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Best Soccer Shin Guards In 2020 For Adults and Youth Players

Wearing a shin guard is mandatory in most soccer leagues to make sure that your leg is protected all the time and thus decreasing the chances of you getting a serious injury.

Given the importance of shin guards, you need to be very vigilant when deciding which soccer shin guards you need to buy for yourself or for your kid.

In this article, I review the best soccer shin guards that you can buy in 2020. You’re going to find guards for youth players as well as adults. I also made sure to include shin guards for all price ranges so you’ll see some cheap shin guards (but decent though) and other premium shin guards.

If you don’t have enough time to go through the whole thing, just check out this table below.

My List of Top Five Soccer Shin Guards For Adults and Youth Players

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Reviews of The Best Soccer Shin Guards In 2020

Malaga Shin Guards by Vizari: Best Value For Money

Malaga shin guards come in a wide variety of attractive colors making it easy to match the shin guard to the team’s uniforms, but besides looking good, these premium shin guards also offer unrivaled performance.

They are lightweight yet efficient, which makes them among the best shin guards in the market. This way, players can be assured of optimum protection from stray kicks to the shin, without being weighed down by a heavy, bulky shin guard.

The hard outer shell of this guard is made of lightweight polypropylene while the inner part of the shin guard is lined with foam padding making this shin guard both efficient and comfortable enough to be worn all day.

Additionally, these shin guards are very easy to put on and take off because they are held up by a front strap. But at the same time, they stay put, and players do not have to worry about the shin guards sliding off during the game.

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Conveniently, these Vizari shin guards are available in multiple sizes ranging all the way from size pee wee ideal for a child that’s 3’3” to a size large that can fit an adult up to 5’11”.

Sizing is a bit tricky though, so buyers need to be aware of that though. But once you’ve found the perfect size, you are sure to love the efficiency of these affordable shin guards.

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DashSport Soccer Shin Guards: Best Option For Kids

These shin guards are perfect in that they come with ankle sleeves this offering both shin and ankle protection. At the same time, they feature high-quality construction that guarantees protection and the durability of the shin guard.

To start with, similar to the Vizari shin guard, this one also has a shell made of lightweight, durable polypropylene with the inner part being foam padded for comfort.

Both the shin guard and the cushioned ankle support are designed to give a comfortable non-slip fit so that players can focus on the game rather than having to pull the shin guard up now and then.

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Because they are meant for junior players only, these shin guards are only available in sizes x-small, small and medium. They are also only available in red, pink, blue and white so not so much of a variety to choose from.

All in all, though, these carefully designed shin guards are ideal for both boys and girls and parents can rest assured that their little ones are getting maximum protection during practice and games. DashSport might not exactly be a household name, but these shin guards perform way better than most name brand shin guards.

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Mercurial Lite Shin Guards by Nike

If players like a bit of flamboyance and flair in their sporting gear, then they will love these Nike Mercurial shin guards.

Nike is a big player in the sporting industry, and so they can always be relied on to provide quality products. Well, these tough yet lightweight shin guard do not disappoint.

To begin with, they meet NOCSAE standards, so you know you are investing in high quality, well made shin guard.

These are low profile shin guards which means that the player can still move around flexibly while still being protected from abrasions.

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These Mercurial shin guard ideally come in two parts: a shell and a sleeve. The hard, durable polyurethane shell has molded EVA foam underneath for optimal shock absorption and efficient shin protection.

On the other hand, the seamless, contoured sleeve made from breathable material offers and unrivaled comfort and also guarantee a secure fit of the hard shell using Nike’s guard lock design. The anatomical design of the sleeve is so that the contours fit just right for targeted cushioning.

The breathable nature of the sleeves also ensures these shin guards can keep players comfortable even in very hot weather conditions. This way players can wear these shin guards all day long without feeling any discomfort from the accumulation of sweat or a terrible fit.

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Adidas Performance Ghost Pro Soccer Shin Guards

Another giant in the sporting industry, it goes without saying that Adidas has a long history of high-quality sporting equipment and these particular shin guards is perfect for both the beginner and the pro athlete.

Good soccer shin guards will always improve your game and not weaken your performance, and these shin guards offer just that.

