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How Much Money do Professional Soccer Players Make [ANSWERED]

Professional soccer or football as it’s popularly known in various parts of the globe is a game whose players are known to earn handsomely.

Some of the renowned soccer elite players are ranked among the richest in the world.

And while there have been conversations about how much they actually pocket, some are high-end rumors.

So how much do professional soccer players really make?

We unveil in this article.

How do soccer players make money?

First, it’s important to note that, the amount of money various soccer players receive depends on the clubs they play for.

  1. Professional football playing

Like any other profession out there, soccer clubs give players wage offers to attract them into playing for them.

And although the amount might seem huge to outsiders, it really isn’t given that they also have to pay taxes and agent fees.

  1. Sponsorship

For the most sought players on the soccer scene, sponsorship is one of the main ways in which they make money.

They sign deals with various companies for agreeing to showcase some of their products while playing.

For instance, a player can agree to use a specific brand’s soccer boots

This also applies to the items they decide to use in their daily lives that could influence supporters into doing the same.

It could be the make of the car they drive, where they go hanging out, the drinks they order, etc.

Organizations part with millions just to see themselves associated with the big shots in professional soccer.

  1. Investments

Many football players know the importance of investing.

And since their football careers tend to be short-lived, they always have to look for ways to ensure they maintain their lifestyles even after retirement.

Most of them have invested in real estate, entertainment joints, among others.

Their investment contributes to their thick bank balances.

  1. Autobiographies

When a player has lived a successful soccer life and has now retired, they might want to reassess their journey and note some admirable milestones.

If what they have can make a worth read to their fans/soccer lovers and the world, then penning down an autobiography is ideal.

The money they make might not be huge as compared to their weekly football wages, but every buck does count, right?

  1. Coaching

Most of today’s famous soccer coaches ( Alex Ferguson, Steve Bruce, etc.) used to play at one time.

This gives them a 1st hand all-around experience about playing soccer and the life of a football player.

Their pay is pretty great too, making it a lucrative opportunity for retiring players.

  1. Punditry

When you have spent most of your youth playing soccer, you get used to it ad talks surrounding it excites you.

That’s why some professional soccer players tend to head into punditry as soon as they hung up their boots.

Their opinions are valuable in various football live shows and they get paid to part of them.

Why do soccer players get paid so much?

Soccer players get to earn a lot because their clubs are already making so much.

But, is that the only reason?

Of course not! In the actual sense, the wages of players escalate depending on the supply and demand chain.

There’s no doubt that soccer is one of the most popular sport worldwide.

But even with various young soccer players aspiring to reach the top, only a few of them survive through the tough completion to emerge the finest and be selected by clubs to represent them in international matches or best leagues.

Because it’s in such matches and leagues that real money is.

Additionally, in soccer, the best bidders win the player.

So once a player is good, clubs fight to sign them in by offering the best deals.

And as you can see, it still boils down to demand& supply.

So if the popularity of the game was to fall, then the wages will be automatically affected.

How Much Money Do Professional Soccer Players Make?

There’s no absolute answer to this question because it all boils down to many factors.

For instance, the ability of the player greatly influences the value of their paycheck.

Also, gender and the location of their football club contributes to how much they receive.

Currently, female players earn very little as compared to their male counterparts, which has discouraged growth in that sector.

Also, a professional soccer player playing for a team in Africa, cannot earn the same as one in those big premier leagues in Europe.

That’s the reason as why most of them are always on the lookout for greener pastures outside their country, where there’s the hope of better payment terms.

But generally, some soccer players receive as low as $24,000 and those who earn as high as $53million.

And of course, some earn anywhere in between.

Average Soccer Player Salary Premier League (England)

The English Premier League is recognized worldwide as one of the highest paying leagues.

And with the fast digital evolution taking place, it has been getting better and better over the years.

Credible information from UK’s Professional Footballer’s Association states that players in the premier league receive an average of £50,000 a week!

What is more exciting, however, is that this is an estimate of the standard pay.

So some refined players earn way above this and this helps to balance the expectations.

Take for instance Manchester United. The top earner in the club, David De Gea pockets a cool £375,000 a week.

While the average earner Matteo Darmian receives £45,000, which is the league’s standard pay per week.

Other club members’ bags between £10,000 – £35,000, a week.

Average Soccer Player Salary La Liga (Spain)

Spain is home to some of the most famous football teams in the world; Real Madrid and Barcelona.

