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Best Turf Soccer Shoes For All Ages and Positions

As many people have been asking for this, I finally had the time to write this guide where I review the best turf soccer shoes that I think you need to take a look at before making your final decision.

Buying the wrong shoes can really mess up your performance or your kid’s performance on the pitch

But do not worry, this guide is here to help.

Let’s jump right in.

Best Turf Soccer Shoes Reviews

1. Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango 18.3 Turf Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango 18.3 features a design inspired by ankle taping.

As a result, this shoe’s Agility Bandage™ gives ample support while still allowing for a wide range of mobility, thereby not interfering with the player’s performance.

Additionally, this design is suitable for players ailing from plantar fasciitis. You get the support of a mid-cut soccer shoe, combined with the mobility of a low-cut turf shoe.

The textile upper is impressively durable, and it provides very steady contact with the ball.

Additionally, the uncoated fabric allows the shoe to breathe, so you never have to deal with unpleasant smells after having worn the shoe all day.

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The shoe is also very lightweight, so a player can play optimally without feeling weighed down.

The rubber outsole features numerous evenly distributed nubs that allow for explosive acceleration and sudden changes in direction without slipping and falling on the artificial turf.

Overall, this is a comfortable turf shoe having excellent grip, a snug fit, a comfortable feel, and eye-catching aesthetics.

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2. Nike Lady Pro Combat Hyperwarm Compression Soccer Shoe

The Nike Lady Pro Combat soccer shoe is made using soft brushed Therma-FIT™ fabric. This lightweight fabric keeps the player’s feet warm but without weighing them down.

The shoe is therefore great for use in cold weather, or for the players whose feet tend to run cold. At the same time, this shoe features Nike’s Dri-Fit™ fabric.

This way, even if you do end up feeling too warm and sweaty, the shoe wicks away moisture leaving you comfortably dry throughout the game. This fabric is also great for breathability.

To eliminate chafing and reduce pressure points, the Nike Lady Pro Combat features a flat seam construction, so even with a snug fit, the player is still comfortable.

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The seams are also body-contoured to conform to a feminine foot form. This enhances both the comfort and the fit of the shoe.

The tight compression fit results in the shoe having a locked-in feel when worn.

This, combined with the 4-way stretch, allows the shoe to move with you while you play, thereby resulting in zero distractions, a great feel, and a full range of motion.

The Nike Lady Pro Combat Hyperwarm Printed Compression Top soccer shoe features impressive details for a feminine styling.

While at the same time keeping you warm and comfortable.

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3. Nike MercurialX Victory VI Men’s Soccer Turf Shoes

The Nike MercurialX Victory VI men’s soccer turf shoe doesn’t have a tongue. Instead, the shoe comes with a Dynamic Fit collar.

This design allows for a snug fit of the boot as well as providing mild ankle support to guard against injuries.

The Dynamic Fit collar links the player’s lower leg, ankle, and foot overall resulting in unrivaled fit and comfort.

Not to mention that the shoe is still very breathable.

So, while the design lock’s in the player’s foot, it doesn’t lock in horrible smells.

The embossed horizontal ridges on the upper of the shoe enhance the feel and touch of the ball, thereby improving a player’s ball control.

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On the other hand, the aggressive treads on the rubber outsole provide a decent grip on artificial turf.

This is the kind of soccer shoe that lets you perform optimally during a fast-paced game, without having to worry about your foot slipping out of the shoe or moving about in it.

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4. adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Shoe

This Adidas turf shoe comes in the classical well-known Adidas styling, therefore making it ideal for players looking for a plain, no-fuss soccer shoe.

The upper of this shoe features a combination of split-suede and kangaroo leather.

The result is a soft shoe that delivers a responsive feel of the ball. At the same time, this soft upper also means that the shoe hardly takes any time to break in.

The insole, on the other hand, is made from die-cut EVA, which offers ample cushioning and support, yet still being pleasantly lightweight.

The midsole is also made from pre-molded EVA, which gives excellent shock absorption.

The TRAXION rubber outsole of this soccer shoe has well-defined nubs that give a considerable amount of traction on artificial turf.

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The evenly distributed nubs additionally allow for maximum grip in all directions so the player can make sudden changes in movement while retaining a firm footing.

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5. PUMA Men’s 365 Netfit CT Soccer Shoe

One striking feature of the PUMA 365 Netfit CT soccer shoe is that it is designed to let the player create their own lacing system.

This feature employs Netfit technology, and the customized lacing system allows for a personalized fit of the soccer shoe.

The lacing is done on a high-grade engineered net that has a textile bade, so the laces do not touch against the player’s foot.

The idea here is for the player to lace the shoe according to their foot shape. The lacing style would also depend on the level of comfort and support which a player desires.

Besides enhancing the fit of the shoe, the Netfit technology also gives the soccer shoe a stylish appearance.

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Underneath the net system, there is the mesh upper of the shoe. This flexible mesh upper is breathable and durable, and it also makes the shoe exceptionally lightweight.

The outsole is made from gum rubber, having a low-profile triangular pattern. This ensures optimal grip on turf for enhanced player performance.

