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Best Soccer Socks In 2020: No Blisters, No Slippage

I know from personal experience that getting a blister on your feet after a soccer game is the worst thing ever.

That’s why I always choose to pay extra dollars on soccer socks just to prevent that from happening.

Another reason for wearing only the best soccer socks in the market is to prevent feet slippage during the game.

It’s really hard to show your best performance when your feet keeps slipping inside the sock and the sock inside the shoe.

This guide will help you find the most comfortable soccer sock that will protect your feet and help you improve your performance on the pitch.

If you don’t have a lot of time, then you don’t need to read the entire guide. You can just check out this table below to find our top recommended soccer socks for 2020.

Best Soccer Socks To Buy In 2020

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Understanding The Science Behind Soccer Socks

Not all socks are created equal.

That’s what I’ll try to explain to you in this section.

A good pair of soccer socks comes with several advanced features that regular socks can’t dream of.

Features such as protection from bacteria, scratches and blisters, zero slippage and more importantly total comfort.

In this section, we’ll go through the material that socks are made of, types of socks and which features to look for in a soccer shoe.

NOTE: If you’re not interested in this information, you can skip them and go directly to the reviews by CLICKING HERE

Materials of Soccer Socks

One of the main elements that you should pay attention to is the materials used in making the socks.

There are dozens of materials that manufacturers use to make the socks that we see in the market.

However, the most common types are cotton and wool alongside with synthetic fabrics like Polyester.

But, one thing to keep in mind here is that there’s no way a sock can be 100% made using one single type of material.

There’s always a combination between several types of fabric.

– Cotton is well-known for being very comfortable for the feet.

Nevertheless, cotton absorbs sweat which can be a serious problem in a hot climate and can be a perfect recipe for blisters.

– Wool: Its biggest advantage is that it’s a fabric that is thermostatic (temperature-regulating) which means that your feet can stay comfortable in different temperatures.

The downside is that it’s expensive.

– Synthetic fabrics: That’s actually what most of the high quality socks are made of.

Manufacturers combine different materials to provide the maximum comfort and agility.

An example of these synthetic fibers is polyester which is a polymer that can breathe better than cotton. If you ever heard of Nike’s “DRI-Fit” material, that’s actually polyester. Other types of synthetic are spandex and nylon.

If this seems complicated to you, then that makes two of us.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to understand all of this.

Types of Soccer Socks

Based on the criteria of height, there are two main types of soccer socks.

– Knee-high or over the calf socks: This is the most common type that is used in professional soccer players all over the world.

As their name suggests, these socks are very long to provide complete protection to the player.

– Crew cut socks: These socks are shorter than the previous type. They only cover the shin guard and don’t reach your knees.

Some players prefer this type because it gives them more agility. However, this type is less safe than over the calf socks.

By the way, check out our guide of best shin guards for both youth and adults

What Features To Look For In Soccer Socks?

Non-slip feature: If you really care about your performance on the field, you should take this feature seriously.

Basically, this feature means that the socks are made in a way (Mostly, using pads) to make sure that your feet doesn’t slip in your shoe when moving.

This is a crucial feature that makes soccer socks definitely worth the extra dollars.

Compression technology: It provides supportive fit around your foot which eliminates any sort of discomfort that the player may experience when he’s moving.

Breathability: It’s very important to only choose socks that are made using fabrics that allow your feet to breath.

This feature makes sure that your feet stay as dry as possible even in high temperature.

Seamless: Wearing a pair of socks that has seams can be extremely uncomfortable for your toes.

That’s why It’s always better to get seamless socks.

Cushioning: This refers usually to the bottom part of your sock which has a direct contact with your cleats.

You would want to make sure that the socks come with a good cushioning for maximum comfort and protection.

How To Avoid Blisters By Choosing The Right Soccer Socks

I know that blisters are terrible. I’ve been there multiple times. They really suck and nobody should ever go though the discomfort that blisters create.

Since it’s an important issue for soccer players like you, I wanted to dedicate this section just to talk about how can you prevent blisters by simply following one particular instruction.

First things first, what causes blistering anyway?

There are actually many reasons that can cause blistering.

However, the most obvious one is that of wearing socks or cleats that don’t fit your feet.

