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15 of the Best Soccer Moves To Beat Any Defender

When it comes to playing soccer, one always has to be smart to beat their opponents.

Players always try uniquely repossess classic methods of movements to define themselves and wow their fans.

So if you are just starting and don’t know which signature move to twist and earn the right to put your name on it, then we got the best answers for you in this article.

Here are some top 15 amazing all-time soccer signature skills to help you get started;

1. Elastico

Also referred to as flip-flap, Elastico is a famous signature movement that’s common among Brazilian players.

It’s quite difficult to pull off, but once you master how to do it right and give it the fast speed it deserves, it’s a deadly weapon to use against defenders.

Most of the time, the defenders are likely to fall or stumble, which will give you a great opportunity for your team to score.

The secret is to quickly give the ball a quick touch on the outside and the inside in a single move.

Always ensure you get the outside touch correctly as this will determine the success of this incredible move.

So typically, you have to use your arms, body, and hips at once.

Yes, it’s difficult to perform at the beginning, but with sufficient practice, you will be a pro like Ronaldinho, within no time.

Watch the video below for some amazing tips;

2. The Inside Touch, Scissor

If you can move your feet fast and furious or have been practicing a lot to achieve this lately, then this is the move to try.

You, however, have to be good to sell it out correctly.

Begin by giving the ball a slight touch (the ball should always be ahead of you), using the inside of your foot.

Then, swiftly conduct a scissor, using the same foot, while at the same time, cutting with your other foot with the help of an outside touch.

The secret here is for you to the fast and solid with your moves, such that people get amazed at what they just witnessed.

Also, it’s one of the best moves to throw confusion into the defenders’ camp as they’re often ready for inside cuts as opposed to the outside ones.

3. The Rivelino

If you’re a beginner, the best way to master moves is by learning the simplest first, before advancing to the complex ones.

And due to its simple nature, Rivelino makes a great start-up point for soccer starters.

This is because it involves an obvious move that will work to trick defenders.

You have to start moving with the ball with a single move and stick to it as much as possible.

This enables the defender to be convinced of your next movement, such that they get ready to defend.

When you notice the ball in front of you, confidently and intentionally, bring forth your foot over it such that you give an impression of wanting to kick it towards a specific direction.

And then, while everyone ‘is glued to that and totally sold out, quickly take control of the ball and move towards the opposite direction, with the help of the outside part of your foot.

For /this simple but amazingly effective trick to bear fruit, position yourself to slightly lean towards one direction, while you actually intend to move towards the other.

4. Maradona

This is the finest move to defeat the defenders if done correctly.

First, with the ball in front of you, stretch one foot forward and touch its top.

Then, with the help of the other foot, quickly drag the ball forward, before turning again.

This move comes in handy when the defender is making a fast trail of you, as you chase a loose ball.

The secret is to ensure that you get to it before the defenders, use the Maradona trick and move on as if nothing happened.

5. Nutmeg

This is the best soccer move to use on the defender when your other incredible moves have left them running aimlessly, from one end of the pitch to the other.

As they are retreating to re-strategize, why not give them the final blow?

Swiftly, slip the ball through their flat-footed legs and in a quick move, go ahead of them and repossess it.

6. Fake Pull Back

As the name suggests, this move is meant to trick the defender into believing that you’re about to pull the ball back to allow you to change directions or simply pass.

Pretend to place your foot on top of the ball and then quickly moving forward into an already identified space to pass it on or make a shoot.

The secret is to maximize on your opponent’s slow-down to move past them.

For a successful move, use a subtle head fake.

7. Okocha

If you correctly pull off this move, you can be sure to throw the defense off balance.

And this will give you a clear way to swiftly move past them.

Start by moving at a constant pace and then as you roll the ball with the insides of one of your feet, use the other one to “pretend-kick.”

Your main focus, however, should be to step over it and change direction or continue moving in the same direction.

All this depends on whether the defender bought the trick or not.

8. V-pull

The V-pull trick isn’t the easiest to pull off, but it delivers effective results when applied correctly.

Trick your defender by touching the ball towards them and, then with the help of your other foot, pull it across your body, then proceed to touch it into the next available open space.

The trick is to get the defender as far away from you as possible as they try to chase the ball amidst the confusion.

9. Hocus Pocus

Unlike the Rivelino, the Hocus Pocus move isn’t for the faint-hearted. You have to put effort into practicing before you master the essential skills.

But with the right application, it gives amazing results, leaving the defenders powerless.

Attach the ball to the insides of your foot and then quickly scoop it behind your other leg before finally pushing it right back in front of where it was previously, with the help of your other foot.

The fast you’re the better.

10. Roulette

The Roulette also referred to as 360 move might seem simple when you watch it, but it takes a lot of practice to master.

It’s popularly identified with Maradona, but you can also pull it off if you put your mind to it.

You have to cleverly create a spin to separate yourself from the defenders into free space.

As the defender quickly approaches, place your foot on top of the ball, while running and give it a roll-back.

And as you do so, let your body spin and use the outer part of the foot to roll the ball towards an identified direction.

11. Shoulder Feint

This is one of the best and simplest moves to use to trick the defense.

You simply have to fake drop your shoulder such that the defender thinks you’re about to move towards that direction, while you plan on moving towards the opposite direction.

For instance, if you intend to head right, drop your shoulders towards the left.

And when you’re sure the defense has bought it, quickly pull back with your left foot and head right with the ball.

12. Cruyff Turn

This move takes up the name of Johan Cruyff, a soccer star who took pleasure in using it several times.

With it, you have to let the defender believe that you’re about to put in a cross.

However, with the help of your interior foot, you will give the ball a drag through your legs, with your body on low-gravity.

It quickly gets you past the defender and with lesser risks.

13. Rabona

Do you want to impress the crowd?  Rabona is the ideal move to use.

And although it isn’t easy to execute, once you master the concepts, no one will stop you.

Here confidence is key.

Wrap one of your legs behind the other to form a cross.

The ball should be at the outer side of the standing leg to make it easy for you to strike it with the cutting leg.

For a perfect powerful shot and balanced, lean backward as you strike.

14. Matthews Cut

This incredible move is named after Sir Stanley Matthews, a renowned soccer player in the 1930s to 60s.

As you run towards the defender, knock the ball towards the center of your body using the inside of your foot.

Then swiftly, using the outside of ‘the same foot, cut the ball past the defender and keep moving.

The trick here is to know the perfect timing and place.

15. Ronaldo Chop

As its name suggests, this impressive move is associated with Cristiano Ronaldo. And he has used several times to successfully get past the defenders.

It’s pretty simple to learn, so ideal for beginners.

With the defender sprinting by your side and you’re also sprinting along the flank, use the inside of your foot to hit the ball, while at the same time cutting it behind your standing leg.

The secret is to have the ball at the opposite side, as you rise both your feet off the ground to help ‘you make contact with the ball.


The above moves are a clear indication that you got an advantage over the defense.

However, to achieve a higher success rate, you have to master the skills.

Begin by committing to practicing some of the mentioned moves and use them in the upcoming match.

Remember, practice makes perfect and it should be easy with the help of the videos we provided.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and create space for yourself!

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