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Best Soccer Referee Watches Reviews In 2020

There are many watches in today’s market that are made to fit the needs of a sports referee.

However, not all of them can actually do a good job.

So, you need to do a proper research to find the best soccer referee watches that you can actually wear as a referee in an official competition.

This article here will save you a lot of time finding the right soccer watch.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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How To Choose The Best Soccer Referee Watch For You?

Soccer referee watch is a special device with multiple time modes, time setting, chronograph functions, soccer timer mode, and alarm setting functions. Accuracy of timer should be preferably 1/100 of second to get accurate data. The watch should have count up timer, countdown timer, and elapsed time counter.

  • Injury Time: Tracking of injury time should be a separate function in the watch, because it will be added to total play time at the end of assigned game time. If there are multiple injury incidents, the timing will be very crucial for extending the play time. So, tracking of this time should be accurate to 1/100 of second.
  • Stoppage Time: It is the time of game stoppage due to other reasons than injury. Professional soccer referee watches should have an option to enter the reason for stoppage while recording the duration. Some of the watches will have inbuilt templates from which you can choose.
  • Time Measurement: Time measurement should include Sec: Min: Hour: Day and advanced options. This feature will help you keep track of events that run for variable durations.
  • Time Format: Watch should support 12 and 24 hour formats.
  • Calendar: Inbuilt calendar should preferably be in Auto format that includes leap year, extra days in a month, and related features.
  • Save Function: Te watch should preferably have option to save recorded data. It helps in review of timer, chronograph data and other related functions at a later date and time.
  • Display Screen: Display screen should be crystal clear and the fount size should be adjustable according to your specific needs. It is important, since you will be running around the field while monitoring the actions of players from both teams. Hence you may not have too much of time to read the information by browsing through different menu. The watch home screen should preferably display at least 3 to 4 critical data which you can choose from Settings menu. Short cut buttons should allow you to access specific data and functions on pressing.
  • Light On: The soccer referee watch should have an option to turn on the back light whenever required. It should glow consistently until you turn it off. It is required during half time, extra time completion and game time completion, especially when the match is being played during dusk when the lighting is poor.
  • Battery Run: Running time of battery after charging should be at least 12 to 24 hours. It helps you go to remote places where battery charging facility may not be available.
  • Efficient Speaker: Speaker on soccer referee watch should be of high quality. The system should generate long and short beeps for the completion time, count up time and countdown time etc. Options to choose multiple beeping patterns would be helpful in allocating them to various functions. Once you get used to sound, you don’t need to look at the watch when you hear the beep. You will automatically know what it means.
  • Display Mode: Soccer referee should preferably have multiple display modes for chronograph, time; alarm and soccer timer. You can activate any of them at a given instance of time. Buttons should be configured to allow easy and fast navigation.
  • Customized Setting: Setting for timer, chronograph and other functions should be customized. You should be able to stop and reset the values to zeros from any point. Some of the watches may allow you to change the setting to value of your preference. Using this feature you may be able to set the sop watch timer from 30 to 15 seconds without having to reset it to zero. This feature will help you save time and effort.


Best Soccer Referee Watches Reviews 

Champion Sports Soccer Referee Watch
The most important feature of Champions referee watch is its multi-sports capability with special features for soccer. It lets you save every workout log as a separate data set. You can scroll down to access this data at any time using simple button functions.

Multiple timer options allow you to track count up time, countdown time, elapsed time, injury time and many other features. The system can add the injury time to the total game time with customized options. Time measurement options are in 12 hours and 24 hours formats. Programmed features allow you to access multiple functions based on real-time requirement. You can easily switch between modes within a few seconds.

The accuracy of the watch is to 1/100 of a second. You can use the watch to measure injury time to this kind of precision. Option to add injury time and others to total time saves you the effort of performing manual calculations.

 Waterproof to 300 feet and highly tough construction
 Auto unlock feature
 Highly durable

 Programming functions could be complex for a beginner

Champion Sports best soccer referee watches

SudaTek Soccer Game Referee's Watch
SudaTek comes with an attractive digital display that shows minimum of two parameters simultaneously. Large buttons on four sides of the case can be programmed to perform specific operations. Setting the countdown and count up timing is very simple with buttons. By default, the countdown setting is for 45 minutes. The accuracy of counting and tracking is for 1/100 of a second. The system gives you an option for saving data for future previews.

SudaTek has options for 12 hours and 24 hours format time display. The chronograph is one of the key features that work to maximum precision. The stopwatch function can be set to a maximum of almost 10 hours with only a few milliseconds.

SudaTek can effectively track break time and other extra time. You can use the watch not only for soccer game monitoring but also for individual player training modes. Using this system you can also don the role of a soccer trainer. SudaTek can track lap timing, total run time and elapsed time for multiple training events. The watch is sturdy and resistant to elements.

