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Best Soccer Goals for Kids In 2020

Have you got a knack for sports? Well, you must know how popular soccer is and how people of every age love to spend time playing soccer.

Be it the teenagers or kids, soccer is part of their daily routine, but finding the right soccer ground isn’t doable for everyone.

But the ground is essential to hone the game, right? The best way is to opt for the soccer goals at home on the lawn or in the backyard.

In other words, the kids will be able to play soccer without having to search for the grounds.

When you step into the market, you will find hundreds of options that come with and without the kit.

With such a plethora of options, decision-making can be overwhelming, and if you want to make the right choice, we will help you out.

In this article, we have added the best soccer goals for kids to ensure the right decision and exciting playing experience for your kids.

Have a look and let your kids kick as they mean it!

Best Soccer Goals for Kids Reviewed In 2020

1. Franklin Sports Kids Mini Soccer Goal Set

As the name suggests, this soccer goal set is mini-sized.

It is an entire kit that comprises of the mini soccer ball, inflation pump, and a needle.

The entire set only measures 36 inches x 24 inches.

If you have a toddler who loves to kick up, this set will make a perfect option for them.

Besides, this set is perfect for youth soccer players as well because it can be used in indoor and outdoor settings.

The goal can be installed in the backyard as well to ensure it’s a year-round option for the sporty kids.

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To ensure portability, this set is made from quick fold corner joints that can be folded and locked into places.

This assembly ensures that assembling the set is easy and can be broken down in seconds as well.

With its lightweight feature, users can store and move them around easily.

The best thing about this set is that it can be folded in a flat position to ensure storage is easy.

In the set, there are ground stakes and needless to ensure easy assembly, which also keeps the soccer goal in place.

Also, the colorful design makes it visually appealing to help kids ace at sports.

  • Appealing design
  • Inflation pump
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ground stakes are present
  • Sturdy positioning
  • The plastic used isn’t durable
  • Folding isn’t easy

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2. JOGENMAX Portable Soccer Goal

If you are looking for a soccer goal that makes a perfect option for youth players, this soccer goal is an appropriate option.

The overall design is pretty sturdy and strong but doesn’t make it heavy.

To ensure top-notch quality, fiberglass poles have been added that can be tied with nets sleeves.

The nettings can be connected to metal connectors as well, and by tying them to ground pegs, the soccer goal will remain at its place.

Once the game is over, you can take out the ground pegs and fold them up to store them easily.

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In addition, there are LED strip lights that allow the players to make their kicks during the night as well.

No matter where you want, you can assemble this soccer goal at home, ground, backyard, and even at the beach.

Hence, reassembling is pretty easy, as well.

This soccer goal allows the players to enhance the skills such as aiming the targets, and the disc cones will help improve the shooting skills.

In other words, no matter if you are training for the championship or looking for a set to play at the beach, this set will make a perfect option.

  • Fiberglass poles
  • Metal connectors
  • LED strip lights
  • Night-time playing is possible
  • Easy to assemble and reassemble
  • Improvement in shooting and aiming skills
  • Easy to carry around
  • Lightweight
  • None

No products found.

3. Franklin Sports Kids Soccer Goal with Ball & Pump

There are many parents who love to move their kids on the athletic side.

If you are a parent trying to put your kids on a soccer road, this soccer goal is the perfect option.

No matter if you have a toddler or a young kid, this soccer goal will be equally apt for them.

The soccer goal is designed with fold corner joints that can be folded and locked into place. This configuration makes the soccer goal easy to assemble.

Besides, you can just unlock the corners and break down the goal in a few seconds.

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With this portability in mind, one can quickly move the soccer goal and store it as you want.

In the set, there is an inflation pump, soccer goal, one rotation molded soccer ball, and there is a needle as well.

This soccer goal can be installed anywhere you like.

Be it the park or beach, backyard, or indoors; this soccer goal can be installed anywhere.

The soccer goal is only 24 inches x 16 inches that signal high portability and compactness. In other words, you will get to nurture the sporty skills in your kids with this set.

  • Fold corner joints
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dissembling is easy
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to move
  • Comes with an inflation pump, molded soccer ball, and a soccer goal
  • Compact design
  • Expensive

No products found.

4. MGA Entertainment Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set

If you want to see your kid on the television screen while holding the championship trophy for soccer, this goal will be an apt option for you.

This is because your kids can hone their soccer skills and understand the basics.

With this soccer goal set, the players will be able to improve motor skills, social skills, and coordination skills.

To ensure the durable design, this set is made from heavy-duty metal that can be easily assembled in your backyard.

The net comes with adjustable height as you can simply flip the goal over and adjust the height according to kid’s height.

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Also, the soccer goal can be disassembled easily to ensure easy storage. With this feature, portability is the perfect option.

In this set, there is one goal with a net, an inflation pump, and a soccer ball.

So, if you want to ensure top-notch learning experience for your kids, it is better to opt for this soccer goal.

  • Ability to teach the fundamentals of the game
  • Ability to improve motor skills, coordination skills, and social skills
  • Heavy-duty metal to ensure durability
  • Easy assembly
  • Adjustable height of the net
  • Disassembly is easy
  • Highly portable
  • Comes with a soccer ball, net, and inflation pump
  • Can be difficult to move around with metal assembly

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5. PUGG 6 Foot Portable Soccer & Football Goal Boxed Set

When it comes to soccer goal set, PUGG has played an essential role in the market as it dated back in 1984.

In this set, there are two goals, spare parts kit, pegs, and to keep everything at place, and the carrying bag is included in the set.

The soccer goal measures 32 inches x 40 inches to ensure a highly compact and lightweight design.

This makes the soccer goal easy to set up, assemble, and disassemble.

