance ACE: Perfect Gloves For Kids

The junior goalie gloves are all about protecting young players from high-speed balls that can result in quite some injuries. First off, these ACE gloves feature Soft Grip Pro latex padded palms which provide a slightly large surface area allowing young goalies to save shots without sacrificing ball control.

The latex palms also provide extra grip allowing good ball control in all kinds of weather conditions, and the stiffened finger spines resist pressure thus providing effective ball deflection

Just like in most high-end goalie gloves, these Adidas junior goalie gloves also feature a dynamic cut which results in an overall balanced soccer glove.

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When in use, the gloves will give a tight fit for maximum range of motion as well as a large palm for optimized ball catching. The elastic bandage further enhances the snug fit of the glove and this allows for adequate wrist support.

Adidas is a well-renowned sporting brand, and therefore you can always rely on them to deliver quality products. The best thing about this junior goalie glove is that it is a quality glove with a pocket-friendly price tag. The only downside is that the glove is only available in sizes 3-8.

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Valorsports GK JANUS: Promising Soccer Gloves

And last but not least, we find the Valorsports GK Janus that I honestly didn’t hear about them until recently when doing the research for this guide. They seem to provide an excellent value compared to the relatively cheap price. People seem to love them and I’ve read nothing but good things about this pair.

As a refreshing twist, these gloves feature a flat cut, and this makes the gloves perfect for goalies with broad palms and who require a spacious fit.

The hand palm made from natural latex and foam allows for good stickiness which ensures amazing ball grip and the latex also guarantees strength and durability of the gloves. The hardwearing EVA material used on the backhand ensures prolonged use without the risk of damaging the gloves.

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The double-design wristband featuring an inner knitted elastic layer and an outer wound bandage layer allows for flexibility, all the while protecting the player’s wrists.

This way, the players can contract their wrist muscles better and remain assured that their wrist joint is protected. Just like in all other good gloves, these also have the fingersave technology to protect the user from finger injuries which can be quite common for goalies.

For goalkeepers looking for a comfortable, sturdy, reliable pair of gloves then these Valorsports gloves will not disappoint. Additionally, these comfortable gloves are breathable, have a great grip and are available in sizes 5-10. Perhaps in future though, Valorsports will provide more color options besides just black, red and blue.

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Conclusion: Did you find the right goalkeeper gloves?

I know that sometimes things get confusing especially when the purchase is of a great deal of importance to you. That’s why I wanted to offer you a free service today. It’s something that I always do here in my blog to help people find what they’re looking for.

So, if you still indecisive about which pair of gloves is right for you, you can leave a comment below explaining your preferences as well as your top concerns and I promise that I’ll do my best to help you make the final decision in the least amount of time possible.

So, let’s meet below in the comments.

On a side not, I recommend this guide from WikiHow on How to clean you goalie gloves: Read it here.


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