 Strong Metal case and flexible strap band
 Chronograph accuracy to 1/100 of second
 Fit for soccer games and training sessions

 No water resistance

Soccer Game Referees Watch

Casio Men's Classic W800H-1AV Sports Watch
Casio can track and display almost all the soccer-related timer and stopwatch events. You can turn it on at the start of a match after making the required settings for injury time, stop time, count up and count downtime, halftime, and other related parameters.

Simple programs can help you set the values according to your specific requirements. Monitoring and reminder functions are highly efficient with 1/100 second accuracy for all timer and stopwatch functions.

Accurate injury time monitoring helps you add critical time to the total play time and the end of the match. You can track this time for every player from both the teams to the last second. The automated alarm will alert you when the scheduled time is up.

Inbuilt chronograph can run for 9:59:59 hours to help you keep accurate track of all the training sessions. With a wide range of lap memory, split memory, calendar, and programming features, Casio is a true professional football referee watch.

 Highly durable battery for 10 years and water resistance to 50 meters depth
 Strong time and alarm signals
 1/100 second accuracy for timer and stopper functions

 Countdown option has to be invoked by removing a solder bumper inside the watch

Casio Mens Classic W800H-1AV Sport Watch

IDS Home Soccer Referee Timer Sports Match
IDS Home has dedicated options for tracking injury and stoppage time. Programmable functions are the other special features which allow you to customize the settings. The inbuilt auto calendar allows you to mark and track long-term events related to the game and training schedules.

Watch display allows you to view previously stored data with few pressing actions on buttons. It will switch back to the current display of timer and lap time display when you keep the watch inactive for 5 seconds or more. It will help you save the time of pressing home screen button while being busy.

Programmable countdown time tracking is a great feature for fist and second half, penalty shootout, corner kick, and other critical events during the match. You can also use this feature for pressure training of your team members as a coach. Tracking of accurate injury time for every such incident lets you add valuable minutes and seconds to the total game time.

Split time memory and lap memory time can keep track of the fastest and the slowest time. It can also record these times for individual events on the soccer field which you can recall at the touch of a button.

 Adaptability for soccer and related training
 Inbuilt memory for 10 events
 Stopwatch function for almost 10 hours

 No option for vibration

IDS Home Soccer Referee Timer Sports Match

CakCity Men's Digital Sports Watch
CakCity looks Tough and sophisticated in its appearance. It has the inbuilt stopwatch that counts to 1/100 of second accurate data. Digital display can show Chronograph functions that are specifically tailored for soccer games. Programmable buttons are easy to customize for your specific match and training needs. With bright display, the screen you can see the data even during broad daylight and darkness without any hassles. CakCity is a watch which you can use for multiple sports and activities.

CakCity is an accurate multipurpose digital watch that can keep accurate track of count up and countdown times during the soccer game. Inbuilt functions can perform simple and complex calculations to give you data on corners, injury time, stop time, elapsed time, and remaining time.

CakCity has high resistance to heat, humidity, and changing environmental conditions on the soccer field. Water resistance to a depth of 50 meters means protection of torrential downpours and exposure to water. The watch is also resistant to shocks and vibrations. It can endure pressure from your wrist, vibrations from on-field fast running and other impacts efficiently. The large display screen can accommodate more data display.

 50-meter water resistance
 Programmable functions for soccer and other sports referees
 Accurate stopwatch and chronograph with 1/100 second accuracy


 No connectivity to a smartphone

CakCity Mens Digital Sports Watch

Ultrak Soccer and Referee's Watch
Ultrak is specifically designed developed for monitoring soccer timing. It shows about three parameters in a single display. Of course, there are two distinct buttons to display customized data according to the programmed features. The automated calendar will display the scheduled events and time for the day. Accurate stopwatch works to an accuracy of 1/100 of a second. The device tracks all types of stoppage time during the game and gives you an option for adding it to the total time of the match at the end of the second halftime.

The programmable countdown can be customized to hours, minutes, and seconds down to 1/100 accuracy. It helps you track halftime, corner time, penalty shot, play on, time spent on penalty area and outside, and attempt to extend the game with foul play.

Quality of backlight display is very high. It allows you to view the data with precision while you are running around the soccer field. You can hold your wrist at a comfortable distance from your eyes to monitor the data. Always on light feature is designed to save on battery power for long hours. Power packed battery can last for hours, allowing you to track every timer event in the game.

 Simple interface with programmable buttons
 Accurate countdown timer and stopwatch to the accuracy of 1/100 of second
 Auto calendar

 No option for injury time

Ultrak Soccer and Referees Watch

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