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Best Soccer Rebounders In 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Nowadays, there are dozens of soccer training equipment out there. Each piece of equipment was made for a specific purpose and to improve a specific skill for the player.

Soccer rebounders are an amazing way to improve your passing and shooting abilities as a soccer player.

However, you should be very careful when buying a rebounder especially if it’s your first ever time. There are a lot of junk out there. Trust me on this.

This guide is here to help you choose easily the right soccer rebounder that meets your needs and budget.

Here below I review in detail the top five products that I consider to be the best soccer rebounders in 2020.

Top 5 Soccer Rebounders In 2020

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Reviews of Best Soccer Rebounders That You Can Buy In 2020

Tekk Trainer Soccer Rebounder: Premium Quality

When it comes to soccer training equipment, Tekk is probably the leading brand in that field, and this rebounder goal does not disappoint. Made from aircraft grade aluminum tubing, thick steel brackets, and a 6mm thick net, this is probably the strongest portable rebounder in the market.

Better yet, this training net has an adjustable angle that can be adjusted to seven different positions for all-rounded raining.

Still, on performance, the net sits very tautly once assembled, and this gives the balls a pleasant game-speed rebound. This unit takes about 5 minutes to assemble and once set up; you never have to take it apart.

It weighs 35 pounds and comes in Tekk’s patented one-piece design, meaning players can easily fold this unit for convenient storage or when they need to move it around.


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This rebounder might be a little pricey buy it is impossible to overlook all the unique advantages it offers. The rebounder is strong enough to be used by professional teams, and will additional equipment; it converts into a soccer goal thus rendering itself timeless training equipment.

This is the kind of durable rebounder that players can benefit from for years, thus eventually justifying the high price tag.

If money isn’t an issue for you and you’re the kind of person that always wants to have the best, then the Tekk rebounder is absolutely the best soccer rebounder you can buy in today’s market.

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QuickPlay PRO Soccer Rebounder: Best Value For Money

This rebounder is available in a 5’x5’ model and a 7’x7’ model meaning it can be a great option when players want to partner up during training sessions.

However, the one thing that makes this rebounder’s net amazing training equipment is the fact that the net angle is fully adjustable. Adjustable angles allow players to simulate a lot of different scenarios thus allowing them to train in a more realistic environment.

Still, on versatility, this rebounder has rubber feet at the base thus allowing players to use it on different ground surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Whichever conditions you use this rebounder in though, rest assured that both the galvanized steel frame and the high tension ultra-heavy duty rebound net are strong and durable.

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The sturdy nature of this rebounder allows it to be used by professional athletes including older players with strong shots.

Being strong and sturdy comes with a slight disadvantage though – this rebounder is quite heavy at 47 pounds meaning it might not be as portable as other rebounders in the market. All in all, though, this is a small trade-off when players are getting a true-to-the-game feel with a collapsible rebounder that folds flat when not in use.

Bottom line, the QuickPlay Pro is an excellent and durable rebounder that provides an awesome value compared to the price you’re paying. It’s not as good as the Tekk rebounder. However, for this tag price, it’s definitely a great deal for anyone looking for a versatile soccer rebounder that can last for years.

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SKLZ Quickster Soccer Rebounder Net: A Good Entry-level Equipment

The SKLZ Quickster portable training net is one of the highest rated soccer rebounders in the market, and it is pretty obvious why. This patented design is actually a dual rebounder net with the larger net measuring 6’x4’ and the smaller net measuring 6’x20”.

On the larger net, players get to master the fundamentals of passes and ball control whereas on the smaller net with true-roll action; they get to work on quick ground passes. This way, the rebounder comes in handy when being used by two players at the same time.

This rebounder weighs just 13.2 pounds making it very lightweight and conveniently portable. Setting it up takes about 8 minutes and dismantling it is just as easy. This way, players can focus on improving their skills rather than spending the entire training session trying to set up a complex rebounder.

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Additionally, this rebounder is made from some very durable high-quality materials, and players can, therefore, take hard shots without worrying about ripping the net or tipping the rebounder over. This multi-touch rebounder provides dynamic, unpredictable spring-back which offers invaluable training for both beginners and pro players.

However, one downside is that the stakes might not anchor to the ground as effectively, but this can easily be fixed by securing the rebounder using sandbags when in use. All in all, this is a really good soccer rebounder that is worth considering especially if your budget is a little bit tight. I can say with confidence that it’s the best entry-level rebounder that you can buy in 2020.

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SoccerWave Jr. 2 in 1 Soccer Rebounder

This is another dual rebounder featuring an angled rebounder net on one side and a curved net on the other side suitable for players of all skill levels. The curved net has unpredictable ball return which allows players to train in various soccer techniques such as trapping, heading, volleying, ground balls and pass accuracy.

On the other hand, the angled rebounder net optimizes passing and ground balls and helps players improve their first touch.

This rebounder features high-quality construction comprising a durable anti-rust thick-gauged steel frame and UV protected nets. This ensures the durability of the rebounder even if you decide to leave it outside.

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Should you choose to move it around from one location to another though, the rebounder features a two-piece design, meaning the SoccerWave Jr. can separate into two parts for ease of transportation.

This rebounder is a bit bulky, and so if you are looking for something portable, this may not match up to your needs and expectations.

Also, the initial assembly takes quite a long time and requires to be done by an adult, but when all’s said and done, this truly is a well built, high quality, durable rebounder and players are guaranteed of improved performance after using the rebounder.

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Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder: Full-size Rebounder

This training net measures 6’x12’ making it a convenient option for young soccer players that are still working on their aim. The large surface area is very forgiving thus giving ample room for young players to mater precision kicking.

The frame is quite tall, and so it can be prone to falling over especially after taking high-intensity shots. This training net has three 3’ legs on either side for enhanced sturdiness, and it also comes with four large ground anchoring stakes.

The rebounder has a simple appearance but is made from high-quality materials for durability. These include the galvanized steel frame tubing, bungee cord net attachments and an all-weather UV treated net for longevity.

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The most convenient feature though is the push-button set up which guarantees fast and easy assembly allowing players to be game-ready anywhere and at any time.

This training net has been designed specifically for budding soccer players, but even adults and pro players will appreciate the spring-back offered by the net.

Perhaps the one major disappointment is that it does not have the option of setting it up in different angles but all in all, this rebounder will be well worth your while.

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