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Brine Soccer Balls In 2020: Which One Is The Best?

In soccer, having a good ball is essential to enjoy the full experience. Soccer isn’t about scoring goals and winning games.

It’s more about feeling the ball in your feet and sense that amazing sensation of complete control over the ball. It’s an outstanding feeling that a few get to experience.

Brine soccer balls have proved that they can deliver this exact experience. Brine has released over the years hundreds of amazing soccer ball. They’re good at what they do. That’s why people love their balls.

Brine or Warrior Sport .Inc is a known brand that produces different equipment for soccer, volleyball, field hockey etc… They’ve been doing an excellent job since their foundation in 1922.

Let’s talk soccer. They offer dozens of solid soccer balls that proven to be worthy of the money. However, some of their latest releases weren’t as great as expected. So, I made this guide today to help you choose the best brine soccer balls available currently in the market.

After a lot of research and phone calls to some soccer coaches, I finally was able to come up with a list of five brine soccer balls that are the best in the market for 2020.

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Brine Soccer Balls: Best 5 Balls In The Market


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Detailed Reviews of Brine Soccer Balls


1. Brine Voracity Soccer Ball…Best Value For Money


Voracity is one of the most successful Brine soccer balls in the last years. It’s a solid ball that can endure different types of playing fields. It holds air very well due the exclusive B.E.A.R. bladder system that holds air 10x longer than normal latex (Phantom X comes with it too).

Voracity isn’t really a soft ball. It’s essentially made for match games so it was built with hard cover. Obviously, it’s not recommended for kids especially kids under 12 since this ball comes only in size 5.

Bottom line, Voracity is a reliable soccer ball that can be used for matches and training. People seem to love it on Amazon. It has received many positive reviews there. This is the go-to recommendation for indoor soccer balls.

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2. Brine Phantom X 


Brine has released this outstanding soccer ball and called it Phantom X. This ball comes with 3 colors: White (in the picture), red and yellow.

If you take a look at the cover of this ball, you’ll notice that it’s been built with maximum precision and some curly lines to make the ball stick to your feet. This will give you more control over the ball and ultimately better experience.

I’m not gonna discuss the materials because they’re top notch. The ball comes only in size 5 and offer a 2-year guarantee. It’s NFHS proved which means that this ball can be used in local competitions as well as for training purposes. Wanna improve your level on soccer ? This ball is what you’re looking for.

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3. Brine Phantom Soccer Ball…A Reliable Ball


This ball is the previous edition of the Phantom X. It’s a good ball that comes with multiple color choices and sizes (4 and 5). However, it comes deflated as it the case with all Brine soccer balls.

Phantom has a shiny and abrasion-resistant cover. In addition, it does also have the exclusive B.E.A.R system that assures the air retains in the ball for a maximum period of time. It’s softer than Voracity. It’s available with size 4 which means it can be used by kids ages 8 to 12.

This balls comes also with an amazing 3-year warranty (All Brine balls come with it). The warranty is what makes Brine service just one of its kind.

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4. Brine Championship Soccer Ball


Another good ball from Brine. It’s the Brine Championship that comes with a premium high performance glossy PU cover that gives an amazing feel to the ball. This ball comes in two colors: Black (on the picture) and pink.

It’s a hand-stitched ball that is well made. It lasts long and can be used in both practice and matches. Also, let’s not forget the 3-years warranty that comes with the ball.

This ball is fairly popular on Amazon with over 18 customer reviews which the vast majority of them are positive. This is for sure not the best Brine soccer ball. But, it’s a reliable choice.

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5. Brine Championship Ball WH/RO


Our last ball in the list is the Brine Championship WH/RO that is very similar to the previous ball.

The major difference I can see is the color and the exterior design. This ball has a better looking design. However, it’s a good soccer ball that have the same specs as Brine Championship (ball above).

Actually, this royal blue design that this ball has was the main reason this ball made it to the list. It’s an elegant design that comes with a strong construction and good performance.

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Which Ball To Choose ?


All these soccer balls are good choices. However, as you can see from the table at the beginning of this post, I do believe that the new model Phantom X and Voracity are the best brine soccer balls in the market. Though the Phantom X is certainly a more durable ball, Voracity can be a good choice if you have a limited budget.

Besides, if you’re a person who appreciates good design. Then, you may choose your ball based on which one has the best exterior design.

I don’t want you to worry about durability, curve and other technical details here. All these soccer balls are very reliable and most importantly come with a 3-years warranty.

So, just pick the one that seems more adequate to your needs and budget. It’s as simple as that. Don’t let yourself waste more time on reading dozens of technical articles. Just pick one from the list above.

If you have any specific needs and you don’t know which ball to choose, you’re welcome to describe your situation in a comment below and I’ll reply with the best options for your particular situation. 


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