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Cheap Soccer Balls For Less Than 25$

Since you landed on this page, it means that you’re looking for some good cheap soccer balls.

You’re looking for something that is affordable and at the same time you don’t want to risk getting a low quality product.

The good news is that you can actually have both. You can have a good quality and low priced soccer ball that will last for a long period.

Obviously, a 25$ ball cannot be as good as an over 50$ ball. But, if you have a good experience with soccer balls and a lot of time to do the research (like me), you can actually find some really good deals.

In this post, I wanna share with you the results of my research. So, you don’t have to waste your time nor your efforts looking for best cheap deals on soccer balls. I got you, buddy.

Here are, in my opinion, the best five soccer balls that you can get for less than 25$ and not regret it a week later. These balls were chosen based on both my personal experience and what everybody is saying about them.


Cheap Soccer Balls: My Recommended List


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1. Nike Pitch Premier League Soccer Ball: My Favorite One


It’s one of the best balls that Nike has released recently. I purchased it a few  weeks back for my nephew. He loves it. Actually, I played with him using this exact ball and it was just amazing.

This ball comes with TPU to assure great touch and long durability that can endure tough playing fields. Also, it has a beautiful design as you can see in the picture.

This ball is amazing and very affordable to anyone. It’s definitely one of the best balls ou there.

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2. Adidas X Glider II Soccer Ball


It has a machine stitched construction along side with an internal nylon wound carcass for maximum durability and great performance. A solid exterior design to endure different playing fields.

Adidas X Glider 2 is a cheap soccer ball that can actually survives weeks of intensive usage. It’s a strong ball that can be used for many purposes either indoor or outdoor.

It’s good choice that comes in all major sizes. Which means they have sizes for adults and kids too.

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3. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball: The Cheapest Ball Ever


It’s one of the most popular soccer balls on Amazon. It has over hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon for example

Wilson Traditional doesn’t have a good design that can blow your mind. However, it’s a good ball that can do the work especially if you’re not willing to use it constantly.

This ball is insanely cheap. Honestly, I’ve never bought this ball because I don’t believe that a ball this cheap can be that decent. But, after seeing all those positive reviews on Amazon, I thought that I have to add it here to be fairly objective.

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4. Adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball: For MLS Fans


This is another ball from the leader of soccer balls industry, Adidas. MLS glider is a decent ball that can be considered as reliable ball.

It has a strong internal structure and an attractive design that makes it stand out. Besides, It’s part of the MLS collection in case you were a fan.

This ball has had many positive reviews from its buyers on Amazon. They claim to be a good ball that has a good feeling and nice curve.

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5. Adidas Starlancer V Soccer Ball: Another Reliable Ball


The Adidas Starlancer V is a really good soccer ball. Its construction was built using a  machine to make sure maximum durability.

This ball has a good design and a soft touch which makes it a good choice for kids less than 12 years old.

Bottom line, it’s a really cheap soccer ball with good materials that can last long enough for people who use it occasionally.

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It’s Up To You My Friend..

Those were my recommended list of the best cheap soccer balls available in the market at the time of writing this post. I tried to include different brands and styles to meet different preferences.

However, the balls that are listed above aren’t good choices if you wanna go pro or wanna participate in serious local competitions. These balls are good for amateurs and especially kids.

If you’re looking for something better, then I’d highly recommend checking out guide on the top soccer balls to buy in 2020.

If you have any questions or suggestions of good soccer balls to add to the list, then feel free to use the comments section below or contact me directly using our contact form.


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