It’s generally known that people often choose the wrong size when buying soccer cleats.

So, the first step is to make sure that you get the right size of shoes.

And here’s a video that would help you with that: Choose The Right Size of Soccer Cleats

As for socks, the mistake that people fall in is wearing regular socks which stretch easily making them eventually bigger than your feet. That’s the perfect formula for blisters.

But, since you’re here I think you know better.

So, the advice I would give you here is to choose carefully a pair of soccer shoes that fit your feet perfectly.

And follow that with getting a pair of comfortable socks that fits.

I do believe that if you follow that advice, you’ll get to eliminate 90% chances of getting blisters.

What about the other 10%?

Sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do about it. That’s just the truth.

Nevertheless, it’s also recommended to double up your socks or to use tapes and bandages on spots that commonly get blisters.

That’s in case the problem persists even when choosing the right type and size of socks.

As for what soccer socks I recommend, that’s the next section of this guide.

Reviews of Our Top Recommended Soccer Socks

You finally arrived to the most important section of this buying guide.

It’s now time to talk about the best soccer socks in 2020 in my opinion and to explain to you why I think everyone one of following seven socks deserved to be in this list.

There are three things I can certainly guarantee to you here, all of the socks that are in this list are:

  1. Made especially for soccer players (or athletes)
  2. They will certainly prevent blisters
  3. Will ensure no slippage whatsoever during the game.

Although, I got to say that some of these socks do a better job than others. But, I’ll be mentioning all of that in the reviews.

Or, go directly to my summary table if you don’t feel like reading all of this.

1. TRUSOX Soccer Sock: Best Socks On The Planet

My first review is going to be about this incredible pair of socks that soccer players adore. It’s the TRUSOX.

These socks are in my opinion, and in the opinion of thousands of other soccer players, the best soccer socks in earth. It doesn’t get better than this.

These socks come with non-slip pads that are blended into the fabric as you can see in the attached image. These pads provide excellent stabilization to your feet during the game.

As for the materials, both cotton and nylon (synthetic) were blended to make these socks as comfortable and breathable as it can get.

It’s worth noting that TRUSOX have become popular essentially because of the stories that people spread on the internet about how these socks helped them prevent blisters.

The socks come in different colors and sizes as well as different types. You can choose which type you prefer by clicking on the images on your right.

Bottom line, these socks are the best. They may seem a little bit overpriced but they’re totally worth it. Don’t let a few extra dollars stop you from wearing the best. Your feet totally deserve the best.


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2. Nike Strike Mercurial: Totally Recommended
Now it’s time to talk about some Nike socks. There are two models that are very popular among soccer players. I’m going to review both of them.

Let’s start with the Strike Mercurial. From the first try, you’ll immediately notice the premium build of these socks and how awesome they feel.

As you can see from the picture, these socks come with grippy elements on the outside as well as on the inside which provides a good stabilization for the feet.

Also, I really love how these socks are made to fit tightly your feet which enables you to have an excellent control over the ball when playing. It’s worth mentioning that they only come in cut-crew size.

To sum up, the Nike Strike are amazing socks that certainly worth every penny. Even though I still believe that TRUSOX are better, these socks can be a good option for Nike fans.

Plus, they’re cheaper which makes them a good option for a 20$ budget.

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No products found.

3. Nike Grip Lightweight: Another Incredible Nike Socks
The other Nike socks I was referring to in the previous section is the Nike Grip. They are pretty similar to the Nike Strike but with a more premium touch.

Obviously, they’re a little bit more expensive too. But, there’s a reason behind that.

The Nike Grip comes with amazing underfoot grips that ensures maximum balance and also protection in intense games.

A crew silhouette was added to these socks to provide comfort around the ankle. These socks have proven to be really effective against blisters.

Bottom line, The Nike Grip are an excellent pair of soccer socks that I totally recommend.

They’re grippy, comfortable and durable.

Who wouldn’t like that? They’re definitely the best Nike socks that you can purchase in the market today.

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4. Adidas Men's F-50: Best Adidas Soccer Socks
It’s time to review some of the best Adidas socks that you can find in the market.

I’ll start with the best pair of socks that Adidas has made especially for soccer.

