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Soccer Ball Machines: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide In 2020

If you are from the US, you would know about soccer and its popularity.

Parents are trying their best to help kids ace the game while the coaches design easy techniques to help make the right shot.

This calls for soccer ball machines that are aimed at optimizing the chances.

Soccer ball machine can be named as the training equipment that helps to understand the pitch, and the right launch is essential to read the game and understand the knacks.

So, if you need to work on your shots at home, we have the best soccer ball machines that are equally good for training at home and in the field.

So, have a look!

Best Soccer Ball Machines In 2020

1. First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine

When it comes to soccer, the game is designed to keep the players active and healthy, and it’s needless to say, it assures that.

With this First Pitch Playmaker Soccer Ball Machine, the players are empowered to simulate shots, passes, and the real game situations because that integrates experience.

In addition, soccer aspirants can practice corner kicks and crosses because soccer is all about practice.

The kicks can be simulated up to 80 yards, which are pretty apt considering the beginners. For the goalies, this machine can help hone multiple types of shots.

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Furthermore, the left and right curve kicks can be simulated all the same.

With its automatic features, it has become one of the top choices.

The ball throwing speed is almost 100 mph that helps midfielders and goalkeepers all the same.

In conclusion, the players will be able to pitch, make headers, hone the scissor kicks, and aim for bicycle kicks.

  • Automatic working
  • Simulation of shots and passes
  • 80-yard coverage
  • 100 mph speed
  • Multiple shots
  • Scissor kicks and bicycle kicking practice
  • Not suitable for professionals

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2. Jugs Soccer Machine

When it comes to soccer, there are multiple brands trying to help people ace at the game.

However, the Jugs Sports brand has managed to saturate the market with a top-notch range.

With this soccer machine, they have cranked up the notch with efficient moving and portable design.

This machine is extremely lightweight to ensure there is no difficulty in carrying it around.

The machine is automatic and uses two ΒΌ horsepower that has the ability to cover 80 yards. The working speed is 90 mph.

There are adjustment options available for height and spinning speed.

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No matter if you are an adult or a teenager, this ball soccer machine will help you practice passes and shots perfectly.

  • Portable
  • Easy to use and move
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
  • Spin adjustment
  • Height adjustment
  • Apt for adults and teenagers
  • Optimal horsepower
  • Only pass and shot practicing is available

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3. Globus Eurogoal 1500 Shooting Machine

When it comes to shooting machines, this machine has cranked up the notch.

It offers short shooting ranges as compared to other machines that only offer long shooting range.

This shooting has to be the best one in the market.

The prime reason for its popularity is a higher power and shooing range.

The machine is equally suitable for beginners, professionals, kids, and advanced players.

In addition, there are multiple options available regarding the trajectories.

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Furthermore, this machine has the ability to simulate real matching situations along with the propagation of real match conditions to improve the overall experience.

With this machine, players can serve goal shots without any obstruction.

This shooting machine allows the user to make high arching shots and crosses them with ultimate realism.

The shooting speed can blow up to 140 km per hour, which is hardly available in other shooting machines in the market.

  • Short shooting ranges
  • High arching shots
  • Higher power
  • Goal shots
  • 140 km per hour shooting speed
  • Suitable for everyone and every skill level
  • None

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4. Mule Pro Trainer

If you are a player who likes to experiment with multiple positions, this shooting machine is the optimal choice.

This machine has a tendency to offer a realistic experience.

The best thing about this machine is its teaching capabilities as it helps to improve soccer skills.

In addition, there is no need to buy batteries or use electricity.

To ensure you have the best time during the travel and vacation, this machine offers a portable design that can be collapsed into a smaller version.

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In regards to the shooting range, 50 yards are offered by this shooting machine.

The best part of this shooting machine is its ability to protect the ball cover as there is no damaging of cover.

In addition, it doesn’t let the ball warp. Furthermore, players will be able to hone their skills which are better as it helps them build confidence in the game.

In conclusion, the shooting machine offers healthy experience by improving muscle memory, and it will help you make the right shots in the longer run.