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6. Diadora Men’s Capitano Turf Soccer Shoes

The Diadora Capitano Turf Soccer Shoe is made from a combination of synthetic leather and full-grain leather.

This combination gives rise to a shoe that is soft and supple to the touch.

Additionally, this leather upper provides the player with enhanced touch and feel combined with enhanced ball control.

This shoe is very amply padded, so it is comfortable enough to wear all day without getting any blisters or pains.

In particular, this shoe offers excellent arch support, which is always a pleasant bonus.

The flexible rubber sole has aggressive tread patterns for optimal grip and traction on any artificial turf field.

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Better yet, the rubber sole is also very durable and stands up well to the abuse of frequent use. The same applies to the leather upper, which is scratch-resistant.

Moreover, this shoe is pleasantly lightweight, so the player never feels weighed down when playing in them.

The aerodynamic design of the shoe also gives explosive acceleration, which is much-needed in a high-intensity game.

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7. PUMA Men’s Future 18.4 TT Soccer Shoe

The PUMA Men’s Future 18.4 TT soccer shoe features a synthetic upper and a supportive sock extension.

This sock extension helps to give a better fit of the shoe so that the foot can’t slip out easily.

At the same time, the sock extension comes in a low profile, which allows for flexibility and maneuverability.

The soft synthetic upper gives a good first touch and adequate ball control. Additionally, the shoe is durable and has great aesthetics.

The rubber outsole has been patterned for traction, featuring multiple evenly distributed nubs for grip in all directions.

At the same time, the sole is pretty lightweight.

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So, it doesn’t hamper the player’s speed and performance. Better yet, this shoe features PUMA’s evoPOWER.

The evoPOWER technology is for players who need the added boost in their balance, stability, ball control, shot accuracy, and shot power.

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8. PUMA Men’s 365 Ignite ST Soccer Shoes

The PUMA 365 Ignite is a stylish soccer shoe that comes in an array of vibrant colors.

This makes it a perfect shoe for the player who wants to make a statement on the artificial turf field while delivering unrivaled performance.

The soft multi-colored upper of this shoe is made from mesh coated with a transparent TPU skin.

The mesh keeps the shoe breathable and comfortable against the skin, while the transparent TPU skin gives it shape and support.

Additionally, the TPU is included to give the shoe durability, especially in particular high-abrasion areas.

The low-profile rubber outsole allows for an excellent grip of the shoe so that there won’t be any slipping when using the shoe on artificial turf.

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Additionally, the cushioned midsole offers excellent shock absorption, so the feet don’t get sore even after playing for prolonged hours.

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9. adidas Men’s Predator Tango 18.3

The Adidas Predator Tango 18.3 fits like a glove – quite literally.

This soccer shoe comes with a collar insert, which gives a sock-like fit that keeps the foot intact throughout the game.

The upper of this shoe is made from a combination of mesh and synthetic material.

The combination reduces the weight of the shoe considerably, besides giving it breathability and flexibility so that the shoe fits comfortably against the player’s foot.

The upper of this shoe also has ridges around the forefoot, which give it a grippy sensation.

This design detail enhances first touch and ball control so that a player can deliver optimal performance while wearing the soccer shoes.

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The textile insole of the Adidas Predator Tango 18.3 is amply cushioned for comfort, and the outsole is made from rubber.

This rubber outsole comes with short-bladed studs made from synthetic fiber. These nubs allow for the shoe to have a firm grip on artificial turf surfaces.

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10. Nike Men’s SuperflyX 6 Academy Soccer Shoe

The upper of this shoe is made from mesh, which features Nike’s NIKESKIN technology.

This textured overlay improves the first touch of the shoe for unmatched ball control and high-speed accuracy.

The mesh upper also allows for breathability and a streamlined fit of the shoe.

The upper also comes attached with a Dynamic Fit collar.

This collar gives the shoe a snug sock-like fit, while still allowing for a full range of motion of the ankles.

At the same time, the Dynamic Fit is combined with a soft sock liner in the shoe. This cushioning lining hugs the foot for ultimate comfort and a premium feel.

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The rubber outsole comes with numerous, dense low-profile rubber studs which give the player acceleration coupled with quick directional changes.

This rubber sole is ideal for use on artificial turf. The sole is additionally non-marking, so that the soccer shoe can be worn in indoor courts as well.

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Turf Soccer Shoes Vs. Soccer Cleats: The Differences

Soccer can be played on many different surfaces, but the one constant factor is that for the player to perform competently, they need sufficient traction on the ground.

For this reason, all soccer shoes may appear to have very similar midsoles and uppers, but the difference comes when you take a look at the outsole of the shoe.

While turf shoes are designed for use on artificial turf or hard indoor surfaces, cleats are designed for outdoor use.

All these surfaces offer different ground conditions, and so the shoe needs to be designed to have excellent traction on a particular playing surface.

When it comes to cleats, these come bearing blades or molded studs on the outsole. This shoe design is suitable for use on hard, firm, or soft ground.