It’s the F-50 socks. These socks come with a premium design that provides the ultimate protection for players.

The F-50 feature cushioned ribs in the footbed to make sure that your feet stay unharmed even in the most intense games.

These socks as you can see from the picture are knee-high socks which is a good thing. F-50 are compressed in certain areas to add more stability and comfort.

The F-50 is a very popular model among youngsters in local soccer competitions. People seem to love them since they’re durable and comfortable.

Most of the reviews online are positive. Therefore, I can only say that these are the perfect Adidas socks for soccer.

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5. Adidas Traxion: A Great Pair of Socks
Another Adidas socks that are worth including in this guide are the Traxion socks. These socks come in different colors and sizes that can fit anyone both women and men.

They’re knee-high socks that can be worn in local soccer competitions

The Traxion are made using a blend of synthetic fabrics to ensure maximum stability and optimal protection to your feet.

These socks feature cool mesh channels that increase breathability and make sure that your feet will stay cool most of the time.

Seeing the reviews about this product on the internet, it’s easy to say that these are good socks that are made for athletes in the first place.

But, I should say here that the F-50 are much better than these socks and they cost pretty much the same.

Although, the upside of the Traxion shoes is that they come in many sizes and colors to choose from.

No products found.

No products found.

6. Adidas Formotion Elite
The Adidas Formotion is another good socks that come with an attractive price and different colors.

They’re knee-high socks that feature a ClimaLite construction that makes sure enough cooling for your feet.

The footbed has additional cushioning to absorb shocks and ensure that your foot is well protected.

There’s also added compression to different areas around the ankle and arch to provide maximum stability.

In short, the Adidas Formotion socks are good quality socks that I’d recommend for anyone no matter his age. The price is reasonable compared to what you’ll get in return.

Although, I have to say that if you’re looking for a premium feel, these socks won’t cut it. You should get either Trusox or Nike socks.

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7. Under Armour Kids' UA Soccer Socks
Under Armour has made amazing socks dedicated for soccer activities and more specifically for kids that play in regional competitions.

These socks have been very popular among parents in the online community which is a good enough reason to make it to this list.

As most of Under Armour’s socks, this pair comes with ArmourDry technology that prevents sweat from reaching your skin and keeps you feet cool and protected from microbes.

Several areas are compressed around the ankle and arch to provide total comfort for your foot. These are knee-high socks.

Bottom line, I do believe that Under Armour has done a great job with these socks. Parents seem to love them they’re saying great things about them all over the web.

I’ve never had a personal experience with this brand, but the positive reviews are really encouraging. So, maybe I’ll give them a try someday.

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Still Confused? I’m Here To Help

It’s alright to feel a little bit confused by all of these different socks that may look all the same to you.

I get that.

But, keep in mind that these seven pairs of socks that I included in this guide are all premium socks.

Basically, there’s no way you can make a mistake here because all of these socks are totally worth it.

Some of them are actually better than others such as the Trusox and the Nike Grip which I consider to be the best of the best.

But if you find that their cost is more than what you can afford, you can go with any of the other socks.

As always, I’m here for you. If you have any questions about any of these socks, feel free to comment below or contact me directly if you want using our Contact Us page.

If you still confused about what socks to buy or what size to choose, I invite you to describe your situation in a comment and I’ll make sure that you’ll find the perfect pair for you.

I take comments seriously and I mostly reply to them within a few hours. So, please guys don’t hesitate in using the comments section below.

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  2. Our 15-year old just played in 5 30-minute games over the weekend (less than 24 hours) and has big blisters on the outside of both big toes and blood blisters on the bottom of both big toes. We know the ground was hard and the cleats are likely too narrow but he didn’t complain that they were too tight and thought the sock line created the blister in the first game (only small blisters on outside and bottom of one toe after 30 minutes). We are planning to get new cleats but he has preseason coming up in 2 weeks (3 to 4 hours of practice each day during the week) and want the socks you’d recommend most for this situation.

  3. I’m having a hardtime trying to figure out how to best match the socks up with what my daughter is “supposed” to be wearing for games. Her regular socks are the basic Nike Classic Dri Fit’s in Black and White, so two pair. What is my best option to get her in some grip socks with still somewhat complying with our Nike partnership?

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