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Best Street Soccer Balls To Buy In 2020

Most people will play street soccer as a pastime rather than competition.

But what makes a for an enjoyable street soccer experience?

It can be anything from your skills, the sports gear, and yes, the soccer ball. What makes the best street soccer ball?

These are some of the things we’ll look at in this buying guide.

Keep reading.

Best Street Soccer Balls To Buy In 2020

1. One World Play Project Soccer Ball

Making it to the top of our list this durable soccer ball from One World Project Play.

The main reason why we settled on this adorable ball is the design that stays in perfect shape after inflating.

It’s a versatile ball suited for any ground.

From open field, rocky streets to smooth payments, this attractive ball can withstand harsh conditions.

From a far, it looks like a normal soccer ball. However, you’ll quickly realize that it’s tough and performs exemplary.

One crucial thing to note is that it has the same feel as the regular stitched balls.

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However, it has less bounce since it’s mostly for street soccer rather than competitive leagues.

All the same, it adheres to FIFA rules in terms of size and weight.

In any case, the foam material has springy characteristics, just like plastic or leather. Your safety is guaranteed since it’s made of chemical-free materials.

Likewise, your pets will stay safe even when they chew on the cover.

  • Made of durable material
  • Has bouncy characteristics like regular balls
  • Adheres to FIFA rules on soccer balls
  • Toxic-free material
  • Versatility to withstand any ground
  • It feels a little weightier than a regular soccer ball.

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2. American Challenge Street Soccer Ball

Most soccer players worry about their balls getting punctured while playing on harsh grounds.

The American Challenge is built like a rock to handle rocky surfaces, wire meshes, hard surfaces, and more.

Since it consists of rubber-tire tread, this ball is extremely tough for any terrain.

The material consists of four layers of a cotton liner, which forms part of the inner backing material.

The soccer is hand sewn by using heavy-duty polyester stitches that will not rupture even after a mighty impact.

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Additionally, there is the bladder made of butyl that ensures the ball retains air while staying inflated for long.

Since the ball has no weight specifications, it’s not suitable for indoor soccer. However, to achieve less bounce, deflate a little bit.

On the same note, it performs similarly to a regular soccer ball since you can use it on any ground. We like the versatility of this soccer ball since you can also use it to play with your dog.

It will create an obsession sensation, and the incredible thing is that it will not puncture. Also, since it’s not-toxic, it’s absolutely safe on your pet.

  • Tough product
  • Suitable on any terrain
  • Versatility
  • Free of chemicals
  • Heavy-duty stitches
  • Not suitable for indoor games such as futsal

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3. Senda Street Soccer Ball

This soccer ball features a simple soft design yet extremely durable and tough to give you a fun-filled playtime.

The exterior consists of a tire like rubber material that is not only durable but also ensures superior performance. The materials are top-notch quality that will last through many matches.

Unlike most street soccer balls that have a high bounce, the Senda is a minimal bounce.

Therefore, you can also use it to play futsal, and this widens your options on soccer games.

Besides, the ball can stay on the ground for excellent playability, even on rough surfaces.

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We love the unique design that helps boost your skills. With this ball, you can use it for freestyle and tricks.

The good news is it adapts to several terrains, including the rugged ones without piercing.

However, this ball is not suitable for a group match since players may not possess and control the ball due to the grippy exterior.

  • Suitable for fusbal
  • Perfect grip
  • Versatile
  • Greater playability
  • Durable product
  • Tough material
  • Not suitable for playing a group match

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4. Soccer Innovations Street Ball

The Soccer Innovations Streetball has all the qualities of an excellent soccer ball. For starters, it’s an adorable ball with pretty graphics on the exterior.

Being a FIFA approved ball, this soccer ball will elevate your game to another level.

We love the simple design and the catchy colors that make heads turn. It will create an overwhelming sense, and if you have a dog, they’ll enjoy chasing it around.

The best bit of this ball is the extended toughness that makes it ideal for any soccer game. Also, the quality is premium, and the size makes it feel like a regular ball.

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The slightly rough texture on the exterior is what makes this ball a must-have. But if you’re tired of having torn soccer balls, then you can settle for this product.

It doesn’t matter if you’re playing at home or on rocky terrain with friends, this is the real deal. This ball withstands grass and asphalt to come out unscathed.

  • Adorable decorative details
  • Textured exterior offers perfect grip on surfaces
  • Versatile on any ground
  • Extremely durable
  • FIFA approved
  • Colors fade quickly

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5. Uber Soccer Urban Street Soccer Ball

The Uber Soccer is a chic and trendy soccer ball that will leave eyes popping out.

This street ball comes in a good size that will boost your street soccer.Several qualities make it look like a regular soccer ball and feel like one.

The premium quality makes this ball an excellent choice for outdoor street soccer.

The ball consists of high-grade rubber with a tread roughness for gripping. Therefore, it stays close to the ground and gives you total control.

