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Best Soccer Referee Whistle In 2020: Detailed Reviews

Choosing a referee whistle is a little bit tricky if you don’t really understand a lot about whistles.

And people usually go like :”what’s their to understand about whistles? I used to play with one when I was a kid. There’s nothing there to learn”.

You can see that people are confusing professional whistles that soccer referees use with whistle toys.

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This article is to eliminate that confusion and give your more understanding about professional soccer whistles that official referees use in soccer games.

Here are my reviews for best soccer referee whistles that you can find in 2020.

This is of course a personal opinion.

But keep in mind that, as in all soccer guides here in this website, I do a lot of research has been done here to come up with this list and write the reviews.

Best Soccer Referee Whistles Reviews 

Fox 40 Classic Official Referee Whistle with Finger Grip
The loud and piercing sound of this whistle that can be heard above any other noise makes it viable by many referees and coaches of outdoor games. The secure grip between the fingers is very comfortable making it much of a game changer as it lucks mobile parts that might cause a malfunction.

When it is stated that the fox 40 classic official whistle is impermeable to moisture, it basically means that it can resist all attempts of moisture penetration. This is because it is made up of highly impactful acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or simply ABS thermoplastics. Whether it is netball, basketball, soccer, the fox 40 is the perfect tool to use to draw the attention of everyone in the pitch.

The best and well-known selling point of this whistle is the sound production, the loud and sharp characteristics make it perfect especially around rowdy kids and unruly teenagers. The impermeability and materials used to design it also makes it more durable.

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Acme Thunderer Official Referee Whistle - 60.5
If you are looking for the comfort and flexibility of your finger-grip necessary when using a whistle, try the acme thunderer. The stick pea is flexible to environmental conditions like total immersion in water and variable frequencies that are produced with low pressured breaths. The small high and the loud sound produced is highly favored by many referees around the globe. Low pressured breath simply means that even the slightest of blows directed to the whistle will produce an instant response.

The whistle regards the safety of its users highly considering that it’s lead-free. The whistle is perfect for football, Olympics and all other international leagues with guaranteed satisfaction. It is that golden standard for all the sporty individuals and leaders like coaches, officials, and referees.

The reliability of this whistle driven by the ability to withstand diverse environmental conditions like total immersion in water makes it beat the rest of the whistles. Besides that, it is able to respond to respond instantly to minimal breaths of low pressure producing a very high blow sound.

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ACME 636 Safety Whistle
The 2x1x1 inches acme whistle is designed with a patent venting system at the very top that ensures that there are no unintended blocking of sound as long as the whistle is held in the hand during blowing. It is without a pea and it has the perfect design that enables it to efficiently work in a wet environment. This makes it perfect for swimming escapades and sports.

The slimline design enables it to produce the treble frequency that is of high power given a very low blow or pressure. The slimline design also means that the whistle is small enough to fit in the tiniest of places. Given all these features, the acme slimline safety whistle is the go to a companion in case of rescue or survival pop outs. Therefore, have it tucked somewhere during swimming should need a distress call.

It is small in size with exceptional power and the pea has been replaced by the patent venting system to ensure it is a constant companion and that sound is produced only when the need is required.

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Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG Whistle

You don’t have to worry about your lips as well as the mouth with this fox 40 Sonik official whistles as it comes with a comfortable and well-cushioned mouth-grip. The amazing whistle boasts of a functionally loud and very clear sound that has the immense ability to travel over a long distance undisrupted. It is flawless, patented and without pea with the ability to produce the sound that is more than 120dB.

With a design or rather aspect that doesn’t allow over blowing, the fox 40 sonik is easy to blow with a requisition of only a little pressure to have the perfect sound for attention. This is made possible given the two inbuilt chambers that contain 4 resonators whose function is to produce sound.

If you want to demand that attention from unruly students or just extra noisy place, use this fox 40 sonik official whistle. It cuts through and raises above any other noise from any distance in a distinct way. It also carries with it the ability to modulate the sound produced based on the amount of pressure blown into it.

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Gladiour whistle

It is best to define it as a universal sports whistle as it is suitable for referees and coaches of all sports as well as lifeguards and other outdoor activities. It is designed to produce just enough loud sound, a little extra yes but in a way that is easy to control. If you are worried about losing it, the double-looped lanyard key ring that is stronger than a single loop ensures you get rid of such thoughts.

The nice, comfortable and well-cushioned mouth grip ensure you keep your whistle between your lips without worrying about your teeth and their safety. The luck of pea or ball ensures it’s still silenced especially when on a lanyard. The gladiour whistle is also said to have resistance to water.

Gladiour, besides having other desirable features, is the only whistle with the ability to produce a loud sound that can be controlled. Besides that, whistles with peas are rendered useless once they get in contact with water and the pea sticks to the side. Whistles without pea-like Gadiour are worth every penny.

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Molten Valkeen Whistle with Flip Grip, Black

The molten valkeen whistle flip back whistle with all the perfectly engraved features that qualify it for use as the outdoor whistle is made from iconic materials that guarantee its durability. It contains a very unique flip grip mechanism that makes the referee have the ability to access the whistle while on the move.

The sound produced cuts through the air with a high pitch tone that is able to be carried along longer distances. As much as we already know that the intention of this creation was to be used for outdoor setting, it is important to note that it is preferable to use by soccer and football coaches and referees.

The flip and grip mechanism is perfect for all referees and coaches who are always on the move. Similarly, the whistle enables the production of the patent 4 octave sound in two frequency ranges that be heard over a larger surface area with whose maximum loudness can be acquired through a learned skill.

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