Ideally, the studs will often come in a detachable design so that the players can make the necessary adjustments to adapt to a different outdoor surface.

On the other hand, turf soccer shoes have various raised patterns on the rubber outsole.

This pattern is often in the form of dense aggressive treads or nubs, which are raised but shallower than the blades and studs you’d find on a cleat.

The outsole of a turf shoe is much harder than the outsole of a cleat. The tread design of a turn shoe is so that the shoe can get a grip onto the dense artificial grass surface.

On the other hand, the blade or stud design of a soccer cleat is so that the shoe can penetrate through the natural ground surface.

How to Choose Right Size for Your Turf Shoes

  • Wear Your Playing Gear

When fitting for a turf soccer shoe, go to the store while wearing the socks you would play in. If you have an ankle brace, wear it too.

This gives a more accurate fit because it will depend on the thickness of your soccer socks and well, and the design of your ankle guard.

  • Shop in The Afternoon

Our feet tend to expand as the day progresses, and so your feet will be slightly larger at the end of the day than they were in the morning.

As a result, if you go shoe shopping in the morning, you might end up with a shoe that’s a little too tight.

If you go shoe shopping in the late afternoon, however, your feet have had time to expand. So, you are more likely to find the right shoe size for all-day comfort.

  • Put on Both Shoes

Naturally, one foot is often slightly larger than the other. For this reason, you should always try on both shoes and make sure you get a size that’s closest to the larger foot.

How do you know that you have the correct sizing?

Well, while wearing the shoes, use your thumb to press down on the toe area and around the sides. This is done to feel for extra space.

Then you can reduce or increase the turf shoe size depending on the amount of extra space in the shoe.

Try multiple sizes of the same shoe to see how much extra space there is in each size, and this will ultimately give you the best fit.

  • Lace-Up

Besides trying on both shoes, make sure you lace them all the way up so that you can get an accurate feel of the fit.

Things to Consider Before Buying Turf Soccer Shoes


You should feel comfortable when walking, running, and jumping in your shoes. Any slight pain felt while in the store will only intensify once you are out on the field.

Leather shoes tend to stretch with time, thereby conforming to the natural shape of your foot and giving a customized fit. Synthetic shoes don’t.


Here, the idea is to have about 1/8-1/4” of space between your big toe and the shoe. At the same time, the heel and forefoot should feel snug.

A slightly ill-fit could be made better by adding your own insole, so consider this before buying the shoe.

A good turf soccer shoe fit should fit both the volume and width of your feet because there is a difference between the two.

While the shoe fits snug around your heel and forefoot, make sure it isn’t too narrow on the sides of your feet.

When it comes to fi8t, also consider the lateral support offered by the shoe.

An excellent fit shouldn’t let your feet move side to side as this can take a toll on your ankles, especially during a high-intensity game.

Ankle Height

Does the turf shoe have a low or high profile? Mid-profile shoes have the added advantage of providing protection for your ankles.

This, in turn, reduces the chances of sustaining a strain. The downside, however, is that the profile will limit your range of motion to an extent.

Low-cut shoes with a low profile give a better connection and feel to the ground surface.

Turf Soccer Shoes Materials

A turf soccer shoe may either be made from genuine leather or synthetic materials.

The leathers used may be full-grain, calfskin, or kangaroo leather. Leather shoes will mold to the players’ feet. They thereby give a more comfortable and customized fit.

Additionally, leather shoes are also softer, therefore, providing a better feel and for enhanced comfort.

The downside is that leather turf shoes require more maintenance, and they can also be quite heavy. They can also be quite costly when compared to synthetic shoes.

Soccer shoes made from synthetic materials are lightweight, water-resistant, easy to clean and have better shape retention seeing as they do not stretch. These shoes are also often affordably priced.

All these advantages come at a price. For starters, it takes much longer to break-in a synthetic shoe because the material is no-stretch and inorganic.

Soccer shoes made from synthetic materials are also less durable and less comfortable, seeing as they do not conform to the players’ feet.

The material a turf soccer shoe is made of can have a significant impact on the player’s performance. This is because different materials give a different feel and touch to the ball, and this can vary from player to player.

For instance, with leather, the touch is excellent, but this is often lacking when it comes to shoes made from synthetic materials.

Turf Soccer Shoes Anatomy / Main Parts


The upper of a soccer shoe impacts the player’s touch and ball control. This part could be made from genuine leathers such as full-grain leather, cowhide leather, or kangaroo leather. Alternatively, the upper could also be made from synthetic materials such as synthetic leather, plastics, or mesh.


This is the footbed of the shoe, and it determines how comfortable the player is while wearing the soccer shoe. As a result, the insole should have sufficient support and ample cushioning.


The midsole is the cushioning portion that lies between the insole and the outsole. This part is responsible for shock absorption and determines how the player feels the ground. It should, therefore, be thin, yet have sufficient cushioning.

Outer sole

This is the bottom of the shoe responsible for traction and grip. The outsole of a turf soccer shoe is often made of rubber, with numerous dense nubs for maximum traction of artificial grass fields.

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