Some soccer balls get easily ruined on hard surfaces. However, the sturdiness makes it suitable to play under harshest conditions.

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Therefore if your backyard consists of asphalt, grass, or concrete, then this is a great choice. You’ll be confident enough that it will not rupture and interrupt your game.

The material is safe with no toxins, and this makes it suitable for playing with your pet.

  • Made from tough rubber
  • Premium quality
  • Versatile product
  • Safe to use
  • Can play on any surface
  • Some users complain that it’s weighty

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6. SISM Street Weapon

This soccer ball from Soccer in Slow Motion (SISM) gives you the confidence to play in the street or tournaments.

The brand is popular in designing high-quality soccer products, and you can only expect the best with their street soccer ball.

Besides that, we settled on the quality of this ball, which we feel its premium to guarantee endless playability.

Given the fact that most soccer balls inflate during play, the SISM is tough thanks to the durable air.

Further, there’s an internal bladder that locks in the air.

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That’s not all, this ball has a low bounce, and therefore you can practice any tricks out there. It’s suitable for pannas, freestyle or some ground tricks.

For that reason, play like a pro with this ball.

Unlike some balls that have a hard time staying on the ground, the SISM has a rough exterior that grips on the surface.

Hence, this lets you achieve ultimate control of the ball.

This soccer ball can also withstand any terrain, whether rocky, grassy, or any rough grounds without puncturing or deflating.

Want a ball for your dog? Pick the SISM, which is safe to the pets.

  • Can play in tournaments
  • Grips well on the ground
  • Tough material
  • Doesn’t deflate easily
  • Versatile ball
  • Can withstand different terrains
  • Safe material
  • Costs more than most soccer balls

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7. Vici Street Soccer Ball

Most players worry about getting a perfect soccer ball that won’t be hard to kick, heavy, or deflate easily.

Whereas getting your best choice can be tricky, the Vici Street Soccer ball offers an excellent selection.

Since it’s made for aggressive players, this soccer ball is tough built and will withstand kicks.

Additionally, you can play on any surface without having to worry about punctures. Hence, it’s suitable for playing on your backyard, streets, or rocky grounds.

The rubber material is made to last and is an essence of durability.

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You’ll love the brand logo that features conspicuously on the exterior.

We like the inner fabric that consists of a polyester and cotton blend. Thus this explains why the rubber sticks perfectly, and this gives you value for money.

Indeed the texture feels like a normal soccer ball.

Also, high-quality chemicals are used in strengthening the ink bond. Therefore, the sticker will last long without peeling off, and this makes it safe for pets.

You can have an endless play with the ball since it comes loaded with a butyl valve. Thus, it’s able to retain air inside without deflating fast.

  • Doesn’t deflate easily
  • Suitable for any surface
  • Safe on your pets
  • Tough material
  • Reasonable price
  • Attractive color with the brand logo
  • Fails to snag well on grass

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Features to Consider When Buying A Street Soccer Balls

Soccer is an outdoor game where players play in the field, on the streets or beaches. As such, there are various types of soccer balls, keeping in mind the type of ground or terrain.

A field soccer ball has unique specifications set by the world football body FIFA. Therefore, this makes it different from the street soccer ball.

On the other hand, a futsal ball is different since it’s for playing indoors.

Similarly, the balls differ in size, material, and features to suit different environments. Due to these differences, there are features to consider when buying a street soccer ball.


When you pop into a sports shop, it’s essential to be specific on the type of game or the purpose for buying the ball.

By just requesting for a soccer ball, the attendant might not be able to tell the best ball to suit your needs.


A street soccer ball is different from other soccer balls as it consists of a tire-like rubber material with reinforced durability and a stronger grip.

It’s specifically for playing on rugged terrains and rough areas, unlike the football fields which have well-manicured lawns.

The ground may be rocky or with asphalt. If the ball consists of poor quality material, it’s likely to puncture or deflate easily.

The best option should be resistant to abrasion, considering the rough terrain.

Bouncing Rate

A street soccer ball should have a lower bounce rate than soccer or a futsal ball. The reason for this is that street soccer is uncontrollable as players practice on open fields.

Also, the area could be in your neighborhood, and a stray ball can most likely destroy properties. Of course, not mention the damages and the lawsuits cases that might follow after that.

A lower bounce rate lets the ball to slow down and thus you can control it within a small range.

 Air Retention  

A street soccer ball has an uptight air bladder, which retains air for a certain time duration. This inflation will offer convenience and elevate your confidence in a match or a tournament.

When air is inadequate, there is a restriction on the ball, and you might achieve short distance shots.

This situation is undesirable and can cause boredom and frustration. It’s also not easy to pass a ball to another player.

The solution is a reinforced bladder, which helps in air retention and prevents the ball from deflating easily.


When buying a street soccer ball, it’s important not to confuse with other soccer balls. Chose a ball specifically made for this game and check if it has all the features.

From the review, the best street soccer ball scores well when it comes to durability, toughness, less bounce, and overall performance.

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