To begin with, the shin guard is actually a composition of three different shields fitted together to offer a perfect fit and the highest flexibility for the players.

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In addition to the hard shell, these shin guards also have soft and durable EVA backing on the inside hence providing adequate cushioning and extra comfort for the players. This EVA backing also does not absorb sweat, so players do not have to deal with stinking shin guards.

The compression sleeves also offer a snug yet comfortable fit that does not create any bulk. This prevents distracting the players from the game and at the same time, secures the guard in place preventing it from slipping off during a game.

Besides having many vibrant color combinations to choose from, these guards also come in a range of popular sizes including x-small, small, medium, large and x-large.

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Franklin Sports Superlight Soccer Shin Guards

These Franklin Sports Superlight shin guards are just what players need to get if they are looking for something simple yet efficient. The design of these shin guards in deceivingly simple, but players will appreciate the optimum protection they would get while playing in these guards.

The hard, high-density synthetic material comprising the front shell ensures the shin is safe from abrasions and bruises from high-intensity balls and also from accidental hard kicks by opponents. The shin guards also come in a symmetrical design which results in a snug, comfortable, anatomical fit.

The better the fit, the better the protection offered and also, there are lesser chances of the shin guards sliding off while playing. Another feature that ensures these shin guards stay in place is that there are two self-stick fastening straps provided: one at the top and one at the bottom.


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These Franklin shin guards have small vents built in within the shell to allow for the escape of excess heat and also to allow for evaporation of sweat. This way. Players do not have to worry about discomfort from the legs getting too hot and moist.

Still, on comfort, these shin guards also have a high-density foam backing on the inner part. This cushions from impacts and aids with shock absorption. As far as sizing goes, these are available in small, medium and large suitable for players of all ages.

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Diadora Scudo Soccer Shin Guards

The shell of these Diadora shin guards is made from high impact polypropylene which guarantees maximum protection form high impact balls or other shin injuries.

At the same time, polypropylene is a tough yet lightweight material and this guarantees that players can wear a protective shin guard without it affecting their speed and footwork while in the field.

The low profile nature of this shin guard further assists in eliminating any distractions caused by bulky guards and the anatomical design gives a nice snug fit against the leg.

Also, the shell is ventilated thus allowing for breathability. Breathable shin guards come in handy in that they can be used in hot and humid conditions without making the player too sweaty and uncomfortable.

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The inner part of the shin has a soft foam backing that has been lined with brushed polyester. This set up results in a very comfortable feel ensuring that a player can wear this shin guard for day-long training or matches and not feel any pressure on the shin or suffer any injuries.

As far as sizing goes, this shin guard runs true to size. It is available in size pee wee, xx-small, x-small, small, medium, large and x-large.

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G-Form Pro-S: Futuristic Soccer Shin Guards

And last but not least, we review the G-Form Pro-S the innovative looking shin guards that are willing to change how we view shin guards in the soccer community. They may be pricey, but they’re definitely better looking than most shin guards that you find in the market.

The technology used in constructing these shin guards gives rise to a product that is flexible, comfortable and offers optimum protection from strikes and blows. This is owing to G-Form’s revolutionary Reactive Protection Technology (RPT) which makes this shin Guard the very first soft, flexible sleeve-style shin guard in the world to have met NOCSAE standards.

This design allows for maximum motion and maneuverability of the player, yet still keeps them adequately protected so that they can focus on the game and not worry about getting hurt. Although soft and flexible, this shin guard hardens upon impact thus acting as a hard shell, but without the bulk and restraint of hard-shelled shin guards.

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The low profile further aids in the player’s comfort as does the lightweight nature of the shin guard too. Being a breathable guard, players get to experience reduced heat and sweat which can hamper their skills while on the field.

The convenient nature of these shin guards is further enhanced by the fact that they are machine washable. If players are looking for a shin guard that is easy to use, easy to maintain, and one that enhances their game play, then this G-Form shin guard is definitely what they should go for.

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So, that’s it for soccer shin guards.

I’ll make sure to update this article regularly so that you only find the best guards and not some outdated product that people no longer buy.

Also, make sure to check out our guide on soccer socks. 

There you’ll find some quality socks that can go with your chosen shin guard.

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