And although La Liga includes those teams, it also has room for some upcoming soccer teams the likes of Valladolid and Huesco

Because of this, there’s a disparity in terms of player earnings. This largely depends on their position at the ranking take of La Liga.

Let’s take Barcelona (currently number 1 on the chart, for instance, their LaLiga’s budget for 2018/19 was €632,971,000, while that of Valladolid (at the bottom of the table) was €23,882,000.

See the huge difference?

So typically, the standard La Liga player bags around $1,901,008 per season or $36,557 per week.

How much do Serie A players make?

Serie A had its heyday in the 1990s.
Its popularity was likened to that of today’s English Premier League.

But it’s still doing given that clubs are still interested to play.

Currently, Juvantus is the big boss of Italian football.

And having bagged the league title 7 times, then your guess is as good as mine; their players earn the highest wages.

Trustworthy sources indicate that most of the team’s players earn more than €50,000 per week!

And during the recent sign-up of Aoron Ramsey, they offered him a deal of €400,000 per week, which is way above his current market worth.

On the other hand, a stroll around the league indicates that the standard annual income of a Serie A player is around £1.33 million.

And this’s like half of what a standard player in the English premier league bags.

Who Are the Highest Paid Soccer Players? (2020)

  1. Lionel Messi

Currently standing at number 1 as the highest-paid soccer player, Lionel Messi, bags a cool  £ 40 million per year.

His contract signing with the famous Barcelona Club earned him £26.4 per year. And this’s without incentives.

This is roughly  £550,000 weekly, after tax.

He stands to enjoy wage increase if he continues with his exemplary performance.

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is now signed with the Juventus FC, where he receives Cristiano Ronaldo30 million per year.

This makes it around £500,000 per week, earning him 2nd place after Messi.

  1. Antoine Griezman

Antoine Griezman is the “new kid in the block” after his exemplary performance at the World cup.

Evidently, his efforts were not in vain as this earned him a signed deal with FC Barcelona that increases his bank account balance by £ 3.3 million per month.

  1. Naymar

Even after being overthrown from number three by Antoine Griezman, Naymar still enjoys a fat bank account.

He’s among the most expensive soccer players in the world.

Currently, he’s signed up for 5 years with the PSG, which guarantees him a cool £3.06 per month, after tax.

  1. Luiz Suaraz

Presently playing as a striker for FC Barcelona, Luiz Suaraz, has not only made a name for himself by winning several trophies.

He has been well rewarded for his efforts and earns a wage of £2.9 million a  month, after tax.

  1. Gareth Bale

Currently playing for Real Madrid, this talented player signed a deal of £108 million spread over six years until 2022.

This’s topped up with £346,000 per week.

  1. Philippe Coutinho

Coutihno takes the day when it comes to soccer in Spain.

He earns £2.2 million a month and is currently playing for FC Bayern, after being loaned from Barcelona.

  1. Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanches is currently on a loan from Manchester United and is playing for Inter Milan.

His wage per month is calculated at £500,000, which comprises of incentives of  £75,000.

  1. Givanildo Vieira de Sousa (Hulk)

He is currently playing for Shanghai SIPG, a Chinese club, where he pockets a cool £317,000 per week.

Previously, he was playing for Zenit St. Petersburg.

  1. Graziano Pelle

He is also playing for Shandong Luneng, a Chinese club after leaving Southampton.

He signed a deal of £260,000 a week to join the top ten most paid soccer players in the world.’

FAQ About Highest Paid Soccer Players

Who is the richest soccer player?

Lionnel Messi. Earns £ 40 million per year.

Do soccer players get paid weekly?

Yes, they do.

In fact, most of their wages are calculated weekly.

What sport pays the most?

Basketball is ranked 1st, with an average wage of 4.7 million per week

Who is the lowest-paid player in Premier League?

The lowest-paid player in the premier league is usually calculated by the minutes they have played.

Currently, West Ham United’s Declan Rice ranks lowest having earned £3,000 a week up, until December 28th.

He had played for 2026 minutes in the Premier League


As you can see, soccer players’ earnings, largely depend on their brand.

The more famous and skillful one is, the more they earn and vice versa.

Football clubs usually compete against each other to sign elite players.

And because of that, the earnings of soccer players keep increasing yearly.

So if you want to earn well in the football sector, then first invest in yourself by sharpening your skills.

Afterward, everything will flow. Coaches will be after you and you will possess higher bargaining power just like Messi, Ronaldo and the other top 10 earners in the list above.

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