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Size 3 Soccer Balls For Kids Under 8

I know it’s hard sometimes to find some good size 3 soccer balls in the market. The reason is that some retailers don’t provide enough quantity of soccer balls with size 3 in their stores.

You go to a certain store and you’ll definitely find size 4 and 5 are available but then you’ll see that they ran out of size 3 of that same ball.

It’s nothing personal. It’s just that demand is higher for size 4 and 5. So, the store, seeking to reduce the expenses of the warehouse and related costs, doesn’t keep enough quantity of size 3 soccer balls in its warehouses. As a result, the store runs out of size 3 more often then other sizes.

Therefore, I wanted to create a quick guide for parents looking to purchase a soccer ball for their under 8 years old kids.

In this post you’ll get to know my recommended list of the best size 3 soccer balls for your kid. These balls in this list were designed specifically for kids under 8.

Check them out !

Best Size 3 Soccer Balls: My Recommended List

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1. Spalding Rookie Gear Soccer Ball…Specifically Designed For Kids


I don’t know if you ever heard of Spalding. But, they’re the official supplier of the NBA and WNBA which means they’re the best at manufacturing basketballs. However, they released a limited series of soccer balls dedicated to kids only.

This ball you see in the picture (on your right) is the Spalding Rookie Gear. This balls was built specifically for kids ages 8 and under. This ball weight 25% less than regular size 3 soccer balls. This way the ball will be a lot easier to play with.

It’s a solid ball that can last for long period of time even with regular usage. It has over 140 positive customer reviews on Amazon. It seems like everybody’s loving it.

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2. Adidas MLS Top Glider Soccer Ball…A great ball


The MLS Top Glider is an amazing solid soccer ball for all ages. The great news is that it does come with size 3 and have a soft touch and light weight which make it perfect for kids. Its design is similar to the balls actually used on the MLS soccer competitions.

It’s a great ball with strong interior construction that can endure hard playing fields. It has also a special TPU exterior material to resist abrasion and last longer.

Most importantly, people seem to like the quality of this ball. This ball has almost 100 reviews with high positive rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon. Check it out using the link below !

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3. Mikasa Serious Soccer Balls…Still A Good Choice


Generally, Mikasa Balls are always a great choice. This one isn’t an exception. It’s a good ball built with high-quality materials that gives this ball a high durability. It’s available with different colors and most importantly with size 3.

Mikasa Serious is a solid ball a butyl bladder to ensure maximum air retention. Its stitched synthetic leather cover gives a great feel when playing with the ball.

Besides, it’s really affordable for pretty much everyone. The reviews on Amazon are actually encouraging with over 232 reviews and a rating of 4.5/5. It’s one of the best sellers on Amazon in soccer balls category.

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4. Adidas Champion’s League Finale Capitano Soccer Ball


Adidas is certainly the most known manufacturer of soccer balls in the world. They have so many great balls in the market. One of their best balls is the Capitano Soccer Ball that is part of the balls collection used in Champions League Finale.

This ball comes with a really attractive design that makes it stand out from other balls. It comes with different colors and sizes. Its size 3 is really a good choice for kids under 8.

It has a strong construction that gives this ball a long durability and amazing performance. It can endure usage on daily basis by a kid. It’s a good choice to consider.

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5. Adidas Performance EPP Glider


This is the second time I recommend this ball in this blog. This ball made it to the list for best soccer balls that are generally size 4 and 5. However, its size 3 is actually not bad at all. The soft touch of this ball makes it actually adequate for youngsters ages 8 and under.

This ball comes generally in three colors: blue (as in the picture), pink and green. The pink can be a good option for girls under 8. Most balls don’t come in pink. But, this one does.

The ball is very popular on Amazon. It has over 250 customer reviews with an average rating of 4.5/5 which means it’s a good ball. Check out reviews using link below !

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Which One To Choose ?


I do believe that all soccer balls mentioned in this guide are worth it. I’ve done a lot of research which resulted in those 5 balls to be the most convenient soccer balls for kids under 8.

However, I’d recommend for example Spalding Rookie Gear Ball for toddlers and kids under 5 years old. The reason is that this ball is smaller than most size 3 balls and it has a really soft and harmless exterior cover.

In case you have a 7/8 years old kid, then the Spalding Ball may be a little bit less challenging for him. So, you’d wanna give him something bigger and more close to real soccer balls. The Adidas MLS Top Glider is the way to go then. It’s well designed, similar to premium balls and it’s totally harmless for kids.

I hope this guide has helped you find an awesome ball for your kid. I’d really appreciate you leaving a comment on this post to let me know if this guide was of help or no. I’m open to suggestions of any kind.

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