There is a one-inch thick flat oval to ensure you can set everything in a few minutes.

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Besides, you only need a collapse and twist to put everything in place.

There are two goals and measures only 6 x 3.5 x 3.5 feet to ensure easy assembly.

The soccer goal can be set on grass, turf, or sand all the same to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Brand name
  • Two goals, spare parts kit, pegs, and a carrying bag
  • Sleek carrying bag
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be installed on any surface, be it the grass, turf, or sand
  • Twist and collapse joint system can be tricky

No products found.

6. Dimples Excel Soccer Goal

If you have got kids who love to play soccer and satisfy their sporty soul, this soccer goal is an appropriate option.

The soccer goal is easy to assemble and fold up with the lightweight configuration.

This soccer goal can be set up easily in your backyard with a lightweight and portable design.

This is the perfectly sized goal to ensure your kids have seamless learning and playing experience.

This goal can be transported anywhere you like, and in fact, the kid can carry it on its own. The soccer goal will fit into the car trunk as well for your picnic day.

No products found.

This soccer goal is made from top-notch Dacron material for the net to ensure durability. The net’s thickness is twice as compared to others in the market.

Also, there are fiberglass goal poles that offer the strength as steel but are extremely lightweight.

There are eight ground pegs in the set that ensure optimal stability for installation and can support severe kicks as well.

There is a 10-year warranty of set that speaks volumes about the high quality.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Easy transportation
  • Dacron material for net
  • Fiberglass poles
  • Ground pegs for higher stability
  • 10-years warranty
  • None

No products found.

7. Eggsnow 2-in-1 Soccer Goal for Kids

No matter if you want to play soccer as a normal player or get into training, this two-in-one soccer goal will be the perfect option.

One side of the goal has a normal configuration, and the other one has five target areas to ensure optimal practicing and pitching sessions.

The training session will also help improve motor skills in kids.

To ensure durability, this soccer goal has a durable anti-tear Oxford fabric.

In addition, it uses the four iron bars that can be fixed to the ground and ensure sturdy fitting of the soccer goal in the ground.

No products found.

This configuration ensures that your fierce kicks aren’t posing any harm to the soccer goal.

In addition, you can clean up the soccer goal as well with a damp cloth or a mild soap.

When you buy this soccer goal, there is a zippered bag to ensure you can carry around everything.

The best thing about this soccer goal is that it can be assembled without any complicated tools. In other words, you can assemble the soccer net in indoors and outdoors as well.

The soccer goal is extremely compact and convenient to store and move around.

  • Apt for training and playing all the same
  • Five target areas for pitching
  • Improvement in motor skills
  • Anti-tear oxford material for high durability
  • Four iron bars to keep the goal in place
  • Easy cleaning up
  • Zippered bag
  • Doesn’t require tools for assembly
  • Compact and convenient
  • Expensive

No products found.

8. Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal And Pitch Back

If you want to enjoy the soccer game along with some catching and pitching, this soccer goal is the apt option for you and your kids.

You can easily set this up in the backyard and watching your kids honing the motor skills.

In addition, your kids will learn how to kick the ball in the right direction and make the shots at the target.

This is a multi-game option as your kids can play opt for practicing, hockey, and soccer with one set.

If you want to play with your teammates, you can practice the scoring goals.

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If the kids need to optimize catching and throwing skills, the backside of the soccer goal is designed for that.

Also, the pop-up practice can be attained by standing closer, and for soccer, you can hold a little far away.

In this soccer goal set, there are two hockey sticks, hockey puck, pitch back ball, and a soccer ball to ensure optimal playing experience.

So, have a good time!

  • Catching and pitching practice
  • Improvement in motor skills
  • Ball icing enhancement
  • Can be used for hockey and soccer
  • Comes with two hockey sticks, hockey puck, pitch back ball, and a soccer ball
  • Net isn’t adjustable

No products found.

9. GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal

No matter if you want to enjoy soccer games in the backyard or beach, this soccer goal will be an apt option.

To ensure easy assembly, there is a twist open option available to ensure instant playing experience.

In addition, the soccer goal comes with a new indestructible frame to ensure seamless playing experience.

You can have fun for hours with the highly reflective net.

There are multiple sizes available to ensure there is a net for every aged player.

No products found.

There is a 30-days free trial along with one-year warranty to ensure your issues are being taken care of.

  • Easy assembly
  • Twist open option
  • Indestructible frame
  • Highly reflective net
  • Multiple sizes
  • One-year warranty with a free trial
  • Poles aren’t durable and are prone to breakage

No products found.

10. Franklin Sports Blackhawk Portable Soccer Goal

This brand has coined its name in the field of soccer goals, and with this set, they have cranked up the notch with durable design.

This soccer goal uses weather-resistant material to optimize the playing experience.

The soccer goal comes with steel and fiberglass construction.

This ensures optimal stability, which makes the soccer goal easy to assemble and break down.

In addition, there is a carrying case with the set to ensure portability.

There are tie-down ground stakes in the set.

No products found.

This ensures higher stability, such that strong winds cannot take away the goal.

There is a pop-up simplicity that ensures you can carry around the soccer goal easily.

Furthermore, the soccer goal is optimal for kids of multiple ages, and you can assemble the soccer goal in the park, backyard, or the beach.

  • Brand name
  • Durable design
  • Fiberglass and steel construction
  • Carrying case
  • Tie-down ground stakes
  • Higher stability
  • Pop-up simplicity
  • Apt for kids of all ages
  • It isn’t strong enough to handle fierce kicks

No products found.


With this article, we have tried to shed light on different soccer goals for kids to ensure they have seamless playing experience.

Some of the goals are picked to ensure practicing and training sessions to help you become a professional soccer player.

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