  • Multiple positions
  • Realistic experience
  • No need to buy batteries or opt for the power supply
  • Portable design
  • 50 yards range
  • Doesn’t impact the ball cover or warp the ball
  • Muscle memory development
  • Helps in building confidence by improving skills
  • Expensive

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5. Kwik Goal Strike Attack (Battery Operated Unit)

If you want something that helps you enjoy soccer while traveling, this ball shooting machine will be the apt option.

This shooting machine allows the users to cross the session and make continuous shots.

This strike attack allows the players to make realistic curves and bends the balls.

The ball bending is, in fact, a positive thing as it allows the players to stay consistent in shots and control the ball as per the shot.

The players can personalize the direction, height, and spin type, and once personalized, it can be locked.

kwik soccer ball machine

This locking feature provides the optimal gaming experience during the later games. Moreover, this feature is helpful for beginners and trainees.

In addition, the players can personalize the speed, direction, and distance for training purposes and be changed whenever you want.

The machine can be charged, and it lets you play for four hours, and spin speed can be set at zero as well.

The distance covered is over 70 yards, and the shooting speed is around 75 mph. To optimize the easy and quick movement, players can use the rear handle.

When you buy this machine, it will come with a battery and charger to ensure zero additional charges.

Once charged, you can use the machine of uneven fields, grass fields, damp surfaces, and the synthetic turf as well.

  • Continuous shots
  • Realistic curves
  • Ball bending
  • Ability to personalize the direction, height, spin, and speed
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Zero spin speed is possible
  • 70 yards coverage
  • 75 mph speed
  • Ability to work on all surfaces
  • Battery life is only four hours

What Is A Soccer Ball Machine/Launcher?

Soccer is the game that can be honed only by practicing more and more, and the soccer ball machine is the perfect option for soccer training.

No matter if you want to practice on shots, traps, volleys, headers, or one-touch passes, soccer ball machines are the optimal choices.

The machines throw or kick the ball back at you, and you can practice as you want.

In addition, players have been using the machine to simulate the shots.

These machines not only offer power and durability but flexibility as well.

In other words, the players will be able to reach their potential by honing the shot simulation and drill passing.

There are multiple settings, and most machines use two tires.

However, when the ball count is concerned, it can help by using three, four, or five balls considering different models.

How Does Soccer Ball Machine Work?

The prime aim of these soccer ball machines is to train the soccer players and helps in optimizing the ball receiving.

In other words, this machine helps by removing bad habits such as ball touching. These machines are helping players hone the trap, valley, receive, and heading the ball.

In other words, the soccer ball machines help players learn ball kicking, and the only machine can do that to ensure a pro-level.

So, by using these machines, you will be able to gain success on the pitch. These machines serve the balls, and you can practice kicking without an additional server.

There are hundreds and thousands of ball touches possible with the ball, and it also helps in rolling the ball and driving them.

This means the availability of multiple strategies to hone the shot. You will also learn to shoot and kick the ball according to the environment and pitch.

Benefits Of Using A Soccer Ball Machine

  • Players can practice drilling, rolling, and bouncing without any additional help
  • There are multiple touches available which poses a positive impact on skill development
  • The players are able to serve the ball themselves
  • There is no need to ask someone else’s help because the machine does it all
  • The coaches can focus on teaching the techniques, skills, and strategies instead of serving the ball
  • The players get enough training
  • There are multiple speeds available in these machines that speak volumes about the versatility
  • A wide range of speed section is offered to range from 20 mph to 90 mph

Features To Consider When Buying A Soccer Ball Machine

Whenever you are investing in something, it needs to provide value and return on your investment.

When it comes to soccer ball machines, it offers a nice throw and serving through which players can train themselves.

This sheds light on the importance of soccer ball machines.

So, this means you need to invest in the right machine, and if you have a knack for it, have a look at the following features that you need to consider.

  • There are multiple features based on the type of training you intend on getting because the features change with model and price
  • You need to create a priority list because only you know what you need to learn and improve
  • Make sure the machine is durable because training and practicing is an on-going process
  • Make sure the machine comes with a warranty
  • Always conduct research before making a final call regarding the machine because that’s the only way to get the perfect option

The Bottom Line

Soccer is American Football, and it requires a lot of training and improvement.

There are times when a coach or additional help isn’t available to help you practice or serve the ball.

This is where these soccer ball machines help.

With this article, we have tried to help you find the best one in the market.

So, set your priorities and get on the way to enjoy and ace the game like never before!

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