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Nike GK Vapor Grip 3 Goalie Gloves Review

We all know that being the best goalkeeper for your team and to have a chance of winning goalkeeper awards isn’t an easy thing.

To help you get off the ground, you need the help of an adjustable fitting and quality padding goalie gloves that catch balls magnificently, and this is where the Nike GK grip 3 goalie gloves come in.

Nike GK Grip 3 Gloves Review

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As a soccer enthusiast, the most important thing is making sure you know your tools like the way farmers do.

Yes, there’s no sense being in love with something without putting the effort of identifying the best of tools to use that bring tremendous results.

Now, when it comes to goalkeeping, Grip 3 is not your typical gloves but ones that are designed with adjustable abilities and excellent padding, which offers you strength and confidence to catch balls, even those coming from steady shots.

The gloves are brought to you under ASIN number B07D6SQTL8 and are guaranteed gloves that promise you the best of goalkeeping experience because, as we all know, Nike has never failed its customers by their products.

They are classical gloves with added control and perfect gripping force that helps you handle balls smoothly.

Additionally, the gloves are designed to support your hands with an injury preventing capabilities.

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Even better, these gloves are brought to you with a latex palm, which increases the gripping power and is durable even in harsh weather conditions.

Still, on the good about these gloves, they give you a chance to improve your goalkeeping prowess because of their breathable materials that help in reducing sweating so you can focus on catching balls and not suffer the desire of changing gloves time after time.

To add to that, these gloves are also the right choice for everyone because they are secure, tight, comfortable, and fitting with their wrist supportive mechanism that is made of Velcro materials. This feature makes these gloves suitable for beginner goalkeepers and even big names in the game.

They also come in sizes of ranges from 8, 9, and 10, which fit almost anyone looking to use them for their practices and real-time catching of balls during matches.


  • Made with sturdy materials that withstand dry and wet conditions
  • Excellent gripping forces for easy and tight catching of balls
  • Suitable for all levels of goalkeeper experiences
  • Designed with injury preventing mechanism
  • Comes from trusted makers- Nike brand


  • Wear easily and breaks

Nike GK Vapor Grip 3 Key Features

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  • Comes with ACC technology design that offers maximum control in all weather conditions.
  • The Grip3 make-up is made to wrap inside your thumbs, pinkie, and forefingers, which provide extra powers in catching balls quickly and avoids deflecting.
  • They are made with an extended wrapping for the palms, which is close to your skin to add the gripping power.
  • The make-up materials are divided into percentages, which are 70% is complete latex, nylon covers 16%, and polyester takes 13% while 1% is polyurethane; all these materials help these gloves to be sturdy and perfect in on harsh weather conditions.
  • Their size depends upon the size of your palms and fingers, but when it comes to their recommendation, about half an inch or a full inch is best to make sure they have a perfectly intact with your skin.

The bottom line

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced goalkeeper, these gloves are the right choice for you.

They are made to help all levels catch balls with enough gripping efforts and during any weather conditions.

Additionally, these gloves offer you these features under a pocket-friendly price.

The only downside is that their longevity is questionable.

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