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Indoor Soccer Balls: The Definitive Buying Guide

Since you landed on this page, it means that you’re looking for some solid indoor soccer balls.

You may be willing to use them inside your house, in tennis courts or in basketball courts. You came exactly to the right place, buddy !

First of all, let me salute you for deciding to buy a specific indoor ball instead of using regular balls like everybody does these days. Most people consider all soccer balls to be the same.

That’s a huge mistake. It’s the reason why people are complaining about why a certain ball doesn’t have a good curve or why it doesn’t hold air. And the list goes on..

It’s critical to understand that there are many soccer balls types which are built differently. Each type is built using different materials so that each type ought to be used in a certain context.

Using the same ball in all kind of activities: futsal, indoor, soccer matchs and training can only defect your ball and worst of all will make your playing experience awful. You certainly don’t want that to happen, right ?

So, in this post I’ll share with you my favorite list of indoor soccer balls which I consider to be the best options available currently in the market.

These four balls below have been picked carefully after a lot of research and debate with my friends. Therefore, I do really believe in them and I think that you won’t regret having one of them.


Indoor Soccer Balls Vs Futsal Balls


It’s a common mistake to confound indoor ball with futsal balls. The reason this mistake is very common is due to a misunderstanding of what an indoor soccer ball is meant for.

We all get that futsal ball is the ball that people use in matches which take place in a smaller covered field with teams of five players each. However, indoor balls still are a little bit ambiguous. Indoor soccer balls are used in fields which are not necessarily built for soccer. For example, you can use them at home, on a tennis court, on a basketball court or on your backyard.

However, the real difference between futsal balls and indoor balls are technical. Futsal balls are smaller (usually size 4) than indoor balls and they have a specific bladder that is field with foam to make the ball heavier and have less bounce.

Indoor balls in the other hand have also a less bounce than outdoor soccer balls. But, the difference is that they have an outer covering that is built with materials similar to those used in tennis balls. So, they are softer than futsal balls.

As you can see, there is a huge difference between the two types which make the whole user experience incomparable. That’s why I dedicated a whole segment to clear this up. Now, I guess that you know for sure what kind of soccer ball you need. If indoor soccer balls still what you’re looking for, then see below my recommended list.


Best Four Indoor Soccer Balls In The Market


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1. Mikasa Indoor Soccer Ball: Best Value For Money


This is my first recommendation to anyone who’s looking for an indoor ball. Mikasa Indoor is a soccer ball that is built for indoor. Period.

It’s a hand stitched ball with soft outer cover which makes it feel outstanding in the feet. This ball comes only in size 5. Besides, it comes with 1-year warranty.

It’s the top rated indoor soccer ball on Amazon with over 97% positive reviews until the moment of writing this post.

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2. Mikasa FT5 Goal Master (Size 5): Another Beauty From Mikasa


 Mikasa produces great soccer balls. This FT5 goal master dedicated to indoor activities is no exception. It’s an official ball to play Footvolley which means playing Volleyball using a soccer ball.

This is a solid ball that can last longer than most soccer balls would. It’s built with high attention to all the details from the manufacturing techniques to the used material.

It’s one of the best rated indoor balls on Amazon with over 113 customer reviews and a rating of 4.5/5. Bottom line, I totally recommend it.

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3. Select Sport America Speed Indoor Soccer Ball: A Premium Quality


 Select Sport America is know for the amazing balls they produce. I hope this ball won’t be an exception. It’s an amazing ball designed specifically for indoor activities on hardwood surfaces.

It’s a light ball that comes with a soft felt outer cover built essentially for kids. As usual, this ball comes with 1-year warranty which proves that the makers are confident of the durability of this ball.

This price of this ball is a little bit higher than average indoor balls. However, we hope that it’s for a good reason. This ball is recently added to Amazon which explains why there are no reviews yet.

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4. Tachikara Ss32 Soft Kick Ball: Perfect For Toddlers 


 It’s an amazing ball with a soft outer surface that makes it perfect for toddlers. So, if you’re looking for a soft ball for your child, this is the one.

It’s a ball that was designed for recreational play and indoor training for kids. It’s designed for youngsters under 12 years old looking for a safe ball to use for indoor practice.

All reviews are saying that this a perfect ball for inside the house activities. It comes only with a size 4.

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Still Feeling Confused? Read THIS !

I know that sometimes it gets really difficult to choose when you have so many options in front of you. But, let me make it easier for you.

First thing to consider, who’s gonna use this ball? Is it a 12 years old, an adult or a toddler. If it’s an adult or a kid over 12 years old, then I highly recommend Mikasa Indoor or Mikasa FT5 Goal Master. Pick the ball that seems most appealing to you.

If you have a bigger budget and would want something that lasts longer, then you may go for the Select Speed Indoor Ball. It’s that simple.

However, if it’s a child who’s gonna use it then the soft Tachikara Indoor Ball is what you’re looking for. It’s affordable and a safe choice for any parent. Besides, people are loving it on Amazon.

In case you’re looking for something even cheaper, then my list of the Best Cheap Soccer Balls will help you a lot. But, keep in mind that those balls are mainly for training and match games (outdoor activities).

As usual, if you have any questions or suggestions you can leave your comment below and I’ll answer you as soon as I can.


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