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Soccer Equipment List: 15 Items Your Kid Needs

If your kid loves soccer and you’re contemplating signing them up for seasonal youth soccer, then they will need some game items.

While it’s quite obvious that a soccer ball comes in handy, they will also need some essentials such as the Shin Guards, Kitbag, Soccer Cleats, among others.

However, since you aren’t used to this, you might end up overlooking some items.

And that’s why we have compiled a list of essential soccer equipment, to help you get ready for the much-awaited matches.

How Much Does Soccer Equipment Cost?

Before we get to the list of essentials, we feel the need to give a glimpse of the cost of soccer equipment, so you get ready psychologically.

First, it’s important to note that although the sporting equipment cost for minor leagues has been on a significant rise in the past few years, soccer still remains among the least expensive sports for kids to play, worldwide.

And because of this, it continues to receive the largest number of interested participants all year long.

The game requires a minimal cost to operate and therefore the league fees usually range from $50-$200 per child, depending on your location.

For most academies, the initial sign -up fees includes socks and the team jerseys.

You, therefore, will have to purchase other essentials for your child, which could cost you anything between $60 -$300.

There are various online and local stores dealing with sports equipment at a competitive price.

Just need to take your time comparing prices and then narrow down to the best deal.

Be careful, however, not to compromise quality over a few extra bucks.

You should approximately, expect to spend around $250 per year to keep your child in a soccer academy.

Below is a list of 15 basic soccer items your child will need;

Soccer Equipment List For Your Kid (CHECKLIST)

1. Soccer Trainers

It’s very easy for guardians to overlook the importance of soccer trainers. Don’t be one of them.

You see, your child will get the chance to play anywhere and at whatever time. It could be outdoors or indoors where they can’t use cleats.

As a result, they will require trainers to practice on some surfaces.

You can easily find customized ones for soccer at various sports stores.

2. Soccer Cleats

Now that your little athlete is pound to play for their team and proceed to represent their team in regulation dependent leagues, they will have to wear soccer cleats.

It’s a must so no other way around it.

Cleats help soccer players achieve balance in the field, preventing them from unnecessary slipping, which could easily lead to injuries.

They also guarantee feet protection as they always come with special padding.

If you don’t know how to go about the selection processes, we advise you to seek the help of a soccer professional or the team coach.

They should help you pick soccer cleats that are a perfect fit. Some teams have specifications, so be sure to inquire first.

3. Soccer Ball

A soccer ball comes as an automatic should have equipment for players.

Your child needs to practice whenever they have time and at any place.

So it’s a great idea, to purchase one for them to upscale their skills, even when at home or the nearby park with friends.

Ensure to pay close attention to size and material. Both durability and suitability are important.

4. Shin Guards

Being in the soccer field means your child is exposed to injuries.

But you can do something to protect them and that’s by getting them quality shin guards.

They are a must requirement in most matches and you wouldn’t want to deny your child the chance to showcase their skills.

And like many other items, the shin guards also come in different sizes and designs, so pay close attention to the specifications of their team before making an order.

Also, above anything else, consider comfort.

Your child should be comfortable in whatever accessory you purchase for them, least they won’t even enjoy the game.

5. Water Bottle

Yes, you heard us right. That water bottle you have been ignoring at your local store is equally important in helping fulfill your child’s soccer dream.

Why? Soccer players tend to lose a lot of water through sweating.

Remember, they will spend most of their time in the field running.

So you will need a quality water bottle to pack for them whenever they leave home for training or matches.

It doesn’t matter if the team provides water, having an extra bottle of water is always a plus.

6. Soccer Shirts

Yes, the team might be providing jerseys, but most of the time they are preserved for matches.

Therefore, you will have to purchase your child some extra soccer shirts to use during training sessions and when practicing at home.

It would be a great idea to let your child select which shirts they want as most of them want to be associated with their favorite soccer stars.

As for the size and material, ensure the shirt fits perfectly. Not too tight or too loose.

Also, the material should be able to absorb sweat and not get dirty quickly.

7. Soccer Socks

Socks are important accessories for soccer players. Your child needs some to boost their confidence during training. Everyone has a pair.

If there are no specifications from the team about the color of socks you should purchase, then we advise you to avoid overly bright ones.

This is because they show dirt quite easily. Also cleaning them with be an uphill task.

You want your child to remain presentable even after the match/training. So always go for dull colors.

8. Soccer Shorts

Now that we have already spoken about soccer shirts, your child will definitely require a pair shorts to pair them with.

Having an extra pair will give you an easy time to clean and dry between training as the game can get messy.

Like socks, always go for dull-colored shorts as they make cleaning easy.

Also, the shorts should be of the right size.

Remember, confidence is built from home. So ensure they’re comfortable in them.

9. Goalkeeper Gloves

Not everyone must get goalkeeper gloves.

But if your child has been showing interest in becoming a goalie, then you will have to purchase a pair or two to motivate into moving towards the right direction.

And like any other soccer item, pay close attention to the size and material.

They should have a perfect grip on the palms. Also, don’t forget to cross-examine the padding.

Consequently, even if they aren’t interested in professional goalkeeping, you can still get a pair for when they want to role play with their teammates.

The video below should give you a clue on how to size goalkeeper gloves;

10. Under Armour

Kids need all the warmth they need to avoid unnecessary illnesses.

So if your child is planning to participate in sports, especially during the cold months, then an under armor is a must-have equipment.

Get them some nice leggings for insulation and to boost their leg muscles while at it.

11. Tracksuit

Your little aspiring soccer star needs to wear comfortable clothes whenever attending training or matches.

And the best way to ensure that is by purchasing them freestyle tracksuits, which can also allow them to play in them when necessary.

This is particularly vital especially when you aren’t sure if there will be any changing room wherever they are going to play/train.

Also, sometimes inconveniences happen, such as lost keys, delays, etc. And you would want them ready to hit the field no matter what.

12. Warm Coat

During games, players get to spend some time on the bench.

This’s the norm for new players. And also, no matter how good your child is at soccer, they will at one point need to take the bench.

They will need a warm coat to keep them from shivering.

Get them a pair of warm gloves, just in case it gets too cold out there.

13. Team Kit

As already mentioned, most soccer teams provide their players with a team kit. However, some don’t and you’re required to purchase it for your child.

Sometimes, you’re asked to get your child some shirt, socks or socks that correspond with the team colors.

Consult with the coach for guidance. And don’t forget to get them 1-2 extra pairs as they will come in handy during high season.

14. Soccer Ball Pump

Many parents overlook this, but the soccer ball pump is equally important.

With the excitement of owning a soccer ball and the thought of playing in matches, your child is likely to start kicking the ball at home quite often.

A player needs a full ball to enjoy the game, so purchasing one will come in handy to keep your kid motivated.

Also, if your child is yet to grasp the juggling concept, you will need a soccer ball pump to deflate the ball, making it easier for them to control.

15. Kit Bag

This’s the “mother” of all items listed above. Your child will require something to carry their gears when heading out for practice/match.

And the kit bag fits that role perfectly.

It should be spacious enough to accommodate all the necessary equipment.

Also, one with many zips and pockets makes a perfect fit for organization purposes. If you manage to get one with a soccer ball pocket, the better.

Remember to invest in a quality one as your child will be moving around with it quite often.


The above list includes everything your child needs to play soccer.

You can also add a few snacks to the list and they will be good to go.

Your child will require the right equipment to play well, as this boosts their confidence when in the field and when interacting with other players.

It’s often said that you can easily tell a good player by their confidence. Help your child build theirs.

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